Gardening Tips: How Important is Soil Preparation?

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Gardening has been one of the favorite hobbies of many homeowners today. They love taking care of their plants and decorate their backyard with colorful flowers. Today we will give you some amazing gardening tips to make your flowers grow vividly.

Gardening makes them relax and they even have time for their family. So in order to have a healthy and blooming garden all-year round, one must know the basic gardening procedure – preparing the soil.

Soil fertility is very essential for many types of garden. Plants get the nutrients in the soil in order to grow healthy, to increase their immunity to pests and to survive. It is advisable that one has to use organic fertilizer for the fertility of the soil.

These organic components come from animals, plants, or other mineral resources and will provide all the nutrients the plants need. One advantage of using organic is that they don’t impose any harm to the composition and natural activities in the soil, they will only make improvements. Hence using organic components is one of the gardening tips to follow.

Making your soil healthy and fertile is not achieved instantly. As a gardener, one must know that it is a long process. So when you are planning your gardening project, you have to start with tending the soil.

One very common mistake most gardeners commit is that they overlooked the importance of conditioning the soil. Some start planting and tending the soil for later. This is definitely not a good habit if you are thriving for a healthy and organic garden.

Soil should come next after your have chosen the location. Soil is the one you can alter with organic components in order to improve the garden and make it an ideal place for your plants.

The physical appearance of the soil might not be appealing for us but inside there are interesting activities that make this soil a very important ingredient for a bountiful garden. Soil is the very foundation on any successful garden today so one must make it their priority. So make sure to follow one of these gardening tips to grow better plants.

At first, you might hesitate on investing your time, money and effort in improving your soil but at the end when you see your flowers blooming and your vegetables bearing fresh fruits, all your hard work is paid off. If you fail to pay attention to soil, your plants will struggle and you will eventually lose interest in gardening. Once you have established a good, healthy and organic soil for your garden, the plants can survive by themselves.

Soil is composed mainly of mineral resources and organic matter is only 10 percent of the total composition. However, within that small amount there are microorganisms that turn your soil to a paradise breathing life to your plants. So make sure you prioritize improving your soil because it is a beautiful start for your gardening hobby.

Organic Materials to Improve your Soil


This is essential for the improvement of your soil. Make compost in your bin and make sure to compress the materials to speed up the decaying process. This will add some organic matter to your garden.

Peat Moss

This is good for sandy soil. It will improve the soil in order to retain moisture.

Animal Manures

This is where the soil will get its nutrients. Make sure to use rotted manures rather than the fresh ones, they will only damage your plants. Apply it during early spring or fall for best results and make sure to dig them completely under the soil to avoid seeds from sprouting on it.


Seaweed will give trace minerals, potash and nitrogen to our soil. You may get fresh ones from the beach. They are abundant during fall but you must be aware how much you should get since seaweeds are important living organisms and many fished depend on it for food under the water. Another option is you purchase some dried ones from a local garden store.


Wood chips or sawdust is perfect for clay soil. They will make the soil bulk and make it lighter.

Green Manures

The last part of these gardening tips is using green manures. These are dried leaves that have fallen to the ground during the fall season. You can use the leaves of clover, field peas, oats, buckwheat, and fava beans.

They will make your soil look bulk and enhance its aeration and drainage properties. Other green manures can give nitrogen to the soil.

These organic matters will surely improve your soil structure and your garden. These matters are the food source of many microorganisms such as earthworms beneath the soil. These earthworms improve the aerating your soil and the waste products they produce serves as the most organic matter that makes your soil healthy and fertile

Gardening is not all about improving your backyard using your most colorful flower beds and lush plants and herbs, it is about tending the soil which greatly contributes to the preservation of the environment. Preparing your soil is a basic and important step to start a healthier and productive yard.

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