Types of Ships in the World of Shipping and Its Functions

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A vehicle that serves to transport people as well as goods through and across the sea can be referred to as a ship. The ship is a fairly large vehicle, in contrast to the boat. Boats are water transportation with the same function as well, but boats are smaller than other types of vessels.

Ships have become an important part of the development of human history. Since time immemorial, ships have played a role in important events in various fields. Such as exploration, trade, warfare, migration, colonization, science, and others. Based on the line-up, we can draw a conclusion.

That ships not only function in transporting people and goods, but can be used in various other fields depending on their type. Therefore, on this occasion I will explain several types of ships and their functions. Here are the kinds of ships that are often used in the world of shipping.


Starting from the most familiar, the type of ship that will be discussed first is the ferry. Ferries or commonly known as crossing vessels are the type of vessels responsible for short-haul transportation. This ship is usually used to transport passengers and their vehicles to cross the waters at close range.

However, it is not uncommon to find ferries transporting goods such as containers to train cars. This means of transportation is suitable for the geographical state of Indonesia which is an island nation. For this reason, we can find ferries in various territorial waters in Indonesia, such as the crossing of the peacock port, the crossing of Surabaya to Madura, Banyuwangi to Bali, and the like.


The next type of ship to be discussed is the Cruise Ship. Cruise ships, or in the cool language of cruise ships, are the type of ships used to transport passengers. However, although it is used to transport passengers, this ship has the main purpose for recreation and tourism.

Passengers aboard this one aim to enjoy the time spent on board with services and facilities such as a star hotel. Cruise ships usually operate around a designated route and in the end will usually return to the starting point of the journey.

The time spent on a trip is also very varied, some can even reach months. This ship is certainly equipped with adequate ship equipment and also certainly supports for the comfort of its passengers.

Container cargo ship

Switching from the type of ship that transports passengers, the next type of ship to be discussed is the cargo ship. Cargo ships, commonly called freighter ships, are all types of ships that transport goods and cargo from one port to another. This ship is a ship that has a big role in economic activities. Because there are so many kinds of goods that we encounter in life we are transported by this type of ship through the oceans and oceans around the world. This ship is suitable for lifting many goods and has parts of the ship that are not owned at any other time.

Usually, goods transported by this ship are stored in a container making it easier to store and maintain the state of the goods. These vessels are usually also equipped with ship equipment to support their use, such as cranes used for unloading container containers.

Kapal Bulk Carrier

The next type of ship is the bulk carrier. Not far from container cargo ships, bulk carriers or bulk cargo ships is a ship whose main purpose is also to transport goods. However, the difference is that the goods are transported by this bulk cargo ship. Bulk carriers are merchant vessels designed to transport bulk materials.

Bulk material is a commodity that is transported or distributed in large quantities and is not packaged. It is called a bulk cargo ship, because of the way it is poured or poured. The cargo products transported on board are goods such as coal, cement, grain, metal ore, and so on.


Moving away from the freighter, the next type of ship to be discussed is the warship. Warships are vessels whose purpose is used for military or armed forces purposes. Examples of activities such as conducting regional border security patrols, logsitik, transporting military forces, and others.

Today, especially countries that have territorial waters, the need to build naval and warships is important. These needs are certainly tailored to the capabilities and capabilities of each country. Because, to build a navy would cost a lot of money and resources. Not only to build the number of fleets, but also to maintain that the fleet can operate properly.

Warships are usually built in different ways to ships in general. In addition to being used for weapons with warship equipment, warships are designed to withstand damage away from ships generally. Warships are also usually more agile and fast, not forgetting also equipped with an arsenal of weaponry and ammunition. So, if there is in the situation of getting attacked this ship can do resistance.

Drill Ship

The next type of ship to be discussed is the drill ship. Drill ship or better known as drilling vessel, is a type of ship that has been equipped with ship equipment for drilling. Usually these vessels are often used for exploration or search of new oil drilling sites or gas wells in the territorial waters.

This ship is usually used by companies that run in the field of petroleum, because this ship can be designed or built according to the specifications desired by the company. Such as maintaining its position during drilling, tubing installation, and others. Usually, the maintenance of the ship for this will be more difficult because there are so many parts of this ship.


The last type of ship to be discussed in this article is a submarine. A submarine is a marine vehicle that moves not above sea level, but below it as the name suggests.

Usually this type of ship is used for military purposes, but it is not uncommon to find submarines that are intended for the benefit of science and research. What makes this ship able to dive to the seabed is in the construction of the typical double wall of the ship. The special space between the outer wall and the deep wall that can be filled with seawater makes its weight increase and can dive. With all the ship’s equipment, navigational equipment is also very important to provide direction on submarines.

It’s about the type of ship that exists in the world of shipping. Hopefully it can add to our insights and be useful to all of us.


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