Getting Famous in Tiktok

How to Get Famous in Tiktok Right Now

Social media is a booming platform in the 21st century. What better way to spend the day than getting money off of being famous? Well Tiktok is the platform that everyone has been talking about. Tiktok has a rising fan base and has a potential to even surpass Instagram. It is confirmed that even Tiktok had already surpassed Snapchat. This is why many people want to get famous in Tiktok. We have seen people getting 100.000 followers in just a couple of hours. So what’s the trick behind it all?

I personally have spent quite the time on Tiktok. It is fun to watch and very entertaining. No wonder why there are around 1 billion active tiktok users daily. Tiktok itself is very similar to Vine as well as Snapchat. What makes it special is how there are music to dance to and also special effects.

This pushed people to become creative in making content. Such as pranks, dance videos, funny videos, and much more. When those videos go famous, they can get millions and millions of views. So I wonder, what can I do go get famous in Tiktok?

In today’s article, I have gathered some of the most effective ways to get famous in Tiktok. They are easily doable and you can do it right after reading this article. Combine all of these ways together, and you will surely get on the For You Page of Tiktok in no time.

Here is How You Can Get Famous in Tiktok:

1. Post Frequently on a Daily Basis

All high ranked Tiktok celebrities will live by this rule every single day. There is no too much when it comes to Tiktok. If you see Tiktok artists with thousands and millions of followers, they might even post up to 8 videos in one day. These videos are short length 15 second videos that is fast to make.

Every social media platform has its own algorithm to boost its customer’s rankings. But one thing that is surely clear is how frequent posting will help you get famous in Tiktok. Hence, the more you post, the higher your probability are to get on the For You Page. This is also known as the FYP where top ranked videos are put for everyone to see.

If you haven’t known already, Tiktok can actually bring you profit. The more you can upload every single day, the more money you could also get on Tiktok. You don’t need to post up to 8 videos a day to keep your followers up. What is important though is that you interact with your followers and viewers. This can be done by giving up to date news and telling them about your day. Or just post any type of content that you wish to post every day.

Being consistent key in getting famous in Tiktok. Even if you have a video that got into the For You Page, you still need to follow it up. Posting videos daily is important in order to keep gaining constant viewers and followers. If you somehow hit For You Page and does not follow up with more videos, well you might just end up the same way before. So make sure you post daily to keep attracting new viewers and followers

2. Be a Creative Content Maker

Everyone one Tiktok loves to see a fresh content that they have never seen before. It may be true that you can also get high amount of traffic just by following trends. But it is definitely better when you can create your own creative content. These would certainly bring way more traffic, visitors and followers in comparison to just following trends.

Content that can be deemed as creative are the ones that have not been seen before. One recommended tip is to be you and yourself. This may sound very simple and cliche, but it is an effective way to get famous on Tiktok.

Being your true self can bring so many inspiration for new content. Compared to trend based content, creative content will most likely help you gain loyal followers. When following trends, those trends would last for a certain amount of time. But when people follow you because of the creative content that you make, they would stay for a longer period of time.

3. Follower Current Tik Tok Trends

Creating original content does not limit you from keeping up with the current trends. There are so many Tik Tok trends that you can choose from. These trends changes almost every week or month. No trend will stay over a period of one month.

That is why it is important to create a content out of the current most recent trends. These means that you will acquire some fresh viewers that has never seen such contents before. We had previously discussed how being creative is important. But one thing to keep in mind is that a Tik Tok page is better with more variety.

People enjoy seeing more variations from the people the follow. This is because followers to get bored overtime. People do tend to get bored after seeing the same things over and over again. One or two posts may have been great to snatch a view hundred thousand likes. But you also need to change things up and to make content people would keep on liking. This way, you will be able to gain some loyal followers. Most Tik Tok trends achieve high rankings as well as visitors.

You could also incorporate creative content with the current trends. This can be done by making some slight variations into the current trend itself. These trends may come in all sorts of shape such as cooking, dances, or pranks.

