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Today: December 29, 2023

2 years ago

Online Gambling Players Increase Drastically During the Pandemic

Online Gambling Players Increase Drastically During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, many people are doing a lot of activities at home. For examples working from home, studying, and entertainment. Gambling is a relaxing activity carried out by some people.

Games that are played such as poker, soccer betting, lottery, dominoes, qiuqiu, capsa stacking, and others. Unwittingly playing excessive gambling causes addiction. However, the number of online gambling players increase drastically every day.

Factors That Cause Online Gambling Players Increase Drastically

Online gambling is not a foreign phenomenon nowadays. Anyone with a smartphone and internet data can give it a try. Especially when the pandemic is not over yet, people are interested in trying their luck at the gambling table and lottery in

Online Gambling Players Increase Drastically During the Pandemic
online gambling

1. The Site Is Growing Fast

Sites that provide online gambling are increasingly being visited by the public. Usually only opened at 12 pm until morning. So that gambling website traffic soars high. The activities carried out by website visitors vary.

For example, playing casino, playing dominoes, qiuqiu, waiting for soccer bets, and trying mini games. Seeing the UK is also experiencing serious problems regarding online gambling.

2. Gambling Causes Mental Disorders

It is common knowledge that gambling addicts experience mental disorders at a fairly severe level. Although in one day only have 30 minutes to play gambling. Types of gambling that are prone to stressing players are betting and lottery gambling.

The desire to play gambling continuously initially does not come from within oneself. However, because you often gamble, your adrenaline and brain become attached to online gambling.

Islam Forbids All Forms of Gambling

Gambling is a major sin like immorality. Immorality occurs because of the seduction of the devil who deceives the human mind. As a result, gambling players neglect to carry out their obligations as Muslims such as praying.

If you look deeper, gambling causes damage to yourself and those around you whose effects are infinite. One of the bad things that happen because of playing gambling is empty dreams and extraordinary laziness.

Allah subhanahuwata’ala once said (Surah Al-Baqarah: 219), “They ask you about alcohol (alcohol) and gambling. Answer, “In both of them there is a great sin and some benefits for humans, but the sin of both is greater than the benefit.”

According to Al-Imam Muhammad bin Ali Ash-Syaukaniy-rahimahullah said:

“Allah the Exalted has reported that although drinking and gambling have benefits, the sin that befalls the perpetrator is greater than the benefit. Because, there is no one good that can match the corrupted mind that occurs because of khomer and maisir. Therefore, there will be infinite evil. Likewise, there is nothing good in gambling that compares to the bad in the form of betting on wealth, dealing with the risk of poverty, causing all kinds of hostility that lead to bloodshed and violation of honor.”

According to Islamic teachings, gambling is a game that only risks wealth. Especially when you win, someone will take all bets from the losing party. Gambling that is forbidden is very diverse, such as snakes and ladders, dominoes, ludo, halma, poker, joker, and chess. Currently, new forms of gambling are emerging, such as soccer betting, horse racing, and billiards. In essence, all actions related to betting on property and harming certain parties are forms of gambling. Although the name has been changed to sweepstakes, quizzes, competitions, white coupons, and donations. / Dy

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