Subnautica: Description and Features

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Subnautica is a survival adventure game developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. Although the alpha version of this game has been released since 2014, the beta version of this game itself can only be played in January 2018 for PC and Steam. For PS4, this game was released on December 4, 2018. This game won the PC Game of the Year Award for its interesting and innovative gameplay.

Subnautica – Description


You have a feature to build bases and submarines to aid exploration. However, you have to collect the materials and blueprints scattered around the crash site of the “Aurora” plane. The bigger and more complete the equipment you have, of course, will really help your survival efforts.

Moreover, you have to make a submarine into an “exosuit” to make your exploration easier from one place to another. However, some of the equipment that you can craft requires blueprints that are also scattered in the ocean or the debris from the Aurora ship.

Although this game does not have graphics as good as current games, Unknown Worlds Entertainment can create an atmosphere of an ocean-atmosphere that is both beautiful and at the same time terrifying. In this game, the difference between day and night is very significant. You may feel safe when the sun is shining and feel threatened when the sun goes down.

Subnautica – Features

  • Stranded on an Alien Planet – This game is set in the 22nd century when expeditions to other planets in search of new resources were intense. In this game, you will play a man who survived a spaceship crash who was named “Aurora”, but unfortunately the plane was shot by unknown parties and you ended up stranded on a marine planet called 4546B.
  • Exploring Underwater – Stranded on an underwater planet called 4546B. It is in this sea that you have to build buildings, means of transportation, look for food, and take shelter. You have to do all these things so you can survive until you find a way out of the planet.
  • No Maps – Because you are on an alien planet so that there is no map so you are forced to rely on a compass and location markers that you can make later. You also have to rely on memory and the crash site of the plane “Aurora” as a benchmark so you don’t get lost easily. In essence, you have to rack your brain more so you can explore this foreign world more safely.
  • Different from Other Survival Games – This game focuses on the element of underwater exploration. Because about 80% of the exploration that you will do is all done in water, so your challenge is not only to survive the enemies hiding in the deep ocean, but you also have to be able to survive when you are deprived of oxygen.
  • Crafting with Limited Natural Resources – In this game, you have to take advantage of all the natural resources on this planet so that you can survive. By using very advanced technology, you can cook the fish that you catch while diving and of course craft diving equipment from materials that are scattered in the ocean.
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