Top 5 Biggest Las Vegas Scandals

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las vegas scandals

Top 5 Biggest Las Vegas Scandals – What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas has just been modified to ‘what happens in Vegas could only happen here,’ and we couldn’t agree more.

We’re looking at some of the most scandalous incidents in the history of the Entertainment Capital, which earned the moniker ‘Sin City’ for a reason.

It’s not for no reason that Las Vegas is known as “Sin City.” Money, drinking, parties, and gambling are all prevalent in Vegas. It’s no surprise that sin and controversy frequently accompany us like unwelcome visitors.

Shenanigans have a long and illustrious history in Las Vegas. We’re going to look at some of the most notable ones today. Here are our Top 5 biggest Las Vegas Scandals picks for crimes, frauds, and everything in between.

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biggest scandals in Las Vegas

There has long been a perception among slot players that there are “hot” and “cold” machines. Some players believe that some machines are more likely to pay out, while others believe that certain machines are duds. That was proven to be accurate in the early 1990s.

Ron Harris, a software engineer for the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NVGC), was working on anti-cheating software when he discovered something. He decided to type up a few lines of code to assist him in cashing in.

He hacked into hidden software that compensated gamers when they played coins in a specific order. Nobody would tell the difference if we just inserted a coin. The machine was in good working order. You’d hit the jackpot if you happened to insert coins in a precise order.

Harris was able to rig 30 machines with the help of accomplices, allowing them to walk away with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

He and his colleagues became greedy as they continued to work the scheme in 1996, and they were eventually busted. Harris was given a seven-year jail sentence.

Prince Harry Exposes The Goods

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” as the tagline goes, but we all know that this golden rule isn’t always followed. This is especially true for celebrities and well-known individuals.

When Prince Harry of the Royal Family flashed his royal jewels in 2012, he discovered this. He was out partying in Sin City when he was caught up in a risqué game of billiards and his privates were exposed. 

Prince Harry is said to have stripped down in order to impress some girls. The images were widely circulated in the media, and the matter quickly escalated into a royal scandal. The prince’s situation improved, but it took him a long time to recover.

Playing Blackjack, an MIT team cleans out casinos.

In some states, card counting in blackjack is prohibited. Blackjack players may be asked to leave a casino even when it is lawful. We can express our gratitude to the MIT team for this. They developed their card-counting approach over two decades, beginning in the 1970s, to cheat casinos out of millions of dollars.

The team included current and former students from major universities such as MIT, Harvard, Princeton, and others. Blackjack is mostly a math and probability game, but they discovered a way to make the numbers work in their advantage if they kept track of the cards.

The operation was led by Bill Kaplan. He allegedly cleared $10 million in prizes over the years. He also taught a large number of other players how to accomplish the same thing.

Casinos ultimately discovered what was going on and began prohibiting Kaplan and his followers from playing.

Check out the movie “21” from the mid-2000s if we want to understand more about the sophisticated strategy.

Top 5  Las Vegas Scandals

O.J. Simpson Gets Busted, Convicted In Vegas

Everyone remembers O.J. Simpson’s double-murder trial and acquittal, but many people are unaware that he was also tried and convicted of other crimes.

Simpson showed up in a Las Vegas hotel room thirteen years after being acquitted of a double homicide to reclaim his sports memorabilia, according to his version of events.

To reclaim the mementos, he used force and a firearm. Simpson was charged with a dozen counts, all of which he was found guilty of. He was sentenced to 33 years in prison, but after serving nine years, he was released in 2017.

Kane Walks Away With Hundreds Of Thousands Via Video Poker

Inadvertently, one of the biggest video poker scandals occurred. John Kane was playing video poker when he discovered a bug in the system that allowed him to walk away with over $500,000 in cash.

When Kane was playing Game King, he noticed something strange: the game allowed him to replay hands with varied base wagers. He’d play for hours at one penny a hand after he figured it out.

However, if he won the jackpot, he would play the game again with the maximum wager of $10. That meant he could make a tidy profit of $10,000 or more on those hands. He played for hours till he became a millionaire.

Kane was arrested and tried after winning, but federal prosecutors didn’t have much of a case to work with. Kane’s lawyer claimed that there was no collusion.

There will be no hacking. There is no plan. His client only had to press a few buttons to win. In the end, Kane was able to walk free.

Charles Barkley Lands in Deep Debt

Charles Barkley’s penchant for gambling is well-known, but the Wynn in Las Vegas filed a legal action against him in 2008, alleging that he had failed to repay a $400,000 debt incurred the previous year.

Despite the fact that the 11-time NBA All-Star and TNT announcer’s name comes up frequently when Vegas controversies are discussed, this one has a rather disappointing conclusion: he said he simply let time pass before repaying the debt.

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