4. Use Hashtags When Posting Content

Many people might underestimate the power of hashtags. But hashtags can be quite impactful and useful to increase popularity. Your main goal is to achieve as many viewers as possible. This can be done by using hashtags to increase viewers in that post. Hashtags work by promoting your content to other people that uses the same hashtags. Some of the most popular types of hashtags are #fyp or also the #foryoupage. These types of hashtags hold a lot of users. Because these hashtags reach billions of uses every single day.

You can use up to 5 or 8 hashtags in one post to gain more followers. Basically, using hashtags would attract more viewers and likers into your post. By having more likes and viewers, you are also gaining new potential followers. Most followers start off by liking your content. After falling inlove with the content you have made, they would then follow your Tik Tok page.

5. Buy Tiktok Followers

This last way on how to get famous in Tik Tok is the most effective one. Tik tok offers a lot of complicated algorithms to understand. But if you understand how it works, then you can easily get into the For You Page. When you buy Tik Tok followers, you must also buy views and likes. This is done to balance out the numbers and make it real.

The purpose of buying followers on Tik Tok is not to get famous by using bots. You are simply trying to attract some more potential viewers by the help of buying followers. These will convince your viewers that you are quite famous.

Hence, they would be more interested in following you. We high suggest that you balance out all of the features that you buy. If you buy 100 followers, then buy at least half the amount of likes and also views. This is necessary to keep your account look legit.

So combine all of the steps and tips I have given you in this article. I am sure that your posts and Tik Tok page will sky rocket in no time. See you at the For You Page, and do not forget to read our other articles.

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How to Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram is a well known social media platform that is being used by millions of people. Just in 2019, there had been a total of around 1 billion active users. All of these people get on their Instagram to interact with one another digitally. They post photos and videos almost every day and try to show people their recent activities. I am sure most of you have at least one or more social media platforms. And one of those social media platforms is Instagram.

When it comes to social interaction, people will see an Instagram page with two things. The first is how popular you are and how many likes you have. And the second one is how many followers you have. Both are similar in terms of popularity and how famous you are on the internet.

Reasons To Get More Followers on Instagram

There are many reasons that a person might want to have more followers on Instagram. This may be because people are starting to get more and more competitive every day. Followers have become a significant factor in success as well as making money. Artists and businesses get a lot of exposure through Instagram publication. Social media is the perfect place to mass advertise with little no money at all. If you own a business, or just starting to own one, then social media is the place to go.

There have been so many successes achieved through Instagram. People that started with nothing could eventually get lots of profit through social media publication. That is how important a role Instagram plays in businesses. Maybe not just in businesses, Instagram also plays a big role in everyday lives. As cliche as it sounds, you would want to stand up and have more followers than everyone else.

This is how you would eventually get noticed by everyone on the internet. If you are trying to make it big time into becoming a celebrity, then the internet can be your stepping stones. The more followers you have, the more successes you will gain. Hence that is why you need more followers on Instagram.

How to get more Instagram Followers:

1. Post Content on a Daily Basis

The first step to achieving success on Instagram is through consistency. Instagram itself has a unique and intricate algorithm. Once you understand this algorithm, there are several ways to achieve the top spot or ranking. One of which is to post photos and videos on a daily basis.

If this is too complicated for you to do, then you can also try posting every two or three days. As long as you post every single week, your Instagram profile has a higher chance of gaining new followers.

This is because when you post content, you increase the chances of your content to spread. When the content does spread, more and more people will see it. Your post might even reach the explore page. The explore page is a place where content goes viral.

This will significantly boost your popularity as well as followers. When you reach this page, it is guaranteed that you will have thousands to even millions of viewers. So keep making those content to achieve more exposure to your posts.

2. Post Unique and Creative Content

Posting something fresh and new never gets old for anyone. People are always constantly scrolling through their Instagram, trying to find new things to see.

