Have Your Own Organic Garden inside Your House

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Organic Garden

You don’t need a large space or wide backyard to have your own garden – this is good news for people who want to have a garden but could not have one because of limited time, space or other constraint issues. This would be perfect if you live in urban areas where the only place you can have a garden is inside your home. An organic garden may just be the key to brighten up your house.

You might not know it but there are many herbs and food products that you can easilygrow right on your windowsill. You can choose from veggies, fruits, ornamental plants and root crops. Choose one that is appropriate for your windowsill.

Another great thing is, you don’t have to be an expert in gardening, have the right tools or spend hours to make an elegant and blooming windowsill garden. Organic gardening is quite a simple thing to do.

To get you started, choose plants that you can quickly manage. Here are two of the food products that you can easily plant in your garden so you can have supply of organic and fresh ingredients all year round:

Organic Garden: Spring Onion

It brings freshness anda wonderful flavor to any food. Choose onions that have white and healthy roots. Cut off the green leaves and leave only a little portion attach to your white bulb.

The next thing you will need is a glass and clean water. Now put the onions in a glass filled with water. Make sure you use a clear glass, so you can watch your onions grow. After a week, you will have your own supply of spring onions.


Garlic is very popular for its medicinal properties. Althoughit is highly flavored, it still brings a surprising flavor and aroma to any food. To have your own garlic sprouts, plant a few cloves in the pot and make sure the tip is facing up.

Place it in anarea where it can get enough sunshine it needs and don’t forget to water it everyday. After a week, you will have growing garlic shoots. You can use it in soups or salads or even bring flavor to curries and pizza.

So before you throw away those kitchen scraps, think of how you can make those ingredients grow back again. You don’t have to go to market to buy one. Through this, youcan save money and time.

Why Organic Gardening?

Your small organic garden is your way to live a healthy lifestyle. Onions and garlics are pesticide and chemical-free, so it is pure and refined.

It is certainly impossible to plant all kinds of organic foods in a small space to ensure yourself with endless supply of natural food products. However, you can buy online and there are a lot of online stores that offer them in affordable prices.

Just make sure that your organic plants get enough water and receive enough sunlight. Also use organic fertilizer and soil in order for your pants to grow healthy. Don’t use pesticides or herbicides, this will damage the plants and also harm your health.

Having your own mini organic garden inside your home is a fun experience. Tending on them will definitely relive you of stress. So start organic gardening and your plants will surely be a blooming success.

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