Nostradamus Slot: Features, Symbols, and Bonuses

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Nostradamus Slot

Hm, if you were given a gift to see the future, what are you hoping to see? For many people, prosperity and happiness is on top of the list. That is why, Nostradamus slot comes to you. This slot online from Playtech will give you a great gaming experience.

When you decide to play this slot online, you will be a step closer to projecting future life. The best thing about it is that only one spin of the reels stands in your way. However, how does this game work, exactly? Can you win real money with this game? Alright, let’s find out more below. 

What You Should Know from Nostradamus Slot

Nostradamus slot is a popular game because it uses names to make future prophecies. Part of the benefit in this slot, it has Planet bonus, Free Spins, with the three features, and some game special offers. Yes, you will definitely benefit even if it is your first time. 

The Wild and Scatter symbol also provide the excitement when it comes to the capabilities. One of the advantages here in the progressive jackpot, that means you can win with a big amount. Therefore, this slot machine is running on Playtech with a Random Number Generator (RNG). That means that all the results cannot be predicted. 

Nostradamus Slot


When you play this one of the best Playtech slots, you need to get the best prize that is a total of 2,500 coins and the Maximum bet is 1.250 for each spin. You can walk away with the total prize money of $300,000. There are also 243 paylines that means there are 243 ways to win. 

Game Features

As a player, you must be happy to know if this slot can give you a big payout. Behind from that, there are 243 ways to win and Nostradamus feature that you can be found such as:

1. Wild and Scatter Symbols

The Wild symbol in this game is the moon that is similar to other symbols, the moon will complete the wins through the substitution. In addition, the Scatter symbols here are illustrated in the planet and prophecy books as well. The symbols are playing an important role when it appears to trigger bonus rounds in the prophecy book. 

2. Predictions Feature

The earthquake modifiers will bring a couple of symbols on the reels and make the original ones disappear and they are replaced with the enhanced symbols. The lighting modifier will see the lightning strike on the random reels. 

Then, it will change 4 of the reel symbols into Wilds, and this offers you more potentials to win. The last thing is the tsunami modifier that will turn every symbol on the reel 1, 2, 3, which is stacked into Wilds.

3. Planets Bonus

Another feature in the Nostradamus slot is Planets bonus. It will be triggered by the Scatter symbol that needs to appear on the first, third, and fifth reels. When you activate it, you will be taken into a screen where there are some planets orbiting around the sun. 

In addition, the planets have a price attached and once it ends, you will get a reward that can be cash or a Multiplier. 

4. Bonus Round

To activate the bonus round, you have to wager 5 coins or less per each spin. When you trigger it, you can win the extra cash each time the winning combination includes a prophecy book symbol. 

Game Symbols

Nostradamus slot works with 5 reels and appears with the typical symbols you are expecting and most of them have an astrology theme. Moreover, all the game symbols collected below include the payouts for each symbol.

  • Crescent moon – 500 coins
  • Nostradamus – 5 pays 500 coins, 4 pays you 200 coins, and 3 pays 50 coins
  • Book of Prophecy – 5 pays you 300 coins, 150 if you get 4, and 30 if you land 3
  • Telescope – 5 pays you 250 coins, 4 pays you 125 coins, and 3 pays you 25 coins
  • Hourglass – Pays you 200 coins for 5, 100 coins for 4, and 20 if you get 3.
  • Quill and writing paper – Pays you 100 coins for 5, 50 coins if you land 4, and 15 coins when you get 3
  • Ace – Pays you 70 coins for 5, pays you 40 for 4, and 10 if you get 3
  • King – You will get 50 coins for 5, 30 coins for 4, and 8 coins for 3
  • Queen – You will be paid 40 coins for 5, 25 coins for 4, and 7 coins for 3
  • Jack – 30 coins for 5, 20 coins for 4, and 6 coins for 3
  • Ten – You will get 25 coins for 5, 15 coins for 4, and 5 coins for 3

Final Words

In conclusion of Nostradamus slot, the game is popular as it puts the name of future prophecy. We could say thi is one of the best games that every slot fan should play. Well, you can also play other Playtech games like Age of the Gods slot.


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