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Today: December 29, 2023

11 months ago

Slot Volatility Explained and How to Measure

Slot Volatility

Slot Volatility – Players at discerning online casinos search for slots that match specific requirements, such as RTP, maximum payout, or minimum stake. The volatility of a slot machine is one of the more significant yet sometimes disregarded characteristics. 

Slot volatility describes the average frequency and payout amount of a slot and applies to both land-based and online slots. When searching for your new favorite position, keep reading to learn more about this excellent indicator.

What is Slot Volatility Actually?

Slot volatility measures the frequency and average size of winnings in a certain machine. A slot machine with high volatility often distributes large prizes over time, whereas a slot machine with low volatility distributes modest wins rapidly. 

However, every slot machine has the ability to pay out both modest and large wins, as well as hot and cold streaks. Simply put, the experience on average determines where the slot sits on the Volatility Index (VI).

Low Volatility

Slot machines with low volatility give players more opportunities to win, but the jackpots are much smaller, often 250–500 times the stake. Although they don’t offer as much excitement as machines with higher volatility, many players find them to be more enticing because they offer more consistent payouts.

Other advantages of using low volatility machines include simpler bankroll management, lesser losses, and extended gameplay. The element of a large prize is absent from these games, though. When a person leaves the casino, he won’t become wealthy.

Medium Volatility

Medium volatility online slots are a great middle ground between low and high volatility machines.

Although playing these games can be slightly frustrating, the rewards are sometimes very exciting. Additionally, slots with medium variance sometimes come with a ton of additional features. They are a great option for those who want to play for pleasure but occasionally wish to win a little money.

High Volatility

The best option for players who want to one day become millionaires or billionaires is to play high volatility slots.

They are also referred to as “high risk” machines with spotty payouts. But when they do, lucky players can anticipate large payouts. Users that have large bankrolls and the time and patience to wait for the jackpot payout love these games.

Players have the chance to win three to ten times their initial wager when using high-variance machines.

Slot Volatility

How to Determine Volatility in Slot

Some players do not have the opportunity to play high-variance slots. Low-variance slot machines also don’t inspire others. Learning how to assess the slot volatility is one approach to guarantee a profitable experience at an online casino.

1. Play the Game

The majority of internet casinos refuse to say how volatile their slot machines are. The players must be aware. Unfortunately, it may take several rounds, or 500–1,000 spins, to do this.

The free version of an online slot game is advised by experts. The variance of every slot machine is the same whether a player is using the free or paid version, which explains why. Demo versions also eliminate the danger of using real money.

2. Determine the Slot RTP

The slot RTP (return to player rate) provides an estimate of the potential winnings for gamblers. This selection is made by the game creator. Slots with higher RTP rates provide players more chances to win, which lowers the volatility of the machine. 

While more volatile products are those with lower RTPs. By analyzing the volatility of the various online slot machines, players can choose a game that suits their betting goals.

3. Check the Bonus

The variance of bonus features in games is typically higher. For instance, slot machines with bonuses that appear once per 500,000 spins will probably pay out more than those with bonuses that appear every 50 or 100 spins.

Progressive slots, or those that let players contribute a percentage of their wagers to raising the jackpot, tend to be riskier. 

Other factors, such as the challenges on the reels and money-stealing features that make the game difficult to win, have an impact on an online slot game’s variance. However, you should also have to understand what is a progressive jackpot in slots to get a better bonus. 

Well, slot volatility is a factor that will contribute to the winnings. If you are a player who loves to receive small bonuses but with frequent time, we suggest you play slots with low or medium volatility. Like Wheel of Fortune online slot. However, if you expect the higher bonus, play slots with high volatility.