Who is the Youngest Poker Player in the World?

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Who is the Youngest Poker Player in the World?

Have you ever played poker? Poker is a very popular card game. Those who played it turned out not only from adults but also from children. There is even a child who has been named the youngest poker player in the world. Of course, this news is shocking for many people.

They feel that the game of poker is an adult game. However, in reality, some children play this game. Then who is the child? Her name is Alexa Fisher. Alexa is a well-known poker player and is the youngest poker player in history.

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Alexa Fisher – Youngest Poker Player

Alexa Fisher - Youngest Poker Player
Alexa Fisher

Even though she was a child, Alexa was not afraid. He often fought poker players whose age was even 7 times his current age. Alexa, who also earned the nickname as a prodigy, has been in the world of poker since he was 5 years old. He can play No.-Limit Texas Hold’em games and is capable of being the best. For his success, he managed to bring in money amounting to 2 million US dollars or if it is converted to rupiah approximately 18 billion.

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Alexa’s father, Justin (35), who comes from San Antonio, Texas, USA, tells of his memories of seeing his favourite daughter compete. He shared that before a tournament or match started, many people whose attention was immediately drawn to the seated child. Not a few think that the little boy is just sitting to pass the time.

However, they were shocked again when Alexa started to take the chip and then shook it with one hand. Many were surprised and not a few did not believe what they were seeing. In 2009, Alexa played No-Limit Texas Hold’em where each player would hold 1000 chips. At the end of the match, Alexa Fisher managed to collect 8000 chips.

Now Alexa can play around 50 types of games. Reportedly he is now travelling from Disneyland to Lax Vegas for the World Series of Poker championship. He dreamed of becoming a pro and donating to charity until he was 18 years old.

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