New Release: Review Titanfall 2, One of the Best War Games

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Titanfall 2 is an FPS game which becomes one of the best multiplayer PS4 survival games. This game was actually released at the same time as Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. We know that both games are very popular. This is one of the reasons why in the beginning, many people doubted whether Titanfall would be successful or not.

However, this game becomes one of the favourites multiplayer games on PS4 as well as on PC. Here is the review of Titanfall 2 and tips that guide you when playing this awesome game.

Review Titanfall 2: The Best War Games

1. Plot

Titanfall 2

After the Battle of Dementers, the Militia now has the upper hand in trying to seize various resources and control over The Frontier. However, the antagonist – IMC would not just let it go. In Titanfall 2, you will play the role of Jack Cooper, an ordinary soldier who fights on the Militia side.

Under the guidance of a mentor who was one of the best Titan pilots on the Militia – Lastimosa, Cooper was actually interested in pursuing the same career path. Even though this dream never came true, Cooper himself would never have thought that Militia’s invasion of the planet Typhon, which was still controlled by the IMC, would lead him to a destiny he had never asked for before. The mentor eventually died, leaving behind a Vanguard-class Atlas Titan named BT-7274. As you can predict, Cooper is now in control.

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Cooper and BT didn’t give up. They are committed to completing what was Lastimosa’s initial mission. They have to meet Major Anderson who knows a plan about superweapon with extraordinary powers that is being prepared by the IMC. A weapon with unimaginable destructive capabilities that can Cooper and BT didn’t give up.

They are committed to completing what was Lastimosa’s initial mission. They must move to meet Major Anderson who knows a plan about superweapon with extraordinary powers that is being prepared by the IMC. A weapon with unimaginable destructive capabilities that can destroy the planets that are ruled by the Militia easily destroy the planets that are ruled by the Militia.

What kind of challenges have BT and Cooper faced? Like what is the power of IMC’s superweapon? You can find the answers only if you play Titanfall 2. You can play this game whether on PS4 or PC.

2. Various Weapons

Titanfall 2

The types of weapons you can use in Titanfall 2 are very diverse. This game does have a sci-fi theme, but the weapons you use are still no different from what you usually find in modern FPS games. Weapons such as assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, and grenades can still be found and feel familiar even though they are equipped with futuristic accessories and technology.

In addition, Titanfall 2 carries an FPS game with battles that occur quickly and you can perform various acrobatic movements quite easily. Movements such as wall runs, double jumps, and slides. You can do the actions you take when shooting and perform various acrobatic movements in this game.

3. Various Challenges

Titanfall 2

The enemies you will face in Titanfall 2 are not limited to IMC soldiers only. You will also face armed android robots, wild alien creatures, and of course the Titan robots. These enemy variations make you have to take different actions according to the enemy you are facing. The game becomes more challenging when several types of enemies appear on one level.

4. The War Between Giants

Titanfall 2

You will encounter Titan much more often when Jake is driving BT. As a Titan, BT is equipped with several types of heavy weapons that have high destructive power. On the screen, you will immediately see big explosions as soon as you drive BT and destroy all the enemies that exist. Transitioning from a first-person perspective into Titan’s cockpit is an amazing experience. Animations into Titan’s body also look cool.

As a developer of this game, Respawn also adds a variety of small details when you are in the cockpit of Titan. One of them is the appearance of enemy pilots when delivering ad-libs on the screen. Titanfall 2’s single-player mode also provides an intense battle with the boss. You don’t only face enemy Titans who have dangerous weapons but also you have to pay attention to the battle area.

Intense battles force you to think strategically so you don’t make the wrong decisions. If you make a mistake, you will receive a barrage of bullets and the missiles are ready to hit freely. So, you have to prepare a strategy so that you can successfully complete the mission.

Titanfall 2: Tips to Guide You Survive 

1. Make Sure You Choose the Right Tools

In order for you to get the best gaming experience, the game needs to run optimally and you must understand all control functions. The movement of the pilot and the titan are completely different. Make sure you use the right tools when needed for example ordnance, kit and boost when acting as a pilot; as well as cores, kits, tripwires or secondary attacks while riding the titan.

2. Customization

Customization is one of the most important parts of Titanfall 2. You can choose whichever weapon you want, choose your tactical abilities, and more. Prepare several different setups to anticipate your opponent.

For example: if there is an enemy who is very good at using a shotgun and playing it safe in space, you can just expose his position with the Pulse Blade or lure him out. If the opposing team tends to be in the same place, use the Cloak skill, approach from behind, and blow them all.

Some weapons and other items can only be accessed after passing certain levels, but you can unlock them earlier by buying them. Use funds wisely. Don’t just try to buy weapons because the funds in this game are quite difficult to get.

3. Choose the Best Weapon

There are many weapons that you can use. The more often used, the level of each weapon will increase. You must be able to determine the best weapon that you will use to defeat your opponents. Actually, you don’t need a gun. It only becomes complementary if you are using a grenadier gun or a sniper rifle.

Grenadier is a weapon whose position is between anti-titan and anti-personnel weapons. They can handle both types of opponents but not as effectively as specialized variants. For example, assault rifles or machine guns for dealing with pilots, MGL or Archer to bring down a titan.

4. Choose Your Best Titan

It is different from Titanfall 1, in Titanfall 2 each titan is connected to a set of skills and weaponry. Some types work better in certain situations. For example, Ronin is suitable for hit-and-run tactics and silencing pilots at close range, but he will lose to Tone at long range. So, you must be able to choose the best Titan to beat your opponent down.

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