10 Types of Flowers for Bouquet You Need to Know

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flowers for bouquet

Aren’t flowers the most beautiful living things? They are so colourful. Not just that, flowers also smells really good and can improve your mood—flowers usually used as decorative purposes. Not just decorative purposes, it can be symbolized as a gift for your loved ones. Because flowers for bouquet also give you the scent to portray welcome. That’s why on many occasions such as wedding, graduation and many else have flowers.

It is believed as a tradition to give you a welcome present for your eyes. The colours, shape and everything are very charming too look every time.
From that background, it is safe to say that flowers are more crucial than you ever think. That is why you need to learn the types of flowers for the bouquet. Learning it is also one way to satisfy the ones that you aim, such as your love one, visitors, or even costumers. And without further-a-do, here are the types of flowers for bouquet.


Roses, the flower that symbolized Romeo and Juliet. Yes, these flowers symbolized as a beauty just like the flower itself. The flowers usually used by many people at weddings as their decoration. Many people also use this flower as a gift to their partners or the one who they love the most. Roses is never boring as they are many varieties. There are tipped and striped flowers in many different colours. Not only it’s a beaut, but it is also affordable than you could ever imagine.

Though, even if rose symbolized as the beauty of flowers, not all roses could be used. The first common that is used in a wedding is hybrid tea roses. This flower is the classic rose that you generally see at your local florist. The second types of rose that are commonly used are spray roses. This can be a great choice of flowers for bouquet.

It’s the type of rose that have 10 or 5 heads on each stem and give you that natural garden looks. The next commonly used is one of the most beautiful types is the garden rose. A bit expensive, give you the classic and old-fashioned looks with many varieties, giving you that delicious scent.


Fun fact about tulips is that even if it is well known from the Netherlands, it’s true native is actually from Persia. Not just roses, tulips also have a beautiful meaning that give you that pleasure and love feelings. Tulips represent as “consuming love” and “happy years”. That’s why tulips can be a meaningful wedding choice. Tulips also have a lot of varieties.

There are plenty of colours that tulips have. Starting from white, cream, orange, purple, pink, red and many other beautiful colours. Tulips available during much of the year, that is why common tulips are affordable. However, some of the rare tulips may cost a fortune for you to buy. The first common tulips that are used in a wedding is Dutch Tulips.

The most typical flower that is used when you enter a florist shop or in someone’s gardens. The next one is French Tulips. The elegant looks with long stems and large tapered bloom make it expensive. The last one that is commonly used is parrot tulips. Stripped petals in each colour, and noted for their ruffled.


This flower is commonly used when it is Christmas or in the winter. So it is commonly available at the end of the year. The flower will give you that fresh and natural looks that happily say “welcome” to you. The red berries will make a difference from the previous flowers. It is so unique and beautiful that makes your eyes fall for it and amazed by just looking at it. That is why it is suitable for many occasions, like a wedding or the most commonly Christmas. However, it is best used in winter since it is a winter flower even if it doesn’t look like it.

Holly has a good and beautiful meaning just like the previous flowers. This flowers symbolized as deference from the owner and also domestic happiness. It means that your presence is welcomed, and all of them are honoured to see you. It is also a wish for you to achieve happiness in your life. From that meaning, it is already proven that holly is a powerful flower


Lisianthus is a strange name for flowers. But that doesn’t mean that the flowers are not pretty. This flower is very beautiful once you see it. The bloom features give you the scent of soft and romantic. If you are going on a date and wanted to do something soft for your partner, you can start by giving this flower. The combination of this flower is very different than the previous flowers, which make it interesting.

However, even so, it still looks pretty and eye-catchy. The colours varied like purple, green, pink that make it look luxury. This flower has a meaning. Lisianthus is represented as being outgoing.


This time is very different from the others. Previously we are talking about the main flowers. Snapdragon, however, is a filler flower. It is good for adding height and colour arrangement. The colour also varied between purple, yellow, orange and many eye catchy colours. This flower aimed to make the bouquet more colourful and eye-catchy. That is why this flower deserves a spot in types of flowers for the bouquet.

Calla Lillies

The elegant, trumpet-shaped blossom make this flower is very beautiful no matter you put it in a bouquet or just a piece. This flower came from Africa that has a beautiful meaning “magnificent beauty”. Just from the meaning, we can already confirm how beautiful calla lilies are. With its unique looks and aesthetic shape, will put a different sensation than any flowers. Anyone will feel enjoyment when they see this flower.

It is suitable for a large arrangement bouquet and even a miniature bouquet. The varieties make it interesting and colourful. The colour such as purple, orange, red is the most common colours that you can find from these flowers. If you have a wedding that themed this colour, you should put these flowers in one of your bouquets.


Are you bored with roses? Wanted to try something more cost-efficient? Then this flower for you. The beautiful flowers that are relative to a buttercup. The history starts when a westerner saw this flower in the far east back in 13 centuries. What special is just by carrying it, it has a meaning. For example, when you gave it to your partner, it simply says in a flower language “I am stunned by your charms”—the natural and classic for the bride. Hence making it one of the great flowers for bouquet.

Ranunculus is available in many colours. Such as white, yellow, pink and red. The flower itself is indeed very beautiful and have catchy eye colours. It will look simple but still makes your wedding looks like a high class. And of course, this flower is cheaper than roses. Perfect for those who bored with roses.


Do you like green? If so, I presented you gardenia the green flower, just like its name, the flower surrounded by dark green and waxy leaves just like a garden. However, gardenia is not just like an ordinary plant in the garden. It has its unique look that makes green suddenly your favourite colour. Founded when English sea captain began his journey to South Africa in 1754.

He then found this flower and bring this native flower as a souvenir.
Gardenias are very good when they put in a bouquet or floating in a bowl as a centrepiece. Not only for the bouquet, but you can also use it as a hair accessory. However, unlike the previous flower, this flower needs the fortune to buy. It is also sometimes very fragile and needs good care. You have to handle it with care in order not too damaged i

Sweet Peas

Have you ever heard elder called someone a sweet pea? Or have you get called by those words? That word is a beautiful flower name. Sweet pea, which means “lasting pleasure” Was first brought to England from Sicily back in 1699. Many English people loved the flower and fell in love until the very current.

It had a candy scent and ruffled blossom, make this classic flower become the favourite choices for bouquets. Sweet peas are available in many colour range. It starts from pure white to intense pink and purple. However, this flower has either sweet or strong scent that makes this flower powerful.


The bright-coloured flower and strong, stunning smells make it impossible to miss. It is gifted by its beauty and very eye catchy colours. However, even if the flowers are a beauty, it has a meaning “bashfulness” that shows humbleness. It is already cultivated in Asia thousands of years ago and developed further in French. Just like gardenia, this flower can be set as a bouquet or floating in a bowl as a centrepiece. It can even put as another arrangement that made this flower looks beautiful.

This flower is a top tier flower but very expensive due to its rareness. They are grown in 2 ways which are single and doubled flower styles. It is available in only some of the year. From late spring to early summer but might still available for import in the fall season.

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