By providing them with fresh content, you might snatch a lot of followers too. People have a tendency to get bored easily over things. This is why you need to get unique, whacky, as well as creative. There are many ways to style your posts and make it as fresh as possible. But one important key aspect to remember is to be yourself.

People would love seeing content about you. That is the main reason that they would follow you. Once you are able to post consistent creative contents, your followers will skyrocket in no time. But you also need to make sure that your creative content is unique to one another. Even creative contents look the same sometimes.

And this will affect your viewers. One thing that is a danger to Instagram profiles is unfollowers. When this happens, you will lose a lot of followers during a short period of time. This is why it is important to always consider other aspects when posting content.

3. Make Content Based on Recent Trends

The world of social media is full of uprising trends that people love. There are so many categories of trends that you might see on your explore page. Some may be related to fashion, pranks, while some may be in cooking. It is important to be flexible with the content you post on your Instagram. This way, you would have a higher chance of gaining more viewers as well as followers.

As previously mentioned, creative content is very important on your Instagram page. But that does not mean that your content should solely be based on unique contents. You should also put a variety of content on your Instagram page.

People do get bored after seeing the same things again and again. And by following some recent trends, you can actually attract more followers into your Instagram page. So try and mix both unique and creative content. This will expand your viewer base and attract more viewers as well as potential followers.

In addition to that, we also recommend you to look for fresh trends. This is an effective way on how to get more Instagram followers. When you find new or fresh trends, make content out of it as soon as possible. Because trends do get old over time and that people would not be as interested in watching it as it first came out.

If that is the case, try to make a slight adjustment to that trend. Maybe it is a viral dance video or a prank. There are truly many things that you can create in Instagram. So keep being creative and aware of what is viral within the Instagram community.

4. Follow Other People’s Instagram Page

Everyone knows the rule of following for following. As an Instagram user, you should be very aware of the people surrounding you. People do feel appreciated when they follow other people and get followed back. When people follow you, it is a good deed to follow them back. This way, they will stick onto your page without unfollowing or leaving your Instagram page. We advise you to be generous when it comes to Instagram. Do not feel high and mighty to the point where you stop following people. Whether it is your fans, friends, or relatives, following others first may bring you some followers too.

5. Buying Followers from the Internet

If you are looking to expand your business onto the internet, then you might need something more. It is very important to have a high amount of followers, especially when you are starting an online shop. People tend to have more interest when they are visiting a page with a high amount of followers.

Followers actually symbolize a lot more things than you think. One thing that people see when they see followers are credibility as well as high reputation. Of course, we do not suggest you to just buy all of your followers for the sake of credibility.

What we suggest is that you buy followers of Instagram from the internet. This can be done easily and also in an affordable way. The amount also depends on how much money you are willing to spend. Buying followers from the internet is a strategy used by business owners.

By doing this, you are attracting all of the new potential followers as well as customers. And by buying followers, you aren’t just buying your customers. You are buying your way into the business so that other people will notice you.

There are two different types of followers that you can buy from the internet. The first kind is called bot followers. These followers are usually used only to increase the number of followers on your page. While doing so, there are no interactions done by them besides being only there as a number.

If you are considering bot followers, then we also recommend you to buy likes. This is to balance the numbers when posting. The next type of follower is called active followers. These usually cost more but also gives more interaction than bot followers.

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6. Use Paid Promotion to Increase Instagram Followers

The last way of how to get more Instagram followers is by having someone famous promote your page. You can see this happening in so many Instagram pages where the famous Instagram celebrities post a picture of a certain product.

This is called paid promotion and usually costs a lot more. But by doing paid promotion, you are guaranteed to get potential customers as well as followers. This is because the people that watch the celebrities’ post will visit your page too.

