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Today: December 29, 2023

4 years ago

Digital Marketing in Indonesia 4.0 and Its Importance

Within a world of vast transactions, systems such as digital marketing are being utilized. As a matter of fact, the investment rates for traditional marketing are decreasing. On the other hand, digital marketing has a rapid growth rate annually. The rate of growth itself had proved that companies demands for more alternatives in advertising and strategic marketing.

Without being aware, we see digital marketing in almost every platform that we came across to. From pop-ups to paid ads when scrolling through our social media app. Every single advertisement viewed is another dime earned. This has been the major focus of social media companies. Trying to maximize profits by using every form of media out there.

Shifting from Traditional to Digital

Technological innovations are on the verge of making new breakthroughs everyday. Smartphones as well as other gadgets can be acquired at a cheaper cost and a better quality. Statistics had also shown that there are at least 3.5 billion of smartphone users worldwide in 2020. This means that there will be a sharp increase in the number of social media users as well as other mobile applications.

The old fashioned way of advertising was no longer seen as effective. This can directly be seen by the target audience of each market itself. Using a traditional approach, the target audience would be aimed to an older aged citizen. Whereas digital marketing would have a broader target audience ranging from the ages of 12-35 years old. Hence making digital marketing the new effective tool to promote businesses and companies.

Another important factor that caused the shift from traditional to digital marketing is in costs itself. The affordability of digital marketing is extremely cheaper in comparison to traditional marketing channels. In terms of labor itself, digital marketing does not require are hard working labor to hand out fliers. Simply by posting information online, it could reach an audience of millions of people. Services like these has been widely promoted by social media companies out there.

Utilizing Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be divided into several different ways. Two of the most common ways to market something digitally is through website and also social media.

Social media is considered one of the biggest portions of the internet. There are numerous ways to socialize, and social media companies have taken advantages of that. This was seen for example by placing advertisements in pictures that people scroll through. All it takes is a considerable sum of money to run a successful business.

The other common but intricate way is by using websites. Mass advertising through websites on the other hand is not as simple as scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. This is because websites produce a more hefty amount of ad revenue. To obtain that level of economic importance itself takes time and effort. In order for websites and businesses to reach the first page of browse engines, there are terms called as search engine optimization being used. In short, SEO has been a recent trend to boost the likely hood of a website being visited. The more visitors would mean more ad revenue, and this has been a huge factor to digital marketing.

In conclusion marketing is a field of technology that is solely focused on mass advertising. Knowing the target audience of the 21st century has pushed marketing to the next level. Achieving a higher quality and a wider audience while minimizing the cost at the same time. Digital marketing truly holds the importance in our current and future society.

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