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Today: December 29, 2023

3 years ago

Getting to Know the Famous Gulai Lemea in Rejang Lebong

Mengenal Gulai Lemea yang Terkenal di Rejang Lebong

Rejang Lebong is one of the areas in Bengkulu that stores uniqueness. One of the unique things that can be found here is the culinary. Rejang Lebong’s signature food is Gulai Lemea. Gulai Lemea is a famous food in Rejang Lebong.

The combination of distinctive flavors and can not be found anywhere else makes this culinary much hunted. What makes this gou’s distinctive and famous? Let’s check out the following Rejang Lebong news!

Getting to Know the Famous Gulai Lemea in Rejang Lebong

Getting to Know the Famous Gulai Lemea in Rejang Lebong

Lemea is a typical food name of Rejang. The composition consists of chopped bamboo shoots, then mixed with mujair or sepat fish. After the chopped bamboo shoots mixed with the fish are stirred.

Next is that the dough is stored in a container lined with banana leaves and tightly closed. This fermentation process takes at least three days. After that, lemea is ready to be cooked as a side dish when eating rice.

Gulai Lemea is a culinary that comes from the word lemeah in Rejang language which means weak or powerless because of the deliciousness of the cuisine. Typical culinary of this area used to be served for religious holidays, entertaining guests from outside the region or servings at weddings and other events.

How to Cook a Typical

Gulai Lemea typical of Rejang Lebong is cooked in a way that is no different from tempoyak. Lemea smells a bit unpleasant. It is the effect of fermentation of fish mixed with bamboo shoots.

Despite its unpleasant smell, many like it. The uniqueness of the aroma and taste produced by lemea, makes this food is not just liked by the Rejang people. Lemea is more delicious when cooked with coconut milk mixture and added with freshwater fish and sea fish.

In general, lemea cooked with the addition of carp, cob, and fish commonly consumed by humans in general. The peculiarity of this food lies in its sharp aroma and savory taste with a soft texture.

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The Taste of Shaking The Tongue

Speaking of taste, of course the taste of Gulai Lemea is very typical. Regarding the taste produced by lema, this food is included from the typical taste of Sumatra. Lemea has a sour and spicy taste, as well as a unique but savory aroma after cooking.

After cooking, lemea is usually eaten as a side dish. Gulai Lemea typical of Rejang Lebong will be more delicious to be eaten with lalapan such as kabau, jering, or petai.

Culinary Circles

The delicious culinary keanekaragam such as traditional culinary typical of Rejang Tribe of Rejang Lebong Regency, Bengkulu Province, namely Gulai Lemea is becoming a lot of tourists when it comes to Bengkulu. In addition, it is not surprising that many people are sought after by the local community as a side dish of iftar during Ramadan.

The typical food of the Rejang people made from bamboo shoots or young bamboo and river fish has been around for a long time and used to be consumed only by the upper middle class, but nowadays everyone in the area can make or buy it.

This food can be purchased at various stalls that provide Gulai Lemea. Many Gulai Lemea sellers sell this special food when Ramadan comes.

The people of Rejang Lebong who will buy gulai lemea can be ready to eat or already cooked. These two choices become one of the alternative choices when you want to enjoy the specialties of Rejang Lebong.

If you want Gulai Lemea that has not been matan, you can buy it at rejang lebong market in raw or un cooked condition. To cook this side dish is not difficult, namely by using spices in the form of red chilies, cayenne pepper, shallots and garlic, plus vegetables type of round eggplant and keladi leaves.

The price of one portion of Gulai Lemea ready to eat usually ranges from Rp 15,000 to Rp 20,000. With an affordable price, this very tongue-shaking food is able to make the stomach full with delicious. Interested in trying it?