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Are you one of Governor of Poker for Android player? Today, poker has emerged as one of the best card games that have been played by hundreds of millions of people from all over the world. Playing poker isn’t just playing cards. You are required to have the ability to strategize and be able to take advantage of opportunities to win the game.

We know that there are many movies with a poker game concept. One of the famous poker movies is God of Gambling. After watching the film, surely you want to know more in detail how to play poker.

Why You Should Play Poker?

There are several benefits that you can get when playing poker:

1. Increase Your Concentration

When playing poker, you have to pay attention to every detail. It’s not just the cards, paying attention to your opponents is just as important. Paying attention to their facial expressions and body movements will help you understand their movements and then you can beat them.

2. Emotional Maturity

During playing this game, joy, pressure, anxiety is some of the emotions that poker players experience. But you must be able to withstand all of these emotions so that you remain calm in making decisions. This benefit is what then makes you a more patient and calm person in dealing with any conditions that do not meet expectations.

3. Ability to Make a Better Decision

Poker is a competitive game. Only confident and ambitious players can become successful poker players. During the match, the players have to make quick decisions. This is the hardest part because when you make the wrong decision, you will lose all your money. Better decision making requires patience, correct instincts, and observational skills.

Governor of Poker: One of the Popular Game that You Must Try

Governor of poker

Governor of Poker is one of the best poker games for Android. This game carries a concept where you will act as a governor who will tour each region. You will compete with many players from various regions to fight for the area at stake in the game. This game has been downloaded more than 5 million times.

It shows that this game offers something special that you may not find in other poker games. When you first open this game, the first impression you will get is its simple appearance. You will not have any difficulty in understanding every single instruction in this game. This become one of the reasons why the Governor of Poker has become popular among other poker games in Play Store.

The Reasons Why You Should Play Governor of Poker

Governor of poker

There are several reasons why you should play Governor of Poker over other poker games on the Play Store.

1. It’s a Free Game

The first reason is that this game is a game that you can play for free. You can download and play it without spending your money. In other words, you can play this game as long as you want until you can defeat your opponent and become the winner.

2. It has a Simple User Interface

The second reason is that this poker game has a simple interface and instructions that make it easy for users to play the game. The instructions in this game are easy to understand even for players who are playing this game for the first time.

3. It has a Small File Capacity

The Governor of Poker has a smaller file size compared to other poker games on the Play Store. With a small file capacity, it doesn’t require a lot of free space of the storage on your smartphone.


To sum up, The governor of Poker is one of the popular games on the Play Store. It can be shown by the number of people who download this game which reaches 5 million times. This game is not just playing cards. You will play as governor and go around to beat your opponents and take the area they are fighting for.

This game you can play for free and has a small file capacity. So, this game doesn’t require lots of storage capacity on your smartphone. If you are interested in playing it, please go to the Play Store and download this game.

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