Landscaping style: What’s Your Favorite?

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Landscaping Style

Landscapes and gardens serve as mirrors of the owners. You try to channel your personality through your choice of plants, landscape designs and garden accessories. During the planning stage, point out your own landscaping style.

Just because you’re old doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to be hip. Or just because you’re young, it doesn’t mean you don’t have what it takes to be a vintage lover. Age or culture is not an issue in choosing the design that best fits you. There are various schemes that you may want to consider:

Traditional Design Landscaping Style

If you’re a fan of century-old homes and suburbs, then you can try traditional designs. These are the ones you often see in old movies. Traditional designs are best for houses with large lawns and classic infrastructure. They are simple yet can be very classy with dominating statues and other figures that symbolize power and wealth.

Nowadays, traditional design may usually include a flower garden, a patio, outside coffee tables, and even a fountain. You may consider using classic materials such as bricks, stones, and woods. This will bring a more classic landscaping style to your designs.

You can also combine different plants, but make sure they don’t harm each other. If you have extra space, you can create a maze to add the classic effect. Traditional designs don’t need many garden accessories since the garden serves as the main accessory itself

Modern Designs Landscaping Style

If you’re obsessed with order and patterns, you can opt for modern designs. These are inspired by geometric rules and organized aesthetics. Unlike traditional design, you can have the pavements, the decorations and structures as your center of attraction.

With these designs, you can utilize pavements, metals and concrete materials for pathways or flooring. The usage of flowers is controlled and limited. Plants serve as the secondary ornaments of the garden.

The result of the landscape is often very organized and well-defined. You may have these designs for your front yard and lawns.

If you have extra space, you can have elaborated designs that complement your house’s structure. You can also have green plants dominating your garden to emphasize on the pavements and other decorations. This will surely be a fantastic landscaping style design.

Make sure to have your sense of balance in assigning flowers or ornaments in your garden. There should be harmony despite the contrasting properties of the landscape design.

Eclectic Designs Landscaping Style

If you’ve got the artist in you, then you can try experimenting. Eclectic designs may appeal to your landscaping plans since it follows no system. You don’t have to worry about the rules of gardening designs. You can be the exception.

With these designs, you can mix and match different materials and decorations. You can also combine your own ideas with the conventional landscaping platforms. Unlike traditional and modern, you can get rid of being organized.

Your garden can become a hodgepodge, but it’s your duty to make sure that it’s going to be a good one. Remember, you’re given the freedom in creating your masterpiece. However, you should not exploit plants and other components of your landscape into an unlikely sight.

Keep in mind that plants are your accessories. They bring color, life and beauty to your garden. Your garden is right next to your home. Your home determines what kind of person you are. So, if you don’t want your neighbors to be suspicious, better plan your landscape thoroughly.

Eclectic designs need various decorations of living and non-living things. You may need to upgrade and invest on flower containers or pots to mix them well. You can also opt for a flower garden with your favorite flowers or ornaments.

Eclectic designs give room for your imagination. Just don’t overdo things so that aesthetics will be preserved. You can combine wooden materials, stones, bricks and even metals. You can have a mini maze, statue, pond or a Zen garden in every corner.

Themed Designs

If you’re into traveling or multicultural appreciation, themed designs are for you. One of the most highly adaptable garden designs is the Japanese style. It’s not space consuming and demanding.

It makes use of oriental decorations, wooden and brick materials, and plants that can be trimmed. If you’re into this design, you can add a tea garden or table for tea ceremonies.

There are other themes that you can try as well. It’s like choosing your second home through your garden. Just think of a particular country or place, take note their salient features, find alternative materials and assemble your own garden.

Nowadays, there are Spanish, French, Tuscan, English and other garden designs inspired by various cultures. Choose the closest to your heart. Gardens and landscapes don’t care about racism, so you’re definitely free.

In choosing your desired landscape or garden design, make sure that you’re ready. You have to consider many factors in order to successfully build your own artwork. The variations of your designs depend on the size of your garden, your budget and location.

You can always improvised or adjust if the space is too limited or too big for your gardening essentials. A beautiful landscape does not have to be expensive. You can still achieve any design that you want with proper planning and budgeting.

In landscaping, you call all the shots. It’s for your own satisfaction and happiness. In case you’re still lost or confused about what to do, you can always ask help from the experts. You can reach them anytime through their websites.

For instance, you can try Amarillo Landscaping style. It’s a Texas-based company that can assist you with your landscaping needs. They are a team of dynamic people that specializes in creating world-class landscapes.

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