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Today: December 29, 2023

3 years ago

Xeriscaping: Conserving Water as Much as Possible


Another landscaping practice that is popular for many gardeners is xeriscaping. This type of landscaping requires low maintenance and makes you conserve water. It is mostly used in the Western part of the United States where water shortage and drought are very common

You can make use of shrubs, plants, and trees in order to make your own xeriscaping. While some may perceive this landscaping as dull since it called ‘”desert landscaping’, it can still bring you appealing and beautiful results.

Importance of Xeriscaping

As mentioned, this type of gardening can make you conserve water. About half of the water resources in many towns are used for garden and landscape maintenance.

However in this landscape, you can cut down your water usage by sixty percent by using vegetation and irrigation methods that save water and other techniques that can conserve water. You can surely save money from low water bills, save the environment by conserving water and you don’t need to spend too much time maintaining this landscape.

Planning your Garden

So to incorporate this to your garden, you need to plan and prepare for this project. It would be ideal if you work with a landscape designer who has the knowledge on how this works. You can also do it by yourself if you plan to save money. Here are some things that you need to take note of for this landscaping project.

Select your Plants

For this dry landscaping, you need to find plants that can tolerate too much heat and drought. You need to choose plants that need less water but it doesn’t mean you only have to plant yucca and cactus. Although these are good choices, there are turfs, shrubs and flowers which you can use that are drought resistant, so your flowering plants can still bloom even in extreme heat.

Make sure to make use of plants that are mature enough and can survive the extreme heat. Also make sure that when you place your vegetations, group them together so all can receive water in the right amount.

Attend to all other needs of your plants like the condition and the type of the soil, and the temperature and climate of your area. Make sure to place the garden in a spot where it receives fair amount of sunlight.

Conserving the Water

This could be achieved in several ways. You can have plants that need less water and you can have your own irrigation system. A sprinkler system can also be your answer by using pipes throughout your lawn and then water are sprinkled in your vegetation.

It is like the morning dew or rain. It also avoids water being evaporated quickly. However, if you prefer the traditional method then make sure to water your plant enough for its needs.

Conserving the Soil

You can use mulching for your soil. It can maintain the moisture and temperature of the soil and reduces your maintenance and energy bills.

Another method is to re-construct the composition of the soil so it can hold water for a long period of time. It might be difficult and expensive but once you see the result, all your efforts are paid off.

Xeriscaping is also a good investment for your garden especially if you are trying to sell your house. A well-landscaped yard is definitely a huge plus for buyers. However, if you are not interested, then you can still benefit because it reduced the time you are in the garden and most importantly, it lowers your water bills.

This is one of the most favorite choices of landscaping across the country because of its benefits. It is really possible to attain a beautiful garden and conserve water since it is perfectly designed to withstand the intense heat. This is also an eco-friendly landscape which can improve your overall yard and the surrounding environment.

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