Vines As Landscaping Plants You Need Today

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Vines as landscaping plants

People will go through all the different types of plants they might want to use when working on any type of landscaping project.  There are hundreds of different options to choose from so make sure that you take your time to check each one out. So consider using vines as landscaping plants today.

Vines as landscaping plants is a commonly overlooked type of plant.  Vines are excellent for covering fences and other objects in your yard which you might need, but don’t really like the look of.  They can climb up the sides of houses, trees, fences and just about anything else, making them one of the many unique plants available.

There are many different types of vines to choose from. A great example are regular climbing vines that offer a little more than green covering to crawlers like morning glorythat have brilliant flowers on them each morning throughout the summer months.  Most people would rather have an option with attractive flowers and leaves.

Here are some considerations that you can take prior to planting vines on your landscaping project:

Planting Vines

A great benefit of using vines as landscaping plants is that they are quite easy to plant.  In fact, they really require just a few seeds to be planted in shallow soil.  You can also take a piece from other vines and have it planted.

Vines are quite hearty and can survive in most areas whether they get a lot of sunlight or not.  If you just plant one vine it will grow not only up a fence or other object, but also out to the left and right.  Since most vines drop seeds they will spread out over the years so make sure you are ready for it.

Vine Maintenance

Vines typically require very little maintenance to keep them growing healthy.  They do best when they have something to climb on but beyond that you can simply sit back and watch them grow.

If the area where you’re placing them has a lot of other plants or weeds, you might want to pull those out to give the vine room to grow for the first month or so, but after that most vines can really fend for themselves and will do quite well.

Vine Problems

While vines are simple to plant, hearty and require very little maintenance, there are some issues associated with them if you’re not careful.  Vines will keep spreading out more and more each year if you let them.

Vines can be used as a good covering for the walls that serve as your house fence. However, if they are not well-maintained, they will creep to other areas of the house that is not within your landscape design plan. This will result to getting the beauty of the landscape destroyed and a difficult time getting rid of the excess vines.

These plants can also climb trees and cover other plants. You will have a difficult time cutting them down if they are left to crawl and thrive. That is why you have to maintain these fast crawlers regularly to ensure that they stay in that specific area you planted them. Now, would you consider vines as landscaping plants too?

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