Goldaur Guardians Slot Demo: Number of Reels, Paylines Features

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Goldaur Guardians Slot Demo

Goldaur Guardians Slot Demo – The second game from Alchemy Gaming, a Microgaming partner and independent studio, is dramatically different from their first in many aspects. Their initial game, Wheel of Wishes, had a huge £2 million top prize and an all-or-nothing jackpot strategy. While promoting the fantasy concept and limiting wins, Goldaur Guardians Slot Demo also offers Hyperspins, Hero Spins, and Free Spins.

The fairy mythology of King Oberon and his generals is at the heart of Goldaur Guardians thanks to alchemy. These jovial characters make up the Guardians of the story, who have the duty of guarding a hidden entrance to the fairy realm’s riches. Because this is the treasure that players desire to take, let’s hope they aren’t very skilled at what they do.

With its large, vibrant graphics, the game gets off to an alright start. Players are dropped into an enchanted forest full of fairies, pixies, and elves. If magic is your thing, it looks quite nice. The 5-reel, 20-payline grid is encircled by a twisted elvish pattern that resembles a LOTR pattern and is surrounded by a lot of misty vegetation.

A fascinating reward ladder that comes to life during the features flanks the reels. The mystical soundtrack and the symbols are both beautifully done, lulling those who are into the theme into a brief state of escapism.

Any device can be used by players to experience the enchantment, with wagers ranging from 20 cents to £/€100 every spin. Theoretically, there are winners about every five spins, with a precise hit frequency of 21.64%. There are no concerns there because RTP is 96.36%, which is on the healthier side of average. On the other hand, potential is unimpressive and is significantly underperforming when combined with excessive volatility.

Finding combinations of three or more of a kind is necessary to hit a winner in the enchanted woodland. Players can accomplish this with the aid of 20 fixed paylines and premiums of sizes 1×2, 1×3, and 3×3. With values ranging from 2 to 15 times the stake for 5 of a kind, the premiums all go by names like Alaneo, Lila, Diana, and Oberon. Four low-paying glowing fairies in the colors blue, green, red, and gold make up the remaining portion of the paytable.

All symbols besides the scatter can be replaced by the intricately carved “W,” which can appear anywhere. Wilds pay out in combinations of themselves as well; for five of a kind, the payout is up to 50 times the bet. As they are perched atop the reward meter, let’s take a closer look at them as they hold the key to the game’s largest payouts.

Goldaur Guardians Slot Demo: Features

Goldaur Guardians Slot Demo

The base game is complemented by several features. Hero Spins and Hyperspins, for example, happen quite frequently; free spins, on the other hand, are much less common. Each spin of the base game includes access to the Microgaming-loaned Hyperspins feature.

A player can respin a single reel at a time after the reels have stopped spinning. Depending on the reel and the symbols visible, the cost varies. For instance, spinning a third reel for a scatter when there are scatters on two reels could result in the feature being activated, so doing so isn’t cheap.

A Hero Spin may also be given on any spin during the base game. A random high-paying symbol or wild is stacked on the first two reels in this game, and Mega Symbols are present on reels 3 through 5. Mega Symbols are 3×3 in size, allowing for wins that fill the entire screen. The symbol that is active during Hero Spins is indicated by a meter that lights up next to the reels.

Last but not least, getting 3, 4, or 5 scatters gives you 5, 7, or 10 free spins, respectively. As the first hero on the meter is activated during free spins, the first two reels are stacked on each spin. Only Mega Symbols are found on the final three reels. When a Retrigger Symbol lands in its entirety, the following hero up the meter is activated and the same number of spins that were initially triggered are given. Free spins are unlimitedly retriggerable.

Goldaur Guardians Slot Demo: Verdict

When combined, the descent individual components of Goldaur Guardians Slot Demo don’t amount to much. The outstanding artwork, soothing soundtrack, and intriguing concept are positives. Frequent Hero Spins cause the pace to pick up, almost managing to temporarily distract you from the game’s flaws.

According to Alchemy, the goal of Goldaur Guardians Slot Demo is to “target the high volatility experience that is widely sought after in the market.” They may have a point, but if they had paired it with something similarly interesting and high potential, the bp77 slot game would have been more appealing and fun to play.

At its peak, Goldaur Guardians Slot Demo offers a maximum payout of 1,000 times the stake, so catch it while you can. The maximum win is possible off a single spin, so massive wins aren’t everything. The number is still somewhat depressing.

Undoubtedly one that turns away more potential customers than it attracts. The game’s remaining content isn’t bad, so it’s a shame. Fantasy fans can let loose in a magical setting with the help of the good graphics and ethereal music. For a while, Goldaur Guardians Slot Demo is tolerable, but it could be better. The features are good, the concept should captivate ardent fans of fairies, and the volatility will appeal to seasoned gamblers.

However, the potential problem keeps popping up, and no amount of romantic fairies can make up for that. Hyperspins are as unpredictable as they typically are. They’re good when they work, but they’re expensive frivolities when you’re banging away on one reel in search of a third scatter symbol that won’t appear.

Alchemy appears to be a studio of extremes that avoids the middle ground. With the £2 million top prize in Wheel of Wishes, they went for broke; nevertheless, they may have shot themselves in the foot with Goldaur Guardians Slot Demo.

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