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Today: December 29, 2023

3 years ago

New Release 2021: Review GTA 5 and How to Play It

Review GTA 5: Have you ever played GTA 5? Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the best multiplayer survival games which has been played by thousands or even millions of people from around the world.

This game is the fifth franchisee that brings the roles of the three main characters. The three of them are not directly related at the beginning of the story, and gradually the players will realize that they have something in common.

The open-world concept in this game is indeed a distinct advantage of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Rockstar has succeeded in maximizing all the potential of an open-world game. That is why we are going to review GTA 5 that will make you make you enthusiastic about playing this game.

Players can do whatever they want, and not just create chaos on the highway or make players deal with the police. Players can also visit nightclubs, take the train, swim on the seabed, or catch an aeroplane. Moreover, players are also given ways to earn money instead of robbing, that is by owning shares on the stock exchange.

The characterization of each main character of Grand Theft Auto V is very appropriate. Besides having their own stories, their dispositions and speaking styles look very different and distinctive.

For example, Franklin with a style of speech that cannot be separated from the use of the words homie and nigga, including the environment around him with the same race.

Review GTA 5: Plot

review GTA 5

Now, we are going to review GTA 5 about the plot itself. Unlike the previous series which only contained one main character, GTA 5 comes with an extra surprise, three main characters with three different story backgrounds. Welcome to Los Santos, the home and battleground for Michael Townley, Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton.

Michael and Trevor’s nine-year robbery at North Yankton along with two other crew members ended in disaster. Ambushed by a massive police force, Michael who was injured finally asked Trevor to save himself and finally disappeared in the fog. Nine years later, these two “lovebirds” came to the same conclusion – that each of their friends had died in the tragedy.

However who would have thought that Michael managed to save himself, take refuge as a witness under FIB, and achieve wealth. Meanwhile, in another corner of the city, Trevor, who never finds out about Michael’s fate, must fight and start his narcotics business from scratch. Between these two characters, there is Franklin Clinton, a young gangster who is just about to start his life of crime.

Franklin works as a repo at a car dealer, Franklin finally meets Michael, who has become one of his criminal targets. The first memorable encounter between the two characters ends up building a special cooperative relationship, the start of more criminal activity. Assisted by the genius brain – Lester, Michael and Franklin finally decide to rob a jewellery store to strengthen their finances.

The robbery that brings Michael back to the criminal world, Franklin to a higher level, and Trevor to find out that his closest friend is not dead. Trevor was surprised by this fact, then he fled to Los Santos, trying to find Michael and ask for an explanation. The attempt was finally successful thanks to Dave’s help.

Instead of being angry with Michael’s lies, Trevor returned to an alliance to re-form the criminal group that had been divided in the past but with the help of Franklin and Lester. Dear thousand dear, here is where the problem becomes even more complex.  Touched by so many other criminal forces, even the authorities, the trio must face threats ready to claim their lives at any moment.

So will Trevor, Michael, and Franklin succeed in committing their biggest crime? What obstacles are there to stop them? What kind of conflict will there be? You can find all the answers to these questions by playing GTA V.

Review GTA 5: How to Play it

review GTA 5

1. Running From Police

How will you escape from the police? You just have to go to the mod shop and change the colour of your car. Now you won’t be chased by the police. Actually, this trick is common and you can apply it to previous versions of the GTA game.

2. Get Unlimited Money

Another trick or review GTA 5 is about how to earn unlimited money. When changing characters, you have to dive to the bottom of the sea shown on a map, which is the western part of a beach. After finding the bag containing your character change money and diving back to the bottom of the sea, you will get the money, you will respawn again, this trick can be used as much as you like.

3. Obtain Weapon

How to obtain a weapon in Grand Theft Auto 5? It is not difficult to obtain a weapon in this game. You just have to log in to the LifeInvader web page via your social media account and search each page until you can find various discounts and freebies. There are various kinds of weapons that you can get. You can choose your best weapon here.

4. Free Weapon Upgrade

You can do this trick while you are still on an active mission, visit the bullet shop, buy weapons and upgrade everything. After that do hara-kiri / kill yourself and it will fail the mission. After respawning, the money you use to upgrade the weapon will return to you and all weapons or whatever you upgraded will be checked which means that it has been purchased and this trick costs nothing.

5. Hijack a Taxi

Hijack a taxi and find a passenger, accept the job and pick up a passenger. After picking up the passenger, take a detour from the requested destination and the customer will continue to pay without feeling angry even if the fare reaches $ 1,000 dollars he will still pay this is an efficient way to earn money at the beginning of the game.

6. Get a Discount at the Ammu-Nation Weapon Shop

The Ammu-Nation Weapon Shop is a legendary shop in GTA series. If you complete all the challenges you will get a 25% discount at each of the same shops in the city of GTA 5.

7. Getting Money by Robbing

At the beginning of the game, there is the easiest way to get money which is to rob armoured vehicles. They appear with a flashing sign on the minimap. Then get the driver out and shoot the back door open and usually, there are more than $ 5,000 dollars in it you just run from the police chase.

GTA 5 Playstation Game

This game is the fifth franchisee that brings the roles of the three main characters. The three of them are not directly related at the beginning of the story, and gradually the players will realize that they have something in common.




Developer: Rockstar North
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Release Date: September 17, 2013


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