Flowers that attract bees

5 Types of Flowers That Attract Bees

A garden full of beautiful plants is what many people desire. But what about harvesting your own honey? Well you can do it all in one go. Nowadays, you and I can grow beautiful flowers flowers that attract bees that serve two purposes. The first one which is to bring colour and vibrancy, while the other is to get delicious honey. When it comes to bees making honey, there are a couple of things that needs to be considered.

One of the most important thing they need to grow is food. Bees usually live off of nectar, pollen, and other sweet things from flowers. These also becomes the main ingredient for making honey. All honey are made from pollen that comes from flowers. This is why it is very important to choose the right flowers. The right kind of flowers will produce some of the best tasting honey you will ever taste. So curious about flowers that attract bees? Let’s get to it.

Flowers That Attract Bees


Flowers that attract bees

First up on our list is the gorgeous looking marigold. Marigolds are flowers that have grown for hundreds of years. They can easily be found in gardens throughout America, Mexico, as well as South America. All of the seeds actually originated from the Aztecs in 1500.

Those seeds are brought to Spain to be cultivated. Sooner or later, it was found out that marigolds attract insects due to its distinct taste. Even humans can eat the marigold flower. Besides attracting bees, it would also attract beautiful butterflies. You surely would love to see butterflies in your garden too.

Cow Parsnip

flowers that grow

If you have ever heard of the parsnip plant, well you will know this one too. A cow parsnip comes from the same family as a normal parsnip. Even though they come from the same family, these plants are very different to one another.

Cow parsnip has been a famous plant known for its very sweet nectars. No wonder it is a worthy flower to be called as flowers that attract bees. This plant is quite easy to grow and you can do it in your garden too. So if you are looking for flowers that attract bees, this is one of them.


flowers that attract bees

Lavender has always been an interesting plant with unique characteristics. A lavender could not be categorized as a flower. But if it can, it is one of the best flowers to attract bees out there. Lavenders are probably the bees’ most favorite plants to pollinate.

Besides attracting bees, you could also benefit from growing lavenders. Lavenders can repel any other insects nearby except for a bee. That is why your plants will be very safe in your garden without any pests eating it.

You could even grow some lavender and put it indoors. It would serve as a beautiful indoor landscaping plant. Or you could even make use of the pleasant scent from lavenders. Lavenders can soothe your mind with its scent.


If you want all types of animals to come in and visit your garden, well this is the right plant. Sunflowers are a cheerful looking type of plant. It is huge and it displays a vibrant yellow colour. You will never find such flowers like the sunflower.

Sunflowers attract birds as well as insects to your garden. If you want to increase pollination, you can also use the help of birds to do so. Birds also become a key factor in pollination. While the birds chirp on the sunflower seeds, pollination will also occur at the same time. Bees on the other hand would be safe from the birds because the birds are seed eaters. So make sure you have this vibrant gorgeous looking flower in your garden.


The next flowers that attract bees are called daisies. Daisies are everywhere in the world. Every garden you go to would have this white petaled daisy. Daisies is also known as the aster flower. It originates from Europe, but now can also be found throughout Asia.

If you are looking for a simple flower that attracts bees, then you might want to try this flower out. This flower can also provide the beautiful scenery for your garden while keeping still keeping it simplistic.


Flowers can be an amazing thing if you can choose the right one. Each and every flower would also serve different purposes. One may be for pollination, while the other is used for repelling bees. I hope this article can help you choose the right flowers for your garden. All of the flowers that attract bees mentioned today is guaranteed will attract bees right away. I personally have tested all of the flowers above. So I am sure that they would do the charm to get bees right away.

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Compulsive Gambling Symptoms, Causes, and Effects

Some people think that gambling is a fun activity. They often do it in their free time. What they don’t realize is that gambling can be addictive. Slowly but sure, this problem leads to a serious problem known as compulsive gambling. Let’s learn more about compulsive gambling, so you can treat this problem immediately. 

The Definition of Compulsive Gambling 

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Not all gamblers are suffering from a compulsive gambling problem. You are diagnosed with compulsive gambling if you think that playing betting games is the only solution to your problems. Most people who suffer from this gambling disorder are having a financial problem.

