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Today: December 29, 2023

2 years ago

Getting Know Two Common Mistakes Online Poker Players Usually Make

Two Common Mistakes Online Poker Players
Two Common Mistakes Online Poker Players

When making the move, many live players, in particular, commit a few self-defeating blunders. This is bad since many of them could definitely beat the online games if they had given themselves a fair shot.

In this article, I’ll go through the two common mistakes online poker players I see live players make while transferring to the online game.

Two Common Mistakes Online Poker Players Have Made

Let’s get to know specifically about the two common mistakes online poker players make in the tournament or general gambling game.

1. Playing with Excessively High Stakes

One of the two common mistakes online poker players make that live players make when moving to online play is playing at stakes that are too high for their current skill level.

1 or 2 dollars is frequently the smallest cash game provided in casinos for no-limit hold’em players. Many live players, understandably, believe that they will begin at this level online as well. The issue is that these two games exist in two separate worlds in terms of player ability level.

1 or 2 dollars online is a pretty difficult game these days, with most tables filled with players that either play for a living or take the game extremely seriously.

It is far preferable for someone who is used to playing 1 or 2 dollars live to begin with far smaller stakes online. This will ensure that the level of competitiveness is comparable to what they are accustomed to. This isn’t an issue because most online poker venues provide cash games with buy-ins as little as 2 dollars.

Is that Ego Involved on the Gambling Game

Unfortunately, ego comes from two common mistakes online poker players, and they are unable to play for such a modest sum of money.

However, the skill level in these “penny games” is usually on par with what people are used to at the casino.

Even 0.10 or 0.25 dollars or 0.25 or 0.50 dollars games online these days have a far higher skill level than your normal 1 or 2 dollars  live game. If you are a live player seeking to make the transition to online gaming the proper way, I would recommend starting at the very lowest stakes possible.

And here’s the thing: if you find the games to be incredibly simple at these stakes and you have a lot of success straight away, you may swiftly move up the limits. What’s the big deal?

Two Common Mistakes Online Poker Players
source: Stay Syok

Main Point of Poker Strategy

One final point about two common mistakes online poker players consider about online poker strategy is that. While the money may appear relatively modest at first, the ability to multi-table means that you may effectively begin playing for much more. 

For example, if you play 10 tables of the 10 dollars buy-in game, you basically have 100 dollars in play, which is likely a number you are more comfortable with in your live games.

2. Online Poker Games Totally Different Than Live Games 

The other major error I see live players make when they try to play online is greatly underestimating the variations in variance. Variance refers to short-term swings in your bankroll based on how well or poorly you are doing.

Nobody can prepare two common mistakes online poker players for the fast-paced nature of an online game. You must go through it for yourself. The typical online table deals hands around three times faster than a live table. There are also “fast-fold” games that are becoming increasingly popular online, where the action may be up to 12 times faster than what you are used to while playing live.

When you throw in the possibility to play many tables at once, the effect is increased many times over. This is akin to getting behind the wheel of an Indy car when you’ve only recently learnt to drive. There is simply no way you will be ready for it.

Are Two Common Mistakes Online Poker Players still Exist after Many Tournaments

Their biggest blunder was attempting to bring a real-time understanding of volatility to the online game. Again, they are essentially two separate universes. The trick is to avoid comparing them. Instead, chuck everything you think you know about how often beats and coolers are “supposed to happen” out the window.

It takes a little time to the wild swings you will encounter online, but keep in mind that there will also be pleasant ones. But, in this game, my advice is not to get too caught up in what occurs in the short run. 

In certain circumstances, the only thing that matters are your outcomes after months or even years. Anything less is short-term lunacy in which practically anything may happen because of two common mistakes online poker players, even to the best players.

As difficult as it may seem at first, you must quit worrying about day-to-day or even week-to-week turmoil. Regardless of how well or poorly things have gone, this is not a statistically significant sample in comparison to your long-term performance.


To begin, regardless of how talented you believe you are, start with the smallest stakes possible. The skill level difference between live and online is sometimes considerably greater than many people believe. Again, if things go really well at first, you may immediately increase the boundaries. But don’t hurry into it.

Second, you should expect extremely crazy swings online beyond anything you’ve ever seen before. Nothing will be the same when the tempo of the action is 5x, 10x, 20x or even 50x what you are used to. Have a good time playing the other games on the ratu89 website.

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