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Today: December 29, 2023

3 years ago

Compulsive Gambling Symptoms, Causes, and Effects

Some people will not understand your condition. They are disappointed and even leave you.
Compulsive Gambling Symptom

Some people think that gambling is a fun activity. They often do it in their free time. What they don’t realize is that gambling can be addictive. Slowly but sure, this problem leads to a serious problem known as compulsive gambling. Let’s learn more about compulsive gambling, so you can treat this problem immediately. 

The Definition of Compulsive Gambling 

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Not all gamblers are suffering from a compulsive gambling problem. You are diagnosed with compulsive gambling if you think that playing betting games is the only solution to your problems. Most people who suffer from this gambling disorder are having a financial problem.

The worst part is that they think that gambling is the only solution to the problem. This is because gambling correlates with a large amount of money if they can win the game. The truth is that you don’t earn the money you need.

Instead of getting the money, you face a serious of losing a lot of money. At the same time, you try to get your money back by putting more money on the betting games. In the end, it becomes a habit.

This habit triggers a serious problem known as compulsive gambling. In this condition, you don’t care about your financial condition. All that you know is gambling and gambling.    

The Causes of Compulsive Gambling

Experts claim that several factors contribute to compulsive gambling. People can be addicted to gambling not because they have a lot of money. The truth is that most people who addicted to gambling are people who have a financial problem.

They expect a big amount of money by bet their money on the betting games. The thing in their mind is the way to get back on what they have lost. Moreover, people who suffered from compulsive gambling often enjoy the gambling sensation.

It seems that the sensation of waiting or playing betting games pumps their adrenaline. That’s why they want to do it again and again. There is also a case that they want to be a successful gambler. It seems that being a successful gambler increases your social status in the society.

Some people also addicted to gambling because they love the atmosphere and crowd. It seems that they feel calm and relax when they enter the gambling area or play betting games.

They seem to forget their problem for a while. Indeed, it doesn’t solve your problem at all. You only run away from your problems by gambling. When you can’t control your intention to gamble, you will face a compulsive gambling disorder.

You should go to the expert right away otherwise it will be difficult to solve it. Even if you win the game and get a lot of money, you will not stop to gamble. You even use the money to play betting games. 

The Symptoms of Compulsive Gambling

You should be a little bit worried if you start to think about gambling all the time. It is not only about the desire to play betting games but also thinking about your loss and the way to play the next gamble.

Moreover, instead of thinking about how to earn money for your life and beloved family, you even think about how to get money for gambling. In the worse case, you can even steal money. You will do anything as long as you get money on gambling.

Some newbie or beginner gamblers often stop to bet their money when they lose. A person with compulsive gambling thinks differently. Instead of stopping from spending money for gambling, he or she tries to do it again and again. He or she becomes curious about how to win the game. As a result, they will spend their money to play on the betting games and expect to win the game.

In the next phase, it will be difficult for you to stop gambling. Just like drug or alcohol addiction, you feel uncomfortable anytime you stop consuming it. Indeed, you will also feel uncomfortable and emotionally unstable when you have not bet your money on betting games.

You feel anxious and depressed with the condition. You must gamble to escape or relieve depression or anxiety. Lost will not stop you from getting your money. You even want to bet your money again to get what you have lost.

Since you will do anything for gambling, you will also lie to your family and best friends or anyone. You even will lie to your therapist if you are joining a therapy session. In case you can’t get money from your family or best friends, you will think something extreme such as stealing, fraud, or forgery.

You even dare to take illegal loans only to gamble right away. It seems that you don’t care anymore about your love relationship, career, or life because what is in your mind is only gambling and gambling.

Anytime you run out of money, you will go to someone that can give you money for gambling. Indeed, the symptoms are terrible. The earlier to treat the symptoms, the better. The longer to treat the symptoms, the more difficult to lead the person back to normal. 

The Side Effects of Compulsive Gambling 

If you don’t treat your gambling disorder immediately, the condition leads you to specific conditions. Let’s say, you will have a problem with your emotions.

You can easily feel anxious and depressed. On a higher level, you may think of suicide. You seem hopeless and nothing else you can do except die. Some people will not understand your condition. They are disappointed and even leave you.

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As a result, your gambling addiction problem can break your relationship with your beloved one or best friends. With all the problems you have, it leads you to a sleeping disorder.

You may suffer from insomnia or sleeping difficulty. Even if you can sleep, you always have a bad dream. In this condition, the intention to bet on the betting games is getting bigger. Due to the sleeping disorder, your skin looks pale and there are dark circles under the eyes.

You will also suffer from an eating disorder that makes you lose or gain weight. Some people can also suffer from skin problems such as irritation and acne. It is because there is a problem with your hormones that affect your metabolism.

Believe it or not, people who are suffering from compulsive gambling will also suffer from other addiction problems. Let’s say, you will start to love to drink alcohol and consume drugs. The point is that you will involve something that is related to the gambling lifestyle. 

Simple Test To Know Whether You Are Suffered from Compulsive Gambling or Not

So, is there something you can do to know whether you are suffering from compulsive gambling or not? The simple test is by trying to stop gamble.

Just check your reaction if you stop gamble. If you feel anxious and uncomfortable, you may suffer from gambling addiction or compulsive gambling.

Just go to the rehabilitation center or discuss it with someone who you trust or can help you to solve the problem. Go to the expert to make sure about the result. Going to the expert or rehabilitation center also helps to free from the problem right away.

The most important thing is that don’t be ashamed or lie if you are suffering from compulsive gambling. Just be honest and follow the rehabilitation procedure.    

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Things the Expert Can Do for You 

In case you are going to the rehabilitation center, you may do several treatments. The function of the treatment is to make you forget about gambling.

The therapist asks you to do something useful such as reading books, cooking, gardening, doing exercises, painting, or many others. Doing something you love will reduce the depression feeling as well as distract your thoughts from gambling or betting games.

If you are in a worse condition, your therapist will give you drugs. The drugs are not used to treat compulsive gambling but to treat anxiety and depression problems.

The treatment will be much easier if you calm and relax. The therapist can ask you to stay in the rehabilitation center during the treatment, especially if there is a chance that you will go to the gambling area or bet your money for betting games.

You may go home and go to the rehabilitation center based on the schedule if you don’t have a strong desire to gamble.

One thing for sure, whether you have to stay in the rehabilitation center or not, you still have to do valuable things to distract your thoughts to gamble.  From the explanation above, you know that gambling is a serious problem, especially if you start to show the signs of compulsive gambling.

This problem can lead to other serious problems, including relationships, finances, life, and even health problems. That’s why it is better to go to the rehab center if you feel that you are having a problem with gambling addiction. You can also help your friends or family who have this kind of problem by bringing them to the rehab center as soon as possible. 

Author: Kampus Poker