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Today: December 29, 2023

2 years ago

Gods of Giza Enhanced Slot Review: RTP 96.41% 

Gods of Giza Enhanced Slot Review
Gods of Giza Enhanced Slot Review

Are you searching for the Gods of Giza Enhanced slot review? This slot is the second game to bear this name, and Genesis Gaming appears to have attempted to improve on the first. 

The original was released in 2018, however the update came out only two years later. The story isn’t quite unique, as it was inspired by the Giza pyramids, but the implementation and emphasis on four reels does give you something more intriguing to focus on.

Gods of Giza Enhanced Slot Review Summary

Gods of Giza Enhanced Slot Review

It will have four 4×4 reels and a total of 20 active lines. The game offers peak wins of up to 400x the stake while maintaining a Medium level of volatility. With an RTP of 96.41% and features like scatters, free spins, rotating reels, and wilds, there’s a lot to enjoy here.

1. Betting Options

Every round of this game will cost you somewhere between $0.20 and $40, with 20 lines active. This equates to a line bet of $0.01 to $2, which should be plenty for most players.

Gods of Giza: Enhanced can pay out up to $16,000 in top rewards, which is the maximum exposure it has for a single spin. Given the stakes, this might result in a jackpot of up to 400 times the stake.

While we are not fans of the game’s potential to pay because the payouts appear to be on the low side, one cannot dispute that it has a good RTP of 96.41%. Given that the RTP of the original edition of this slot gacor was 95.22%, there’s already a compelling reason to try the Enhanced version.

2. Slot Features

Rotating reels will be used extensively throughout the game, but they will only be available during free spins.

To begin, you must land three or more scatter symbols on the four reels accessible to you. This will start the free spins round. To begin, you will receive 8 free spins, but there is a chance that you may retrigger the feature and receive an additional 8 rounds. In total, up to 16 spins are possible.

The game’s unique feature is that the gaming area rotates at 90 degrees, four times in total, until a full 360 degree movement is achieved. The symbols on the 20 lines will change locations with each partial movement, and new wins may occur. This occurs for each and every free spin you receive.

We admire what Gods of Giza: Enhanced is accomplishing in terms of features. The ability to win up to four times in a single spin while using the same symbols will make for some thrilling free spins. 

On the other hand, in order to experience all of that thrill, you must first unlock the feature, as the base game is uninteresting.

3. Theme and Design

Though the game has been improved, the graphics remain largely unchanged, and they do not look spectacular. 

There were several fantastic concepts for Ancient Egypt themed slots even in 2018, when the original was released. The developers clearly did not pay attention to the competition, as this slot’s design is rather antiquated.

We see the usual mix of deities and Royals as symbols, with the setting being somewhere in the Giza pyramids.

Final Words

In the end of our Gods of Giza Enhanced slot review, this game may not have a nice story or even a great design, but we believe it compensates for these flaws with its distinctive rotating reels. 

The problem is that these are only available during free spins, so you’ll be forced to play through the less exciting paid spins most of the time.

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