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Today: December 29, 2023

3 years ago

Grow Lisianthus In Your Garden Today


 What a strange name for a flower isn’t it? Believe it or not, it is a common flower when you see one. When I said “common” that doesn’t mean that it is easy to get. In one of the cowboy movies, have you seen people put the same flowers either in wedding or funeral? You guessed it right, that is Lisianthus everyone. Beautiful, aren’t they? You can grow Lisianthus that flower on your own.

 There’s a little story about Lisianthus that you might want to know. Knowing its history is part of learning the colours as well as its anatomy. Just by understanding its history, you could know its meaning and its purposes. It will also give you feelings to these flowers as you already know the background. Well, with that excellent background, let us begin the first part, which is history.


 The flower is originally from the wild west, which has a beautiful name lisianthus. Not only the name that is beautiful, but also its shape and colours. Its origins are from North America, grows in dessert riverbed and prairie regions. In some areas such as Texas, Nebraska, Nevada, and Colorado have a different name for Lisianthus. Lisianthus called prairie gentian in these areas. However, even if it is well known as an American beauty, it was japan who started growing it. In the 1930s, Japanese growers crossed Lisianthus that we see today.

 Like other flowers, this kind of species also has its meaning. This flower has powerful implications despite its soft and cute looks. Lisianthus means appreciation and gratefulness. It is always best to give these flowers to other people and suit every occasion. You can provide Lisianthus as a bouquet flower for the bride. It shows appreciation and respect for the bride that got married. You could also set this flower as funeral flowers. When you lost someone important, you could give Lisianthus as respect and gratefulness to the fallen people. Lisianthus will not only make the appearance more beautiful but also make it meaningful.

 From that story, we already learn a lot. We learn that Lisianthus isn’t just another common flowers. This type of flower is indeed very powerful in terms of meaning. Well, it is not a flower without a variation. Lisianthus has many variations, and each variety is different from each other. These are the variations that we can find.

ABC 2 Purple

 This variation has a double petal, which is typical. Just like its name, it has stunning deep purple colors. It could grow up to 45 inches tall and grow Lisianthus best in full sun.

ABC 2 Rose

 Not a big fan of purple? Well, this time we have pink. Ruffle-edged petals with pink colours would look fantastic in vases and containers. The unique part is there is a double bloom that grows best in full sun also.

Balboa white

 Just like the name of it, you guessed it the colour is white. One of the best white flowers with double blooms and 3 feet tall. With white colours, you can do a combination with other flowers that have different colours. Because the white colour matched into any colours.

Black pearl

 Excellent name for a variation. Although this time it is not black, instead its deep purple. The purple is so deep that make the colours almost seem to be black. However, the bright green leaves put up an excellent combination of dark colours.

 There are tons of other variations of course, but those are the best. We conclude that Lisianthus have many colours that you can choose from. Learning the variations aren’t so bad after all right? Now that you know what Lisianthus you wanted to get, time to plant and grow it.

Planting lisianthus

 Planting lisianthus is pretty simple. Even the flower looks beautiful and very soft, Lisianthus love hot weather. So make sure you choose places where there is a lot of full suns. If your area have tropical climate, it is more beneficial for the plant because from the afternoon shade. Just like any other flower, choose the well-drained soil. The soil must be rich in organic matter for lisianthus survival. However be cautious, the bulb can’t tolerate very acidic soil that contained a lot of pHs.

Grow Lisianthus

 After you planted it, you need to take care of it. You need to water it of course but never make it soggy. Overwatering it will cause the Lisianthus to catch fungus diseases. Just like I said before, this flower love heat. So make sure the weather is hot enough for Lisianthus to grow. The best weather to grow Lisianthus is when the day is dry, and the summer night is warm.

If it is suddenly cold, you could use a lamp to make the plant heated. You, of course, need fertilizer to keep your flower healthy. Choose a flower fertilizer with 11/2 times the amount of potassium as nitrogen. Apply the fertilizer based on the instruction as the package and growing weather.

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