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Today: December 29, 2023

9 months ago

How to Cheat A Slot Machine with A Cell Phone?

how to cheat a slot machine with a cell phone

How to cheat a slot machine with a cell phone? Hm, hacking mobile slots is a complex process that requires more than just inputting a few lines of code like you’d see in the films. When it comes to hacking mobile slots with their phones, most people believe crooks are cyber masters. 

Controlling the outcome of any slot machine with a little cheating device or cheat code, on the other hand, is significantly more complex than inputting a series of commands. Alright, we’ll look at how a hacker hacks mobile slots, as well as both physical and online machine titles.

How Slot Machine Works Actually?

Before we get into how to cheat a slot machine with a cell phone, it’s important to understand how slots work. Contrary to what the screen depicts, there are no PC virtual reels or slot machines. Instead, the results of digital slot games are determined by a PRNG algorithm.

Any gambling game needs the use of a RNG to generate an unpredictable outcome. Flipping a coin is your RNG device in a heads or tails game, whereas dice are used in craps. Simple RNG systems used in many computer applications are not ideal for digital gambling games since certain players can predict their results.

The PRNG algorithm is typically the focus of mobile slots hacks designed to control the game. One method is to decode the algorithm’s seed or the mechanism through which it draws one. 

While this may appear simple on the face, the algorithm of a slot is hidden behind a succession of encryption and stream ciphers. You can also find out how much taxes do you pay on slot machine winnings.

How to Cheat A Slot Machine with A Cell Phone Explanation

The main goal of how to cheat a slot machine with a cell phone is to predict the outputs of a PRNG system. These hacking programs analyze the outcomes of each spin to hunt for probable patterns within the system. Once calculated, the software will notify the criminal whenever a favorable seed is found.

Murat Bliev, a Russian national, used a mobile slot hack on select slot machines at the Lumiere Casino in St. Louis in June 2014. The negative hold of certain slots surprised management, indicating that a portion of their machines paid out more money than their daily earnings. Also, there were no significant or jackpot prizes in these machines.

While playing free slots with bonus and Free Spins, It is important to point out that a slot machine with negative holdings is unusual in casinos, although not unheard of. This scenario can happen when one or more players win the maximum payout on a slot machine. What was concerning in the case of the Lumiere Casino was the speed with which these negative holdings occurred.

Security, determined to find out what happened, checked CCTV video of their slots and noticed Murat Bliev playing suspiciously. Players typically click the spin button quickly while staring at their phone for a few seconds. Instead, Bliev was holding his phone close to the screen and had a considerable delay between button presses.

Bliev was arrested upon his return to the United States. During his examination, Bliev revealed that he was a part of a criminal organization that specialized in hacking slot machines. Bliev’s phone contained a slot machine hacking app that advised him on when to spin the reels for the best results. 

This explains Bilev’s slot machine behavior, in which he timings his button hit to the app’s notice or signal. Bilev was imprisoned in the United States for two years before being deported.

Final Thoughts

A criminal can hack mobile slots by hacking the PRNG algorithm. Finding or developing a program that can forecast statistical “random results” is, on the other hand, extremely difficult, and casino security makes it nearly hard for criminals to figure out how to cheat a slot machine with a cell phone. You can also find out about China Shores slot machine