How to Grow Tulips Easily At Home Today

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 Do you like flowers? If so, this name isn’t strange for you. Tulips, the colorful flower that brings joy to people and as a warm welcome. Tulips can be found very common in every garden of somebody’s house. Have you ever feel jealous of your neighbor because they have colorful flowers in their garden? Have you considered making your own? Well, we are about to learn how to grow tulips properly.

 Just like usual, before you grow tulips, you may want to learn from the history first. Even if times changed and there are simple ways, but it still can be used as a reference or just a fun fact to make things interesting. Tulips have a long history, and it is very charming. Some people even consider this flower as a flower for bouquet,


 Tulips are originally grown in Central Asia. It was cultivated by the Turks when it still 1000 AD. In the 16th century, it brought out to Turkey when it is at the Ottoman Empire. The sultan demanded a cultivated bloom for his pleasure. However, even if it is originally coming from Central Asia, it is the Turkish people who gave Tulip the name. Tulip came from the Turkish word “Turban”.

 The Tulip became so popular until the 18th centuries, there was called “Age of Tulips” began as it is very popular. There was Tulips festival all around the place, and there is even a law protecting it. It is a crime for those who buy or sell tulips outside the capital. Since then, Tulip starting to be more and more popular as westerners introduce it. Tulips starting to spread more and became popular until the very current the 20th centuries.

 Aren’t those some interesting stories? You know to understand what does tulips meant and what are their purposes. Just like any other kind of flowers, Tulip has different variations. These variations are affecting shape, colour, and even how to take care of it. There are tons of tulip varieties founded by now, so we only give you the best and the most common Tulip that you can find.

Darwin Hybrid Tulip

 When you search Tulip on the internet there must be this name popping outright? The variation that is perfect for you who wanted to have a single flower variation in your garden only. It has a classic tulip shape, showy flower, and produces big. The colors also varied as it is in the range from white, yellow, orange, red and pink.

 In the garden, Darwin Hybrid Tulip is the main presentation of the environment. With 20 to 24″ tall, they are perfect for landscaping and mass planting. Which means that you can plant this over and over until your garden surrounded with tulips. Just trust me with this, the more you plant tulips with mass planting technique, the more beautiful it got. That is why it is perfect for you who only wanted to have one type of flower in your very own garden.

 However, after it blooms, the Tulip will rest and give you a year or two years to get back. You may extend the time so that Tulip will bloom longer. Simply by placing it in a full sun area and make sure the soil was well drained should do. After that, the Tulip will get rest and back to show in a year or two. After it finished blooming, you need to take care of it so it won’t die. Apply all-purpose fertilizer in the soil surfaces. Let the leaves slowly fade from green to yellow. That is why Darwin Hybrid Tulip is a perennial tulip.

Triumph Tulips

 If you have heard of this name before, then you would already know how beautiful Tulip is. This one is the largest group of Tulip that have all medium length stem. Not only the largest, but it also has the widest colour variation out of all Tulip.

Which makes this Tulip deserve a good spot as a highlight for your tulip garden. However, it is best to use it in forcing and short term breeding. They are also recommended to put in a container if it is protected from freezing so it won’t die. Make sure you grow tulips wild and well for the best results.

Double Tulips

 Known as the long-lasting tulips that have a semi-double to actual double flowers. It is good for bedding, and even some of them are excellent in forcing. However, this Tulip is unlikely the other Tulip that looks great with a mass planting. I am not saying that it will look bad if you put a mass planting with this type of Tulip. But it is best to put it in pots and window boxes to make it look more interesting and more secured.

 After you know most about Tulip, it is time to answer the main question, which is how to grow tulips. Remember to do each step correctly for you not to fail. Note-taking is crucial.


  1. Planting tulips
  2. Prepare the garden by using fork or tiller to loosen the depth of soil of 12 to 15 inches then mix 2-4 layers of compost.
  3. Plant bulbs deep at least 8 inches.
  4. Set the bulb in the hole.
  5. Water the bulbs right after you plant it.
  6. If it is perennial tulips, you can give it a balanced fertilizer during the fall.

Tips On Maintaining Tulips’ Growth

  • Growing tulips
  • Don’t water it when it rains daily.
  • Avoid rain summers, irrigation systems and wet soil from your tulips.
  • Apply compost annually.
  • In the spring, feed it with the same bulb.
  • Deadhead tulips as soon as they go by but remain the leaves.
  • Allow the leaves to remain for like six months.
  • Large varieties may need planting in a few years.


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