3 Tips How to Deposit in IDN Poker

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3 Tips How to Deposit in IDN Poker

How to Deposit in IDN Poker – IDN poker offers different types of poker games for poker lovers all around Indonesia. Because, IDN poker is one of poker’s trusted gambling sites. But before you get to play then you need a registered account at the IDN website. We have explained before on their website as well as articles that registration is easy. There is not much restriction. Players can make their own accounts without any verification process. So this makes it way easier for you to gamble with us and make your own account.

In this article, you will learn how to deposit in IDN Poker. Because IDN poker has 3 different deposit methods. Maybe you are still brand new to IDN website and do not know how to deposit in IDN Poker. No need to worry because we will help you become better players. So come learn with us and see how to deposit in IDN Poker. We will split this article into 3 parts.

What is Depositing in IDN Poker For?

3 Tips How to Deposit in IDN Poker

IDN poker is an online poker website in Indonesia. We use real money experience so that players can bet their money and win real money. All of these process needs to be ensured that there is a smooth process. So from the point you gamble, you can easily get access to that money. That is why the depositing feature is so important for all the players to get their money inside the website. Once your money is deposited, then you will see that you have a certain amount of balance. Players can bet big or low.

After depositing, you would also be introduced to withdraw. This will be further discussed later on. So stick with us on this article today.

Tips How to Deposit in IDN Poker

1. Deposit Using Bank Transfer

First tips how to deposit in IDN poker, the website specializes in all types of transactions. This includes local bank transfers. Usually, players have a hard time trying to deposit using huge amounts of money. Such as funds above Rp 500 thousand. And sometimes players would even deposit their money of up to Rp 1 million. This is all facilitated when you use local bank transfers to deposit into IDN Poker. The procedure is also quite easy and we will help you along the way.

To start, players will be given 3-6 different banks of their choice. These local banks can vary such as Mandiri, CIMB, BNI, BCA, BRI, and etc. There are so many options to choose from. After choosing the right bank, then you can send these funds easily with any amount. Usually the minimum amount of transfer is around Rp 50 thousand. And there is no limit or maximum to the amount of money that you want to deposit to us.

2. Digital Wallet Deposit Method

The following method is a method especially for small nominal users only. So this transaction has a limit of IDR 5 million rupiah. If you want to send money through a digital wallet, you must first download the app. Some of the digital wallets served by the online IDN Poker gambling site are Dana, OVO, Go Pay, and others. To send money, customers can search for the telephone number listed on the website. All transactions using digital wallets must use a telephone number. This phone number will instantly verify all incoming money. You can also write a message or take a photo of the proof of the transaction so that the deposit can be confirmed by the online IDN Poker gambling site.

3. Credit Deposit Method

Everyone must have some unused credit in their cellphone number. Instead of waiting for this credit to expire and be wasted, let’s use it and make the most of it. In online IDN Poker gambling, you can make deposits instantly. Of course, there are many methods to make a credit deposit. You can use the Sim Tool kit or use the SMS method. Whatever the method, we serve with operators Telkomsel, TRI, XL, and others. Just write down the phone number and send your credit right now. Your money can be withdrawn later without anything left behind. Let’s join in online IDN Poker gambling!

Million Rupiah Bonus at IDN Poker

The most important part of the world of online gambling is to receive profits of up to millions of rupiah. Now is the time for you to be given a lot of bonuses by IDN Poker. This site will always provide the best customer service and one of the biggest types of bonuses is the deposit bonus. IDN Poker always pays and gives bonuses according to what has been promised to the players.

So you no longer need to doubt the service and also the amount of incoming bonuses. Bonuses like deposit bonuses depend on the amount of money you want to put into your account. Adjust the amount to the nominal you want to enter, IDN Poker will never force the bettor to enter a balance in a certain amount.

Don’t forget to continue to top up your balance and become an active player at IDN Poker. There will be many new bonuses coming to players in IDN Poker. Examples are like cashback, referral programs, and others. No need to spend any capital, you, you can still enjoy the benefits with IDN Poker. Come on, register yourself now and be part of the IDN Poker poker gambling community. Don’t forget to use the best poker strategies for winning bonus games.


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