The worst part is that they think that gambling is the only solution to the problem. This is because gambling correlates with a large amount of money if they can win the game. The truth is that you don’t earn the money you need.

Instead of getting the money, you face a serious of losing a lot of money. At the same time, you try to get your money back by putting more money on the betting games. In the end, it becomes a habit.

This habit triggers a serious problem known as compulsive gambling. In this condition, you don’t care about your financial condition. All that you know is gambling and gambling.    

The Causes of Compulsive Gambling

Experts claim that several factors contribute to compulsive gambling. People can be addicted to gambling not because they have a lot of money. The truth is that most people who addicted to gambling are people who have a financial problem.

They expect a big amount of money by bet their money on the betting games. The thing in their mind is the way to get back on what they have lost. Moreover, people who suffered from compulsive gambling often enjoy the gambling sensation.

It seems that the sensation of waiting or playing betting games pumps their adrenaline. That’s why they want to do it again and again. There is also a case that they want to be a successful gambler. It seems that being a successful gambler increases your social status in the society.

Some people also addicted to gambling because they love the atmosphere and crowd. It seems that they feel calm and relax when they enter the gambling area or play betting games.

They seem to forget their problem for a while. Indeed, it doesn’t solve your problem at all. You only run away from your problems by gambling. When you can’t control your intention to gamble, you will face a compulsive gambling disorder.

You should go to the expert right away otherwise it will be difficult to solve it. Even if you win the game and get a lot of money, you will not stop to gamble. You even use the money to play betting games. 

The Symptoms of Compulsive Gambling

You should be a little bit worried if you start to think about gambling all the time. It is not only about the desire to play betting games but also thinking about your loss and the way to play the next gamble.

Moreover, instead of thinking about how to earn money for your life and beloved family, you even think about how to get money for gambling. In the worse case, you can even steal money. You will do anything as long as you get money on gambling.

Some newbie or beginner gamblers often stop to bet their money when they lose. A person with compulsive gambling thinks differently. Instead of stopping from spending money for gambling, he or she tries to do it again and again. He or she becomes curious about how to win the game. As a result, they will spend their money to play on the betting games and expect to win the game.

In the next phase, it will be difficult for you to stop gambling. Just like drug or alcohol addiction, you feel uncomfortable anytime you stop consuming it. Indeed, you will also feel uncomfortable and emotionally unstable when you have not bet your money on betting games.

You feel anxious and depressed with the condition. You must gamble to escape or relieve depression or anxiety. Lost will not stop you from getting your money. You even want to bet your money again to get what you have lost.

Since you will do anything for gambling, you will also lie to your family and best friends or anyone. You even will lie to your therapist if you are joining a therapy session. In case you can’t get money from your family or best friends, you will think something extreme such as stealing, fraud, or forgery.

You even dare to take illegal loans only to gamble right away. It seems that you don’t care anymore about your love relationship, career, or life because what is in your mind is only gambling and gambling.

Anytime you run out of money, you will go to someone that can give you money for gambling. Indeed, the symptoms are terrible. The earlier to treat the symptoms, the better. The longer to treat the symptoms, the more difficult to lead the person back to normal. 

The Side Effects of Compulsive Gambling 

If you don’t treat your gambling disorder immediately, the condition leads you to specific conditions. Let’s say, you will have a problem with your emotions.

You can easily feel anxious and depressed. On a higher level, you may think of suicide. You seem hopeless and nothing else you can do except die. Some people will not understand your condition. They are disappointed and even leave you.

As a result, your gambling addiction problem can break your relationship with your beloved one or best friends. With all the problems you have, it leads you to a sleeping disorder.

You may suffer from insomnia or sleeping difficulty. Even if you can sleep, you always have a bad dream. In this condition, the intention to bet on the betting games is getting bigger. Due to the sleeping disorder, your skin looks pale and there are dark circles under the eyes.

You will also suffer from an eating disorder that makes you lose or gain weight. Some people can also suffer from skin problems such as irritation and acne. It is because there is a problem with your hormones that affect your metabolism.