Source: Cara beli follower Instragram

Best Budget Vlogging Camera

Best Budget Vlogging Camera You Can Buy

Best Budget Vlogging Camera

 If you want to start a career on Youtube, you may need the best budget vlogging camera. Same as you, who is a photographer or a photo addict. You may use your smartphones, but we are talking about quality here. Like everyone said, the best quality offers higher results. But sometimes the best quality cameras cost a fortune for you to buy. Little that everyone knows, with a decent budget, you can get a high-quality camera. Today we will present you with some of our best budget vlogging cameras.

 But before you, let’s learn the basics. There are a few things that you need to know. Parts, features, and systems are crucial when you are selecting a camera.

Tips on how to choose the best budget vlogging camera

1. High quality image in low light conditions

 If you are a beginner, you may not have lighting equipment yet. Lighting equipment is needed to improve lighting in your results later on. If you don’t have it, you need a camera that can perform better in low lighting conditions. Low lighting conditions are also reflective to day time. Places like under the bridge or behind a building can be a lack of natural lighting, which caused low lighting.

 Cameras that perform badly in low lighting will have a drop in FPS or also known as frame rates per second. As a result, the images shown may be distorted because of the noises found.

2. Sizes of the Sensor

 The size of a sensor differs from each camera. Camcorders have one of the smallest sensor sizes ever. While DLSRs and mirrorless cameras have the biggest kind of sensors, the bigger the sensors are, the more light it will be captured. Which is better quality for the footage? Compact cameras, however, has a unique characteristic of the medium-sized sensor. A good example is the Canon PowerShot G9 X MARK II, which is very recommended to a lifestyle vlogger.

 To perform better in low light, some compact camera utilizes back-illuminated sensors. Different types of sensor use a unique way of receiving images. This allows the camera to capture more light, thus improved the light quality.

3. Aperture of Lenses (AF)

 Lenses with higher quality will be able to absorb light within the sensors. With a wide aperture, a blurry aesthetic background image is achievable. This feature is crucial if you are trying to do a lifestyle vlog.  So consider this as the best budget vlogging camera.

 The lens aperture is also known as an f stop. The perfect aperture stops is between f/1.8 to f/22. A lower number of aperture basically means that it has a wider opening. Hence it would produce a high-quality image. For example is that when you use an f of 1.8, it would achieve better results than a f 22. All of this depends on what kind of picture you are trying to take. Landscape pictures would require a higher f stop than others.

 The Canon Powershot camera is amazing if you want to vlog indoors. It can blur the background and make one object as the main keypoint. When you buy a Sony A5100 mirrorless, you also get to receive a free lens kit that comes with it. This lens has a specification of 15 to 50 millimeters.

4. Built-In Camera Stabilizer

 Built-in camera stabilizers are very useful to prevent any shake when you take a picture. Without this technology, there is simply too much distortion in a picture.

 Some camera will have its own built-in stabilizer. At the budget level, it isn’t as effective as OIS. Most budget camera such does not have its own built-in camera stabilizer. But don’t worry, we have gave you a good option to begin with. If you want to save more money, you can choose cameras without any image stabilization technology.

 Some other features, like video resolution, battery life, connectivity, are also very important. But it’s not really specific for the camera because that features already well known in smartphones. Video resolution, like 1080p with 30fps, should be good.

 After you have your own images on what camera you are looking for, it is time to list the cameras. Here are the best budget for vlogging cameras.

Best Budget Vlogging Camera :

1. Canon EOS Rebel T6 (1300D)

Best Budget Vlogging Camera
  • Sensor type: APS – C
  • Resolution: 18 megapixels
  • Screen: 3-inch 920k-dot Fixed LCD
  • Image stabilization: none
  • Zoom: Depends on lends
  • Video : 1080p/30fps
  • Record limit: 29 minutes, 59 seconds
  • Connectivity : WiFi, NFC
  • Battery life: 500 shots
  • Weight : 485g (without lens)

 This camera is recommended to those who just started upgrading from smartphones to cameras. The features supports capturing high-quality pictures within a low light environment.


