How to Grow Holly Easily At Home Today

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  Remember the previous flowers where we mainly talk about gardens or wedding? This time is a bit different. Holly is a typical winter flower that you probably ever heard of it. If you never heard of it well, you are in luck. Holly is a winter flower because they grow in the winter. Even if the looks of it don’t convince you that it is a winter flower, believe me, it is. Holly mainly used as a decorative when its Christmas time. The flower looks like a leaf with berries, but it still looks good with the right decoration and combination. Read this article to learn about how to grow holly at home.

 You might be thinking about what kind of flower you wanted to put when it is Christmas. My suggestion, it is best if you put holly as a decorative to support your Christmas tree. Besides being decorative this is also considered as a bouquet flower. You might ask how to grow holly? Well, just like before, it is best we learn about the background first. And here is the history.


 Before these flowers hung as a beautiful friend for the Christmas tree, it was first known as a sacred flower. Holly is uncommon from the start. While other flowers rest or do not grow in winter, holly remains green and robust. It had berries, which is bright red, even in the coldest condition. Hence, the druids believe that holly is a sacred flower and known as eternal life. They also think that cutting down holly will bring you bad luck. Hung them, however, will bring you good luck and protect you and your home from danger.

 Although holly is a winter flower, that doesn’t mean that you can’t grow it outside the winter. Yes, it does need a low temperature to survive, but its adaptability is impressive. As long as it is not hot enough like summer and has a high tendency of rainfall, you all right. The best season might be in either spring or during the fall. With that being set, it is time to learn how to plant and grow this majestic and beautiful thing.

Religious Purposes

 Today, holly, the red berries flowers known as a symbol to Jesus Christ. The Christians believed that holly symbolizes Jesus Christ in two ways. The first one is that the red berries represent the blood of Jesus. It is thought that the blood came from the blood on the day he was crucified. The second state that red berries are white. But it is Jesus’s blood got shed due to the sins of humankind. The pointed leaves of holly symbolized Jesus’s head when he died.

 Yes, it is such a meaningful flower, especially toward Christians. Who would’ve known flowers are so strong that it is affecting religions. Exciting story, aren’t they? You might consider trying this flower on your own. If you are a Christian, you should be proud to have these flowers in one of your homes. Well, right now, we are about to talk about how to grow holly.

Planting holly

 The best location for planting holly is in well-drained soil but not dry, slightly acidic in full sun. If you wanted to grow for the berries, keep in mind that there are two varieties of hollies which are male and female. The berries only produced by females, so you should go with that one. However, when you are planting the female hollies, make sure that there are nearby male hollies. Its purpose is to reproduce so you can get the berries.

Or, you could also try finding female hollies that don’t need male hollies to produce berries. You will need to consider everything for holly since it is a winter flower. The newly planted holly needs to be watered daily. After that, it will only need twice a week for a month. If you are planted holly in springs, you only need to water it once a month for the remaining summers.

Grow Holly

 After they established, it is easy to grow holly. Fertilize the holly once a year with a balanced fertilizer. They don’t need to be watered like usual but, if your land is drought, you will need to water them at least 2 inches of water every week. If you think the holly might be damaged due to winter or wind, you can cover it with burlaps to protect it from the weather. Growing holly is indeed beneficial because it would help you to retain water in summer.


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