Believe it or not, people who are suffering from compulsive gambling will also suffer from other addiction problems. Let’s say, you will start to love to drink alcohol and consume drugs. The point is that you will involve something that is related to the gambling lifestyle. 

Simple Test To Know Whether You Are Suffered from Compulsive Gambling or Not

So, is there something you can do to know whether you are suffering from compulsive gambling or not? The simple test is by trying to stop gamble.

Just check your reaction if you stop gamble. If you feel anxious and uncomfortable, you may suffer from gambling addiction or compulsive gambling.

Just go to the rehabilitation center or discuss it with someone who you trust or can help you to solve the problem. Go to the expert to make sure about the result. Going to the expert or rehabilitation center also helps to free from the problem right away.

The most important thing is that don’t be ashamed or lie if you are suffering from compulsive gambling. Just be honest and follow the rehabilitation procedure.    

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Things the Expert Can Do for You 

In case you are going to the rehabilitation center, you may do several treatments. The function of the treatment is to make you forget about gambling.

The therapist asks you to do something useful such as reading books, cooking, gardening, doing exercises, painting, or many others. Doing something you love will reduce the depression feeling as well as distract your thoughts from gambling or betting games.

If you are in a worse condition, your therapist will give you drugs. The drugs are not used to treat compulsive gambling but to treat anxiety and depression problems.

The treatment will be much easier if you calm and relax. The therapist can ask you to stay in the rehabilitation center during the treatment, especially if there is a chance that you will go to the gambling area or bet your money for betting games.

You may go home and go to the rehabilitation center based on the schedule if you don’t have a strong desire to gamble.

One thing for sure, whether you have to stay in the rehabilitation center or not, you still have to do valuable things to distract your thoughts to gamble.  From the explanation above, you know that gambling is a serious problem, especially if you start to show the signs of compulsive gambling.

This problem can lead to other serious problems, including relationships, finances, life, and even health problems. That’s why it is better to go to the rehab center if you feel that you are having a problem with gambling addiction. You can also help your friends or family who have this kind of problem by bringing them to the rehab center as soon as possible. 

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Grow roses from cuttings

How to Grow Roses From Cuttings At Home

Who doesn’t love a beautiful vibrant crimson red rose? Everyone love roses due to their colour, shape, and elegance. People might think that growing roses might be a hard thing to do. But the truth is, roses are quite easy to grow. There are many ways to grow a rose. Some of those ways are to grow them from seeds, potatoes, or even from cuttings. Cuttings can be an easy way, as well as effective. Besides that, everyone can do it at home. So what are you waiting for? Let’s learn how to grow roses from cuttings at home.

Preparation To Grow Roses From Cuttings

There is something that you need to prepare before diving deeper into gardening roses. To grow roses from cuttings, you need to first obtain a rose cutting. Rose cuttings can be found from rose bushes. In this case, you need a length of 6 to 8 inches long. One thing to keep in mind is to always prepare a cup of water.

You will need to place the fresh rose cuttings into that cup of water to prevent wilting. You would also need a rooting hormone to be used later on. So prepare that beforehand. You can find or buy one from your local gardening shop or online stores.

Best Spot to Grow Roses From Cuttings

Next up, you also need to find the perfect spot as well as light for your roses. Roses need a specific amount of light to grow optimally. The best kind of sunlight is the ones you get from 6 AM to around 10 AM. Make sure that you find a spot with good morning light for the roses to grow. The type of soil you use should be standard. And don’t forget to till the soil before you plant it. The soil needs to be loose and have good irrigation for it to grow.

Planting the Rose Cuttings Into the Planting Site

Now that you have both the roses and the place to plant, its time for the next step. The rose cuttings should be wet and moist by now. This is because you have let it sit in the cup of water for some time. Remove it from the cup of water and get rid of the leaves. You need to make a little cut so that the outer layer of the stem is removed.

This way, the roots can grow when you plant it. Just make sure that you cut a good portion of the stem and not too much. After that, put some rooting hormone around the stem you just cut. Make sure you get it all covered so that it can grow beautifully.

