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Today: December 30, 2023

3 years ago

How to Easily Grow Roses at Home Today

grow roses

 Roses, the classic and old fashioned flowers that symbolized romance and many love stories. Many couples always dream about this flower, and they always give it to their partners. Have you ever wonder to have roses in your garden to make your home more beautiful? This article will show you how to grow roses properly. However, for you to grow roses, you will need to understand first about roses. Because you will need money to grow it and it is often cost a lot. So make sure you understand everything about roses before you start to grow it. Without further ado, here is the introduction.


When you want to learn how to grow roses, it is beneficial to learn its history first. You can take that as an example or even just a fun fact to make it more interesting. According to fossil evidence, rose is already 35 million years old by now. First named the “genus rosa” have 150 species spreading trough out the world. The very first garden cultivation began 5000 years ago, in China. People also used it as flowers for a bouquet.

 During Roman times, roses start growing very extensive in the middle east. They were used as many purposes such as confetti for a celebration, medicinal purposes and even a perfume. That time, roses started to become very popular and become one of the largest gardens in the world. After the fall of the roman, roses popularity seems to be unstable due to its rising and falling depending, on the trends after time.

 Aren’t interesting stories they? Roses surprisingly still alive even if it is millions of years old. Even right now in the 20th centuries, we still have roses as one of our favourite flowers. What you need to know next is that flowers have many variations. These variations have different looks, smells, and even how to take care. That is why knowing the variation is a way to learn how to grow roses.

 There are many species in roses, but it has 3 main variations, which is Rose Cultivars, Hybrid Roses and Grafting roses? No matter what variations are, they, roses are always beautiful in their ways. The only thing that matters when you are choosing the flower is your taste.

Rose cultivars

 By its name, we can conclude that in this variation, roses already been cultivated because even roses have their unique characteristics which could be better if we built what’s best of it. Those characteristics can be perfume, colours, length of flowering period and so on. The other common way to say this flower variation is “Wild Roses”.

Wild roses often look more appealing. However, there are some cautions. The cultivated roses are often not to keep on its mark, which can be a problem. Because at the time goes, they will back to their original shape and may become a pest (the worst part). With good care, you can avoid these things to happen. It would help if you always cut the shoots which appear from below the graft.

Roses cultivars are hard to be seen rather than any types of roses. It is not because the wild roses are very rare, but it is because it is not just that much. It is best if you took what goods from each type and mixed them into a flower.

Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid rose means they have been bred by special techniques called hybridizing, which means that their genetics have been crossed with other genetics. One of the best examples of hybrid rose is David Austin Rose. David Austin, which the one who invented the hybrid flowers, spent almost of his life to make the most beautiful hybrid rose. By combining the old garden roses and modern roses makes David Austin Rose one of the most beautiful rose. And that is the history of hybrid tea roses.

Grafting to Grow Roses

 Roses that invented by propagating roses. Simply by using a strong base called the rootstock, and fusing them to another stem of roses. Suppose you wonder what kind of rose that is already grafted, well most of the rose types that you buy online is a grafted rose. You’ll be told to plant them, so the grafted part is above the ground. It is crucial to make sure the position of the grafted part because the old root may stick in it. When it stuck, the rose will back to its original form, which is the wild rose. It will quickly become a pest and ruin your whole garden. So make sure you plant it carefully.

 Now that you understand and already committed to planting rose for your garden, let me show you how. This ways is a secret technique that is fully recommended that makes your how to grow roses part successful.

Steps To Grow Roses:

  1. Site: Give it sunlight, at least six hours a day
  2. Soil: Plant roses where the ground has well-drained roses.
  3. Mulch: Add a 2-3 inch layer of coarse, organic mulch around roses. Splashing water may damage the roses.
  4. Water: Every plant needs water to survive and preventing dehydration.
  5. Inspect: Don’t just leave your roses to grow, you have to check it daily to prevent it from diseases and pest.
  6. Prune: Remember to prune your roses.