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Today: December 29, 2023

2 years ago

Casino Marketing Guide: 5 Checklists to Promote Your Casino Online

Casino marketing is a fiercely competitive business that has changed drastically as digital technologies have advanced. 

How do you stand out in a crowded market with 1,623 casinos nationwide and 104 in Las Vegas alone? To stay ahead of the competition in a competitive market, marketing experts, casino executives, and other hospitality specialists need a results-driven internet marketing strategy that integrates digital marketing best practices – as well as some industry experience.

We have devised a winning strategy for online success based on years of experience in the casino resort industry: Get Found, Delight, and Convert. We’ve helped resorts crush competition in competitive markets to make their claim online as a casino marketing agency.

Conversion Funnels and Buyer Personas

Casino marketing is unlike any other industry. In the game sector, there are a variety of people with different goals, requirements, and desires. Before you begin the 3 Steps, you must first define your client personas and segment/target these personas in order to deliver them the appropriate content and develop your conversion funnels. 

There are four distinct casino resort personas, according to the Market Segmentation exercise from the Las Vegas Visitor Profile (2018), published online here and produced for the Las Vegas Convention: Convention Visitors, General Tourists, Package Purchasers and Casino Guests.

Here’s a closer look at some of the most commonly encountered personas in the casino industry.

The Gamer

The player is looking for casino-themed gaming content. They want to know what table games you have, what new slot machines you have on the gaming floor, how many poker games you have on any given night, and so on. Inspire them with outstanding gaming material by describing the type of experience they may expect when they enter your casino. 

A sign-up for your casino’s player’s club or other loyalty program is an example of an online conversion for this persona.

The Entertainment Seeker

Concerts, events, restaurants, clubs, and other forms of entertainment are all appealing to the entertainment seeker. They want to have a good time outside of the casino. You want to attract them into the casino, so you’ll use amazing entertainment content to get them in, and you’ll track conversion with event ticket sales and bookings.

The Vacationer

The vacationer is looking for the appropriate combination of entertainment, gaming, fun, food, attractions, and things to do in cities like Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Hotel reservations, vacation package sales, and other similar metrics can be used to measure this group.

The Business Executive

Your showrooms and rooms piqued the curiosity of the company executive. They aim to wow their clients by hosting business events at a venue that combines superb business event planning, lively nightlife, and a range of entertainment. Requests for quotations and conference bookings are good indicators of conversion for this group.

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Casino Marketing: Optimize Local SEO, SEM and Maps

Casino Marketing: Optimize Local SEO, SEM and Maps

Everyone is striving for visibility on search engine results, Google maps, and social media feeds in a highly competitive market like gaming. Use best practices in SEO, SEM, and local optimization to get your casino resort in front of the right people at the right time and increase your casino marketing ROI.

Here’s a quick rundown of each component of the Get Found stage, along with real-world examples from the casino industry.

Local SEO Optimization

According to Search Engine Watch, 50% of shoppers who use their smartphone to conduct a local search visit a store within a day. When you don’t include Local SEO in your marketing strategy, you’re throwing money away. 

Your success in being found by potential clients near your business will be determined by optimizing your website for local search phrases and keywords, as well as suitable listing optimizations.

Users’ search results are personalized based on their location, so if they search for “Casinos near me,” Google will limit the results to a specific geographic area. Users searching for local keywords like “las vegas casinos” will be shown what Google considers to be the most relevant content for that query.

Google has its own local widget that displays what it considers to be the most trustworthy and relevant casinos in Las Vegas based on a variety of criteria, including review ratings, amount of reviews, photographs, relevance, “prominence,” and so on.

In order to optimize your casino resort for local SEO, you must update your Google My Business listing with accurate and descriptive information that will assist users in deciding whether or not to visit your establishment. 

SEO Audit and Technical Optimization

Only a few of the approximately one hundred casinos in Las Vegas are displayed on Google’s main page. When you search for local casino keywords in your area, are you the first blue link on Google?

To truly utilize the potential of Search Engine Optimization, you must look beyond local listings and Google Map placements. Increase your visibility below the Local Listings, Maps, and Widgets that appear in search results by optimizing your website’s content and technical performance.

To do so, do an SEO Audit to dig deeper into your site. An SEO audit is a report that goes through your entire website and pinpoints areas for improvement. The code and performance features of your site are crucial to technical optimization. 

Are your page links properly set up? Is your website quick to load? Do you have a lot of 404 errors? An SEO audit will identify these issues and help you plan your SEO strategy.

You may encounter a variety of technical issues, and Google may penalize a site if it provides a poor user experience through broken links, slow load times, duplicate content, or 404 errors.

Perfect SEO Tool to Identity SEO Issues

Screamingfrog is an excellent tool for performing a technical SEO audit. It lets you check which pages lack meta descriptions, page titles, 404 errors, and duplicate content, among other things.

Dareboost, SiteLiner, SEOSiteCheckUp, SEMRush, Moz, and Ahrefs are some of the best tools for digging deeper into SEO data.

Keyword Research and Mapping

Keyword research is the bread and butter of SEO. Keyword research solutions entail determining the search queries that your target audience uses in order to more effectively sell your website to them by including these terms and phrases in the content of your website.

For example, if you’re a Las Vegas casino, there are numerous ways for potential customers to find you. They can mistake your business for a casino, resort, or hotel. They can use any of these words in combination such as Las Vegas Hotels Las Vegas Casino, Las Vegas Resorts etc.

Keyword-Driven Content Strategy

Landing pages, blog posts, videos, photos, testimonials, and other types of content can all be found on your website. Every web page on your site is a doorway, therefore organizing your content so that it provides what your visitors are seeking for while also leading to strategic conversions.

Learn what questions people ask, read your casino’s reviews, identify issue areas on the site to address, and make things simple to find to remove any obstacles that site users may have to becoming casino guests or booking a hotel room.

Let’s imagine you’re trying to reach The Vacationer persona, who wants to go to Las Vegas. She or he is most likely interested in what else is available inside or surrounding the casino, in addition to the casino floor. Put yourself in their position as the Marketing Manager and create a few phrases they’d input, such as “Things to do in Las Vegas,” “Las Vegas Events,” and “Las Vegas Attractions.”

That is the end of our explanation on casino marketing strategies. If you run a casino business, you can consider using some casino marketing checklists we mentioned above.