You can then make a hole inside the ground. Use a stick or anything straight to just make a hole straight down. The hole should not be too deep, but it could at least cover around half of the rose cuttings. Place your rose cuttings inside and cover the whole back with some soil. Just do this gently and not with too much pressure.

Preparing a Glass Jar

One last step to grow roses from cuttings is to prepare a glass jar. Well, you might be asking why you need a glass jar. The glass jar is useful to cover the rose cuttings. Rose cuttings do not have the proper rooting system to absorb water. That is why it would need some help with moisture and prevent it from wilting. The glass jar needs to be tall enough to cover the rose cuttings. This will act as a greenhouse and prevent the moisture from evaporating. If you do not use a glass jar, the roses will have a higher chance of just wilting and not survive.

The glass jar is only useful for the first week. Do not forget to water your roses every day. Once it has grown its roots, you might need a new spot to grow your roses. If your original spot is already good enough, then you do not need to move it away. So make sure you try these tips on how to grow rose cuttings at home. The steps are easy, and I hope your roses can grow lavishly too.

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landscaping near your home

Landscaping Near Your Home Easily Today

The area right next to your house is one of the most difficult spots to plan for your next landscaping project.  This is because you need to make sure it looks great and doesn’t disrupt the view you’ll see out of your windows.  In addition, the colors of the plants should compliment the overall look of your home.

There is a lot to think about when landscaping near your home. However, if this is done properly, you can really help improve the look of your home and entire property. Here are some of the things you need to consider when landscaping near your home.

Root Systems

Being close to the foundation of your home is critical so you really need to choose plants that don’t have strong or large root systems.  Planting a tree, for example, can cause a lot of damage to your home once the roots start to really grow and expand.  The roots from trees may take years to fully develop, but if they are growing toward your house they can add constant pressure to the foundation which can eventually lead to cracks or even a full collapse of the home.


There are many bushes that will do quite well and don’t have extremely large root systems. These make them excellent choices.  Bushes also look great in front of houses because they can be trimmed up to be very neat and clean looking.

Depending on the type of bush and the skill of the trimmer you can do anything from perfectly square bushes to bushes that look just like animals. Popular choices of turning your bush into a piece of art are widely available.


Another very popular option is to plant flowers around the edges of your home.  You can choose flowers which stay low to the ground or you can choose larger ones.  However, a downside to planting flowers is that they can only last for a few months and leave your area bare in the next seasons.  Choosing a flowering bush might be a better idea if you want to make sure you have some sort of decoration all year long.

Artificial Decorations

You can add statues and other artificial decorations near your home as well.  Since these types of things don’t grow, you won’t have to worry about the possible damage it can cause. However, your landscape can look odd if artificial decors are all you have.

Most people like to add these types of things in between plants to give the whole area a little bit of depth and a more customized look and feel.  Choosing which types of decorations can be a very personal thing so make sure to choose the one that suits your home and personal taste.

The bottom line when it comes to landscaping near your home is to make sure you have something you’ll enjoy looking at every day.  A landscape will not only relieve stress from your life and add beauty to your home, it can also enthrall passersby, making them appreciate and compliment your home. The most important thing to consider is to make sure that creating a landscape won’t cause any damage to your home.

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Causes for Pine Trees Losing Their Needles

For all of the benefits pine trees can offer, they also suffer from their share of problems. One of the most common and vexing is when your pine tree starts losing its needles.

When this happens, it can spell the death of the tree. Unlike the leaves on deciduous trees, pine trees never regrow their needles.

If the tree loses too many, it won’t be able to survive. Therefore, it’s important to spot and treat problems before they prove fatal to your tree. Here are some of the common reasons that pines lose their needles.

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Needle Blight

Dothistroma needle blight (caused by the fungus Dothistroma pini) and diplodia tip blight (caused by Diplodia pinea) are common explanations for needle loss in pines all over the U.S..

Dothistroma needle blight generally affects the lower crown of a pine tree. East of the Great Plains, this has resulted in the death of nearly all Ponderosa pine plantings, and caused severe damage in plantings of of Austrian pines in the central and southern region of the Great Plains.