  • Built-in easy accessible menu
  • Inbuilt flash and stereo microphone
  • Affordable DLSR
  • Includes 18-55m to start vlogging


  • Has a fixed LCD so it can’t be moved
  • Does not provide a crisp image for fast-moving objects

2. Nikon Coolpix B500

Best Budget Vlogging Camera
  • Sensor : 1/2.3- inch CMOS
  • Resolution : 16 megapixels
  • Screen : 3- inch 921k- dot Tilting LCD
  • Image stabilization : 4-Axis hybrid vibration reduction (HVR)
  • Zoom : 40x optical
  • Video : 1080p/30fps
  • Recording time : 29 minutes or 4GB files size
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, HDMI
  • Weight : 542g (with battery and memory)

 This camera is highly recommended to travel vloggers who want to take photos of outside events. Outside events such as sporting events, wildlife, bird sightings, and others. The unique feature is that this camera use AA batteries. This enables you to bring some extra batteries while doing adventure capturing outside footage.


  • Cheap and in-depth zooming camera
  • Allows recording of up to 7 fps continuously
  • Smart finding of targets
  • Gets access to Nikon app for android to keep your camera remotely controlled
  • Provides you with AA batteries


  • Heavy design and can be hard to carry
  • LCD that is intact cannot be moved to the sides

3. Canon VIXIA HF R800

Best Budget Vlogging Camera
  • Sensor : 1- Chip 1/4.85” CMOS
  • Resolution: 3.28 Megapixels
  • Screen: 3-inch 230k dot Touch screen LCD flip screen
  • Image stabilization: SuperRange Optical
  • Zoom : 32x Optical, 57x Advanced (Optical)
  • Video : 1080p/60fps
  • Record Limit: Up to 2 hours when recording in 1080p at 35MB/s
  • Connectivity: Mini-HDMI (Type C) and USB 2.0 Mini-AB output
  • Battery life : 3 hours
  • Weight: 305g (including battery, memory card, and grip belt)

 This is the best camera for you to start Youtube. Just under $200, you can get this camera. It’s an amazing camcorder camera that is very easy to carry anywhere you go. Very suitable to the lifestyle vloggers of on-the-go vloggers.


  • Has a touchscreen that can be easily accessible
  • Crips imaging and vivid pictures even in low light conditions.
  • Has a built-in stabilizer that can reduce shake
  • Can record slow motion
  • Has both mic input as well as headphone jacks


  • Traditional and cannot be wireless
  • Low build mic
  • Cannot shoot in RAW format

4. Canon Powershot G9 X Mark II

Best Budget Vlogging Camera
  • Sensor: 1” CMOS
  • Resolution : 20.9 (Effective pixels: 20.1)
  • Screen : 3-inch 1.04m dot touchscreen LCD
  • Image Stabilization : Optical
  • Zoom : 3x Optical and 4x digital (12x combined zoom)
  • Video : 1080p/60fps
  • Record limit : 29 minutes, 59 seconds
  • Connectivity : WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB
  • Battery life : 235 shots
  • Weight : 206g

 This is the best budget vlogging camera that was mentioned in the previous part. This camera is a mixture of easy to carry and high-quality image capturing technology. This camera is very effective when it comes to lighting. As previously mentioned, this camera can make your footage clean even when it’s in a low-lighting situation.


  • High quality and very light for on – the – go, vloggers,
  • Inbuilt connectivity for a remote control
  • Shoots in many formats such as JPEG and RAW.
  • Has a high rapid rate of autofocus
  • Good quality mic


  • Does not have a flipping screen built-in
  • Low battery life, hence need more battery

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How a Pandemic is Pushing for a Cashless Society

With the recent case of COVID-19, there has been a lot of changes around our society. One of which is how people interact with others socially. The pandemic had affected all aspects of our society, and this includes the economy. The economic sector, as well as businesses, has been affected deeply, and there are not many things to be done. Stores are shutting down, and things went digital pretty quickly. And this has somehow pushed the world to be a cashless society.

