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Today: December 30, 2023

3 years ago

Choosing the Best Septic Tank for Your Needs

best septic tank

If you have ever wondered where household wastes would go the answer is quite simple. Septic tank is the storage for all of the waste that is produced by humans. These wastes are of course human-made waste such as feces and other material. The way septic tanks work is also quite intricate. This had made septic tanks be the number one choice in waste recycling waste material. That is why choosing the best septic tank is necessary.

This is why choosing the best septic tank is very important. In choosing the right one, there are a few things that need to be considered. Some of the factors that make a septic tank good are its quality, material, and also capacity. These are the reasons why you need to choose the best one for your specific needs.

How Do Best Septic Tanks Work?

To make it simple, septic tanks are huge containers that is buried underground. It is placed underground so it is easier for the household waste to flow down. After it enters the septic tank, the waste would sit there for quite awhile. There is a long process of separating different types of household waste. These wastes would be put inside for days until the next process begin. This current process is needed so that the solid waste would set down. Things such as faeces would eventually sink and can be converted into compost.

The other remaining waste are things that can be considered light. Hence these waste are able to float on top of the water. These types of waste are usually classified as liquid waste. Some of the examples are such as oil, dust, as well as other types of fluids. After this process is done, the waste is then processed further. The waste that are collected at the bottom of the septic tank are called sludges. These would end up being compost while the liquid waste are called scums. Scums would need to be cleaned manually every one in awhile.

After all of the waste have been processed. The remaining water can be extracted and this is called the effluent waste water. This will make it easier to clean the water and make it usable again. Water that has been processed will be transported to the drain field. From there, there will be many other processes to purify the waste water. If you are finding a septic maintenance in North Jakarta, well you are in luck too.

Choose the Best Septic Tank:

1. Fiberglass Septic Tank

The first type of septic tank on our list today is made out of fiberglass. In general, all septic tanks have the same shape. The internal designs are also mostly the same. Hence, this is why it is called as a septic tank. Fiberglass is the kind of material that we recommend for you to buy. It is affordable but maybe a little expensive. The money that you invest in this kind of septic tank will be worth your while. This is because fiberglass has been known to be the strong material for septic tank. It is strong because it is not as weak as plastic. But it is also not as strong as concrete based septic tanks.

Fiberglass septic tanks can be categorized as a semi industrial septic tanks. You can use this for the purposes of owning a restaurant, private businesses as well as an office. It would not be able to hold much waste when you are referring to hundreds of people. You might need a bigger capacity tank with another material. But overall, fiberglass is easy and efficient to install. It lasts very long. Longer than plastic or metal based septic tanks. That is why people tend to choose this option rather than choosing anything else.

2. Plastic Septic Tank

A cheaper option to the fiberglass septic tank are plastic septic tanks. These types of plastic septic tanks are way cheaper and have less quality compared to fiberglass. This might be the perfect choice if you are on a tight budget. Plastic based septic tanks are more of a short term solution in comparison to a long term solution. If you are choosing this type of plastic septic tanks, make sure you take really good care of it. Because once it is broken, you have to change the entire septic system in your house hold.

Plastic based septic tanks are cheap because they are made out of plastic. This means that it would not be able to handle large amounts of waste water. Because if it does, it has a high chance of breaking. This is very dangerous and very troublesome. So when you are using a plastic septic tank, make sure you also do maintenance. There are many septic tank maintenance services that is ready to help you. This is one of the best septic tank if you are able to take good care of it. Get ready to replace your plastic septic tank for a new one. Do not be surprised, because they usually do not hold on too long.

3. Concrete Septic Tanks

Last but not least on this list is the strongest material there is. Concrete is the best septic tank if you are planning to build a large industrial one. It can handle hundreds to thousands of people’s waste everyday. Due to its strong concrete properties, this septic tanks can last up to a few decades.

With that feature, this had put concrete septic tanks as one of the most expensive types of septic tanks there is. You do not need to do much maintenance with this septic tank. Because it is strong and can hold a lot of waste inside.

There are some other fees that you do need to consider before investing in a concrete septic tank. Those fees are transporting fees and also building fee. Concrete septic tanks are made out of concrete. That is why it takes a lot of resources to make one. Besides that, you also need heavy machinery to help you move things when needed. These are some of our highly recommended best septic tanks.

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