Both of these pine species are highly susceptible to this specific fungus. Along the West Coast, plantings of lodgepole and Monterey pines have been affected.

The first sign of Dothistroma appears as dark-green bands and yellow spots on the needles. The bands and spots eventually turn brown. Along the West Coast the bands turn a reddish color, which is why this infection is also known as “red band disease” in that region of the country.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the fungus is commonly found in, and frequently spread by older transplants produced by landscape nurseries.

Diplodia tip blight is most common in mature, two- and three-needle pines such as the Austrian, black, red and Mugho varieties. It has also been detected in young nursery plantings that are growing quickly.

Needles infected with Diplodia will expand and turn yellow, then brown. At the base of dead needles, small fungal fruiting bodies can often be found. Should the fungus infect wounds within the tree’s stems and branches, the disease has been known to cause girdling cankers.

The fungi that cause these diseases prefers wet, cool springtime conditions and takes advantage of injured trees. Restrict pruning to the winter when the fungus isn’t present.

Regular and thorough watering will help the tree be more resistant to problems. If infection should occur, using a strong fungicide can provide some control.

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Pine Wilt

This fatal condition is caused by a certain roundworm species called the pine wilt nematode.

This tiny, destructive worm eats the pine tree’s cells, causing it to wilt from an inability to transport water and nutrients. It is common in most mid-Western and Eastern states, most notably in North Carolina.

The pine wilt nematode, frequently spread by the longhorned beetle, generally does not attack pine trees younger than five or six years old. The most susceptible pines are mature Austrian, Cluster and Loblolly pines, as well as the black and red varieties of the Japanese pine.

These species are likely to die within 30-90 days after symptoms are initially identified.

Unlike most of its soil-dwelling brethren, the pine wilt nematode infects the upper parts of the tree. Symptoms include needle wilting, yellowing and eventual browning, leading to the death of the entire tree.

According to North Carolina State University’s College Of Agriculture and Life Sciences, pines diagnosed with this disease must be removed and burned or buried immediately to prevent the infection of other pines.

Keeping pines healthy is the number one method of preventing this disease altogether. If you want to save an infected pine, nematicides are available, but they are expensive.

Pine Bark Beetle

These insects tend to infest ailing pine trees and aren’t picky about which pine species they exploit. Adult beetles are tiny– sometimes as small as 1/16 of an inch in length.

Once they find an unhealthy pine to attack, they release a pheromone to attract other beetles. They chew their way underneath the bark creating tunnels, or galleries, where females will lay their eggs. Larvae will hatch and continue to eat away at the tree until they become adults, hindering the tree’s ability to transport nourishment and water.

If you notice many squiggly lines in the bark, it is likely the tree is hosting these destructive pests. Needles on infested pine trees will turn yellow and then red before dropping. Resin, or pitch, often develops on the surface of the bark.

You may also notice very fine boring dust accumulating in bark crevices, underneath areas of infestation and at the trunk base.

Keeping pines watered and fed properly will help them resist infection and degradation. Infected pines should be removed and burned to prevent additional infestations.

Phytophthora Root Rot

This soil-borne fungus infects pine trees, harming or killing them in the process. The pathogen will infect roots in waterlogged soil conditions, presenting itself when trees are planted in containers or in areas with poor drainage.

It a frequent issue among nurseries using overhead irrigation during the growing season.

This type of fungus attacks the roots, causing them to rot and die. Although it lives in the soil, the symptoms are presented on the above-ground portions.

Signs of an infection include:

  • reduced growth
  • reddening or browning needles
  • dying branches
  • falling needles and eventually…
  • …death

Younger pines frequently die outright when infected, while mature trees may first develop cankers on the trunk accompanied by split bark and oozing pitch.

Phytophthora Root Rot can be prevented by planting pines in well-drained locations.

Professional soil tests from your local inexpensive tree care company or university agricultural extension can tell you if this fungus is present in your soil. If infection occurs, commercial fungicides are often helpful.