The food and beverages took a massive toll because no one was eating out anymore. And things had to change quickly before more stores close down. That is why the food and beverage industry switched to a more digital option. These options are called online takeouts—a service where food ris delivered to the designated addresses. But online takeouts would not last for a couple more months.

Once the lockdowns are down, people would start to go back into their daily lives. Or at least that is what everyone thinks about what might happen. Well, to put it into words, it is not as simple as that. There would be no going back to normal. People would be more paranoid and distanced from one another. In order to achieve this, there are many things that have to be done.

Physical traces should be avoided as much as possible—what better way to do that than to change how the world does its transactions. Everywhere you go, whether it is traditional or modern, cash is of crucial importance to how we do our transactions.

Cashless Had Existed Longer Than You Imagined

We eactually do live in a current world where digital transaction dominates the economy. Researches and studies found that digital transactions hold about 92% of the economy. This study means that out of all the transactions globally, only 8% of it uses cash. Even with that 8% in mind, there is still a massive U.S. $1.2 trillion of money circulating in our society.

All of the coins and paper are key to transaction. Those paper bills and also coins are the perfect form of transmission for viruses. That is why the government and the private sector have taken measures to implement a more cashless society. A cashless society has started way before the pandemic hits the world.

What Actions Are Taken To Make a Cashless Society?

To be completely honest, the people are the ones who took the actions to make society cashless. Things such as mass campaigning are, of course, a big part of the change. But that was implemented even before a pandemic hit the world. After the pandemic has struck, people are left with not many choices. People would eventually have to try an era of digital evolution. If people chose not to be affected by this cashless society, they would simply be left out. Things such as ordering food would be so much harder.

Going grocery shopping would even be more complicated in times like these. That is why the countries saw this as an opportunity. The change to be cashless itself has a vast potential to revolutionize how people do transactions. The private sector, on the other hand, just keeps on providing the best service they can. Not only that, but they are also met with more challenges and have to keep up with the increasing demands of users.

The Benefits Received by a Cashless Society

The increasing amount of e-commerce transactions has also skyrocketed. Due to people staying indoors, things such as daily needs still have to be fulfilled. One right way to get daily necessities and groceries is through online shopping. Online shopping had massively profited online e-commerce companies as well as delivery services.

E-commerce would keep on fishing for customers while couriers have to keep up with the demands. It was a tough challenge, but it would surely benefit both the people and these companies. Besides the e-commerce industry, people would be the main factor for change. There would be fewer chances of virus transmissions due to lesser hand in hand transactions. This is very important, especially during the phase in which the lockdowns have just stopped. In those times, people would go back to their daily activities with minor risks of the virus spreading.

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Importance of Wastewater Treatment Plant

Water is known to be all living organism’s necessity. Without water, there could be no life on Earth. This is because all life on Earth depends on water to survive. A human body itself is composed of 70 percent water. All of the bodily fluids itself are made from water too. There are still much importance of wastewater treatment that not many people know.

The management of bodily fluids is very important, especially for those who live in a hot weather area. The body fluid would help regulate the temperature and prevent the body from overheating. That is why this article would discuss some of the importance of wastewater treatment plants.

Besides using water for consumption, humans also utilize water for many different things. Some of those things are such as washing clothes, food, bathing, and many more uses. Without water, human’s daily activities would not be able to be carried out. All it takes is days to weeks without water for humans to die. This is why water is very important and that it should care for more.

Many people still do not understand or realize the importance of wastewater treatment plants. Getting water is not as easy as paying bills and opening the tap whenever you want to. There are many processes for that water to be usable, drinkable, and utilized for industrial uses. Without these wastewater treatment plants, water supplies would not be as much as we have right now.

