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Today: December 29, 2023

2 years ago

Libyan National Team’s Come Back is The Real Present for Fans

Libyan National Team’s Come Back is The Real Present for Fans

The Libyan national team is back! The fans are welcoming their favorite players with such great euphoria.  The team was having a series of training at the Benina Martyrs Stadium for the first time. The stadium was located at the Benghazi’s city outskirts.  Javier Clemente, the coach from Spain was seen giving instructions seriously to all players.

Clemente became the Libyan coach as he was inaugurated to replace Zoran Filipovic, a Montenegro coach who was once becoming the manager of the Libyan national soccer team. Clemente officially replaced Filipovic in June 2021.  Actually, Clemente wasn’t the first time of being here. This is his second time training in Libya.

He was training this team from 2013 to 2016. Under his management, the team was becoming the winner of South Africa’s 2014 African Nations Championship. Now, Libya’s team’s fanatics are ready to welcome another victory from the national team.

Libya is In the Group F

At this moment, the Libyan national team is making a strong preparation for the Group F first round of the 2022 World Cup’s African qualifiers. Other teams in the same group include Angola and Egypt. The team is about to meet Gabon at home. Gabon will visit the Benina Martyrs Stadium in Benghazi. This is the first international match that is officially held in the home base after a seven-year ban of FIFA.

How Good Is Libya Now?

Libyan National Team’s

The national team of Libya was beaten on August 26th, 2021 by Tunisia. It was the game for qualifying the Africa Cup of Nations. The match itself was held without spectators, due to the pandemic at Benghazi. Libya’s loss urged this team to not continue the Africa Cup of Nations that will take place in Cameroon in the beginning of 2022.

But, it wasn’t a big deal for its fans. They consider that they have enjoyed the best performance of the soccer team. They are in such great euphoria after the hiatus for the whole seven years.   The endless conflict at that time urged FIFA to ban the soccer national team from joining any competition.

At the game, the team was scoring for the first time at the 22nd minute. Unfortunately, Lybians couldn’t stop the fast paced Tunisians that applied the hard pressing style. Tunisia then scored three goals within 30 minutes. Though Lybians made the second goal after the half time, Tunisians continued their fourth and fifth goals.  The score remained the same until the game ended.

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A Good Progress

Regardless of the loss, Libyan citizens really praised the team’s performance. They consider that the players had shown their outstanding effort.  Those fans might not expect too much from the achievement. They only expect to get the best entertainment that they haven’t enjoyed for seven years.  

Besides, they can understand that Libya’s soccer team players still need more training sessions after such a long time hiatus.  The football league of Libya was halted in 2019. It was due to the escalating crisis and chaos that year.  The Premier League in Libya is planned to take place in January 2022.

Source: Unogoal