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Today: December 29, 2023

3 years ago

Get to know the Types of Press And Motor Press Body Tools

Get to know the Types of Press And Motor Press Body Tools

Motor press is often done for certain damage to motor components. Usually the damage caused by an accident or hit by a hard object that makes certain components change shape. If so, the use of a motor press body tool is indispensable.

Actually, press motor is not just for body or frame only. However, there are also several other types of motor press such as triangular parts, rim presses, disc disc presses, press as shock and many others. Although it looks simple, but the motor press there are many luckily.

For example, instead of replacing the body motor with a new spare part, then the press motor is more efficient. It also does not take time. But remember, not all motor damage can be compressed. Because only a few damages can bepressed using the best motor press body tool.

Given there is minor, severe or moderate damage. That is, when an accident is indeed damage to the motor is not the same. In some circumstances, it is recommended that you change the spare part so that the body of the other motor is not affected by the press motor.

Triangular Press

Triangular press becomes one of the most commonly used types of press in addition to the motor press body tool. So if a part of the motor is hit or falls, it’s likely that the triangle will twist or bend aka no longer center.

To know if the triangle is bent or not, you can see from the front wheel with a straight front drill or not. If the drill runs to the left, while the front wheel is to the right, it proves that the triangle is crooked.

Similarly, if the drill runs to the right and the front wheel runs to the left, then the possibility of the square is also crooked. Is it just a triangle that can be pressed using a cheap motor press body tool? The answer is of course no.

It usually seep into other components such as the front axle, disc disc disc, as shock ahead of the DNA of other parts of the component around it. Special parts of the shock pipe are usually required to re-check and require a press at all.

As mentioned earlier, if the damage is already severe, it is worth replacing the spare part so as not to interfere with comfort and safety while driving. Because press using the motor press body tool does not guarantee to be 100% back as original.

The cost of the motor triangle press also varies because it corresponds to the damage. In the market the press tariff for this motor triangle is Rp 50 thousand to 100 thousand. But still depends on the motor press body tool used quality or not.

Press Body Motor

This press is considered more extreme than before because the cover of the triangular body needs to be removed first. The goal is nothing but toenter or straighten and restore a twisted chassis or frame due to an accident or fall.

To see if the chassis can be done press body or have to replace the spare part, you should see the rear spakbor with a straight rear wheel or not center. It can also be seen from the distance between the handlebar steering wheel and the front seat.

If it turns out that it is necessary to press body using a professional motor press body tool usually done the change of the comstir part first. Because the old steel pelor is damaged due to impact caused by falling or hard collision.

The cost for compressing the body motor also varies because it is adjusted badly or not the chassis in the motor body. It is also related to the experience of the press body motor itself.

Usually an experienced press with the best motor press body tool the price is quite high. The tariff range of this motor press body part is Rp 250 thousand to Rp 350 thousand according to the severe or not framework of the motor.

Press Wheels

Surely you already know if in the market there are two types of wheels that are often used in their respective motors. The type of rim in question is the rim of the fingers and also the racing wheel or the cross rim. The cause of damage to the body part of the motor is the same, it could be due to a collision or a hard impact.

Whether it’s a collision, a crash or a bumpy road. Racing wheels are generally bent in the tread section or most severely broken. But it is different from the rim of the type of radius. The damage to the rim is caused by bends in the fingers and the tread of the rim.

The use of motor press body tools for wheels is simpler than the previous two types of presses. because it can be pressed rim or can also weld babet on the surface of the rim that previously broke. To make the rim results better, it is recommended to change this section only.

Those are the types of motor presses that are on the market. Of course each section has its own name. But instead of having to use a press body motor, for severe damage is expected to change to be safer.

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