Importance of Wastewater Treatment in Water Industries

The water industry is quite diverse can be classified into three major types. These types are called as water purification, wastewater treatment, and the newest one is called desalination. As you might have heard before, water purification is basically the process of making drinking water. The process is called purification due to having a goal of purifying water. Each process is unique and different from the other. Even though spring waters can be consumed and filled with precious minerals, there are dangers that come with it. Without purification, there can be so many illnesses, and that would not be good for humans.

The next one is holds one of the biggest importance which is wastewater treatment. Every day, each household on a certain district would use from liters to gallons of water per person. Imagine the amount of water it takes for you to take a 10-minute shower; it isn’t as little as you think. It takes quite the effort as well as the resources to treat waste water. There are a lot of things involved inside the waste water itself.

Pollutants Involved

These pollutants range from dirt, trash, biological and chemical pollutants, and more. Every pollutant is dangerous and can be a threat to human life. If waste water is not treated, people would be drowning in their own waste water. Water would be scarce, and this would also lower the quality of life. Another factor of importance in wastewater treatment is industrial wastes.

We all have heard the news once in a while. Wastewater has one of the most devastating health effects. Companies would just mindlessly dump untreated sewage or toxic water into the river. Soon enough, the government would start to limit their activity and force industries to treat their water before dumping them. This became a policy in order for a factory to operate.

There are many things that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Most of them are dangerous microorganisms, such as bacteria. This is why scientists all over the world have been trying to come up with new innovations. One of those innovations is by killing the micro organisms without putting harm to whoever consumes the water. This is done by using chemicals such as chlorine. By using chlorine, all of the micro organisms would die and be destroyed. This is known to be one of the best ways to eradicate any micro organisms.

The last major type in the water industry is responsible for desalination. Desalination is a vital step to cleanse water from any salt. With all places on Earth lacking waters, scientists have found a new way to filter saltwater. This process is called desalination.

Increasing water demands with low supply

We all know how important water can be in our lives. This also applies to everyone else on Earth. Water is one of the resources that is known to be infinite or unending, but that is not really true. Water may be infinite in amount, but not all water is consumable. Most of the water we know is known as salt water or sea water.

These kinds of water are very hard to process, and not all water treatment plants have the capability to purify this water. There is some cutting edge technology that allows scientists and technicians to separate water from salt. By doing this, there would be a huge increase in the supply of usable household water. Desalination might be the key to increasing a high amount of supply within society.

This is because 97 percent of all of the waters on Earth is actually salt water. And out of those 3 percent, only about 2 percent is drinkable water. The rest is either ground water or hard to access kinds of water. With this in mind, humans have to make use of the 97 percent of water supply the world has to offer.

This desalination method can be particularly very useful. Especially for huge companies and industrials, they would be thrilled to use this method. Industries use a lot of water daily. Whether it is for their products or to run the machines, water is a necessity even for big industries.

The government is struggling to keep up with the demands of each house hold. But they are trying to make sure that there is a sustainable long term plan for all people.

Devastating Effects of Wastewater

The impacts of wastewater can vary from the types of pollution it causes. Mainly, the problem that has been caused by wastewater are water borne diseases. This has killed and made ill of so many people in poor countries. Through dirty and unhealthy drinking water, these water borne diseases can be fatal. This is all because the water that are being used are untreated. Besides humans, the environment is truly a factor to consider.

Plants and animals also take a big toll when it comes to water pollution. As mentioned previously, other kinds of life form also depend on water to live. With this in mind, plants and animals also rely on water to survive. Plants rely on water so that in can do photosynthesis to make food.

Without water, it would wilt and die away. But what if polluted water are being consumed? The results could be very fatal. Just imagine plants using up water that has been polluted by chemicals. There is unclear research on the effects, but it is most likely to either be mutated or dead. That is how devastating wastewater can be and the importance of wastewater treatment to consider.

