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Today: December 29, 2023

3 years ago

How to Save Money While Travelling

Save money while travelling

There are so many ways to travel around the world. Some of those ways could save you from breaking the bank. The truth is, travelling is not as expensive as everyone thought it would be. There are of course some expenses that you need to consider paying when travelling, especially when going abroad. Some of the major expenses to consider are flight fees as well as accommodation. But another major expense that people usually don’t consider are travelling fees. These fees include the travel cost of getting around the cities or around town. There are a lot of ways to save money while travelling.

In today’s article, we will give you tips that will save you a lot of money. There are some unique things that we are sure most of you have never even heard of. So sit tight, and enjoy this article.

Save Money By Booking Transportation Ahead

This is a common tip that is known to the public. When you are travelling somewhere else, it is better to book things ahead of time. But beware of the time when you book your flights or transportation. Because booking from far ahead of time may even be as expensive as when you book it a week before. We highly suggest you book your tickets for about 3 months before you go. This is the best timing to get the cheapest flights, trains, ships, and other transportation. It is most effective when you book for flights.

When it comes to booking for tickets, there are so many ways to do it from. One of the most cheapest way to do so is online. There are so many travel websites that offer cheap flights as well as moderately expensive flights.

Compare each flight with other websites to get the best rate. Some flights such as Air Asia would not promote their flights on these websites. That is why it is important that you also check the airline’s official website for the standard rate. After looking for the cheapest flight, you could also take it one step ahead in these websites.

Every tour application or website will offer promotions and bonuses. Through these, you could get up to 50 percent off of your flights. This is a common trick used by tourists or people who travel a lot. They would hunt for ticket prices using these bonus codes. Bonus codes can be very effective and can drive down the prices of tickets significantly.

Changing Routes to Make Expenses Cheaper

Many of you know about direct flights. This is when you go from country A to country B directly. But you can actually get a cheaper flight by changing routes. Such as going from country A to country B by stopping at country C. One common example is a flight of Jakarta to Bali.

The fact is, it is cheaper to go from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia first. And then from Malaysia, you go to Bali. This is due to the airline’s availability as well as the cost. This type of strategy is called a layover or a transit.

This does not only make your expenses cheaper, but you also get a bonus place to travel to. When doing a transit, you can choose the time and date too. So if you want to stay in that transit country for a few days, you can do that too. This is a hidden gem that not many travelers know. So don’t forget to browse through all the flights to find the best combination. Who knows what kind of prices you might find.

This strategy may not work on every target destination. This is because some destination costs cheap due to the amount of airlines coming into the country.

Renting a Private Vehicle

One unprecedented expenses that people usually forget are travel costs. When travelling, you also need money to travel around that city. And people usually spend a lot of money on buses, online ordered vehicles or the metro. These types of public transportation is usually cheap. But when you add it all together, they get very costly overtime. This is why we recommend you to rent a private vehicle especially if you are travelling as a group. You can rent Hiace for as low as $100 a day. With that fee, you can fit in 15 people inside it.

This gets cheap when you split the $100 amongst 15 people. This way, you can save a lot of money as well as travel anywhere you want. When you rent a private vehicle, you can also visit the spots that public transportation cannot get you to. Such as waterfalls, hidden nature spots and more. So plan ahead of time and communicate with your group before hand. This will surely save money while travelling.

Visit Public Spots as well as Museums

When visiting a country, you do not need to always spend a lot of money for its attractions. There are many tourists attractions that comes at an affordable price. Some of which are the museums and other public parks. These places are the perfect spot to really learn about the culture in that country.

Try to avoid any places that will cost you a lot of money, because things aren’t always worth it. Take theme parks for an example. You would pay a lot of money to visit a theme park right? But the fact is, you would spend most of your day queuing in a line just to get in a ride.

One thing to try when you visit a country is their cuisines. Street foods are a great alternative if you are looking to spend time cheaply. They cost only a couple of dollars and you can explore the city while doing so. There are an endless options to choose from. So find unique things to do to spice your trip up.

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