Effects of Wastewater on Animals

The effects on animals could also be very fatal. Animals would rely on the closest source of water for their daily consumption of water. This means that they would also consume a lot of water, to begin with. Animals such as cows, pigs, sheep, horses, and other mammalians are some of the very examples of animals that are affected. There are more animals in the wildlife that are affected. When they consume polluted waters, the effects would be like a domino. Because when one side of the food chain is affected, the other parts are affected as well.

For example, imagine a chemically induced plant being consumed by insects. And those insects are eaten by an animal higher up the food chain like birds. After consumed by birds, these birds are consumed by snakes. This is how devastating the effects could be. It could reach up to many different species just because untreated water is consumed.

There are certain cases where ecosystems are even affected. Of course, when 4 to 7 different species of organisms start to die, there are imbalances in the ecosystem. These imbalances are caused by one number of specific species population declining. On the other side, this has pushed the species on top of the food chain to consume other beings in order to adapt.


Waste water treatment is a huge factor to keep society alive. Most people may not have known the significance of having such technology in our society. In major cities, there are dozens of wastewater treatment plant, and there are many wastewater contractors that offer services. Not only government-issued contractors, but there are also now private contractors that are ready to keep your water safe.

Waste water treatment is a must for companies that are running a factory. Whether it is big or small, there are choices of water plants to choose from. Such as effluent water plants and semi effluent water plants. So make sure that you are aware of the danger water can do to your health and daily life.

Digital Marketing in Indonesia 4.0 and Its Importance

Within a world of vast transactions, systems such as digital marketing are being utilized. As a matter of fact, the investment rates for traditional marketing are decreasing. On the other hand, digital marketing has a rapid growth rate annually. The rate of growth itself had proved that companies demands for more alternatives in advertising and strategic marketing.

Without being aware, we see digital marketing in almost every platform that we came across to. From pop-ups to paid ads when scrolling through our social media app. Every single advertisement viewed is another dime earned. This has been the major focus of social media companies. Trying to maximize profits by using every form of media out there.

Shifting from Traditional to Digital

Technological innovations are on the verge of making new breakthroughs everyday. Smartphones as well as other gadgets can be acquired at a cheaper cost and a better quality. Statistics had also shown that there are at least 3.5 billion of smartphone users worldwide in 2020. This means that there will be a sharp increase in the number of social media users as well as other mobile applications.

The old fashioned way of advertising was no longer seen as effective. This can directly be seen by the target audience of each market itself. Using a traditional approach, the target audience would be aimed to an older aged citizen. Whereas digital marketing would have a broader target audience ranging from the ages of 12-35 years old. Hence making digital marketing the new effective tool to promote businesses and companies.

Another important factor that caused the shift from traditional to digital marketing is in costs itself. The affordability of digital marketing is extremely cheaper in comparison to traditional marketing channels. In terms of labor itself, digital marketing does not require are hard working labor to hand out fliers. Simply by posting information online, it could reach an audience of millions of people. Services like these has been widely promoted by social media companies out there.

Utilizing Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be divided into several different ways. Two of the most common ways to market something digitally is through website and also social media.

Social media is considered one of the biggest portions of the internet. There are numerous ways to socialize, and social media companies have taken advantages of that. This was seen for example by placing advertisements in pictures that people scroll through. All it takes is a considerable sum of money to run a successful business.

The other common but intricate way is by using websites. Mass advertising through websites on the other hand is not as simple as scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. This is because websites produce a more hefty amount of ad revenue. To obtain that level of economic importance itself takes time and effort. In order for websites and businesses to reach the first page of browse engines, there are terms called as search engine optimization being used. In short, SEO has been a recent trend to boost the likely hood of a website being visited. The more visitors would mean more ad revenue, and this has been a huge factor to digital marketing.

In conclusion marketing is a field of technology that is solely focused on mass advertising. Knowing the target audience of the 21st century has pushed marketing to the next level. Achieving a higher quality and a wider audience while minimizing the cost at the same time. Digital marketing truly holds the importance in our current and future society.