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Today: December 29, 2023

3 years ago

Best Ways to Save Money Today

best ways to save money

People have uniques ways of making money. A lot of them sometimes get a lot of money and become very successful. But the problem that everyone always has is how to save it. When you have money, everything is just so tempting to buy. Here are our recommendations on the best ways to save your money today.

You will need to learn how to control your want and keep your head to the needs first because the demand is crucial for you to survive and make more money. But wants, you can get it some other time when you have more money. That’s the mindset that you should have in order to start saving.

 So now that you are ready to start savings, here are the ways to save your money. This way is the best way to save money effectively.

1. Spend Less Time on Useless Things Like Television

 This may not make any sense, but this step is important. Television has been proved to provide many advertisements. Either you buy it or not, you have to admit it is very tempting. You will need to put that away to keep you focused on savings. Watch useful programs if you must, but try to avoid ads, especially commercial programs.

 Believe it or not, it is actually really helpful. You will need to be committed if you want to start saving. Building up your commitment by doing this step is a good start. It is hard to adapt at first, especially for TV programs lovers. But like I said before, turning off the TV doesn’t simply mean that you don’t watch your favorite television program ever. You just asked to reduce the amount of your usual watching TV time.

2. Reduce your time in social media

 Not just your favorite televisions, but your social media is also important. Yes, it is important for you to make money, but it can also distract you in savings. Simply, you need to manage your time using your social media also. Stories, feed, and everything can be a distraction for you in savings. Television is not the only place where ads are roaming around. You can still upload your stories and take a good break at your social media, but not that much.

 If you are forced to use social media because it is part of your job, then you will have to stay motivated. Remember why you are saving your money. Always aim for the top to have bigger results. Don’t get distracted by one simple tempting ads.

3. Avoid getting sick

 Talking about this world, none of it is free, even your health. You will need to pay for your treatment if you are getting sick. That is a need caused by either an accident or a lack of self-control. We can’t control accidents or natural causes, but we can control and manage ourselves. You need to drink more water and eat healthy food also. Doing simple exercises to make you healthy is also recommended.

 You also need to be careful so you won’t catch illnesses. If you know that you have an allergy or any disorder, you need to control yourself better. Sometimes paying for your health costs a fortune for you to pay. It will cost you more and can make you lost your motivation in savings. Stay healthy as much as possible is crucial.

4. Use Your Credit Card Wisely

 If you have a credit card, remember to use it wisely. Or even better, don’t use it. Because the credit card doesn’t technically means that it is your money. When you are using a credit card, you are in debt to the bank and have several consequences if you can’t repay it back. What’s worse is the fact that the bank is taking an interest rate.

 The interest rate is a term of finance that shows the profits for the bank. The interest rate percentage is different in each bank. Usually, they increased by 5% or 10% as an interest rate. This number may small, but when you borrow a lot of money, it will be a headache. Especially when you don’t have any plan at all to repay that debt. The consequences will be that the bank will take your assets to sell it. For example, they will take away your furniture, house, cars, and everything to repay your debt if you don’t have the money. You would suffer a lot if that happened

5. Save it to the bank instead of cash

 To keep you stay focused on savings, it is better if you save it to the bank. Not only because it is more secure, but also that you will most likely not going to spend it all. If you have it in your wallet or in your hand, it will be very easy for you to spend it. But if you save it in the bank and when you see that nominal, you will be more careful.

 Your money may get cut to pay the bank, but it is more convenient. If you have needs and you can’t leave your house, you can link it to e-bank on your mobile devices. It is proven more convenient and more effective than paying in cash. But also that doesn’t simply mean that you don’t need cash. You will need cash for an urgent situation. Like for example, if something happened to your mobile devices or your bank card. Cash will be the only hope you got left. Also, it is needed to buy something cheaper, like snacks or maybe foods for you to eat.

6. Live minimalist

 Living in minimalist doesn’t mean that you use something very low quality. What it means that start decreasing your electricity bills. Turning off unused electronic assets will be a good example to start. Lamps, television, air conditioner, and else will be in charge when you pay your electrical bills. It is better if you turn it off when you are not in your house or not using it.

 Not only electronic assets, your clothes too. Instead of going to the laundry to wash your clothes, you can try to wash it by yourself. It is fine if you don’t have time, but try to do it once or twice a week to save your money. You also won’t need to buy new clothes but instead, use the old ones as long as it fits and good to wear because the clothes cost a lot these days.

 The same goes for your basics needs, such as food and water. Drink a lot of water is a good way to save up your money and to stay healthy. It is cheaper and doesn’t have any chemicals that could harm your body. For food, it is better if you buy the materials and cook it by yourself instead of buying junk food. Junk food will cost higher than making it yourself. The taste may not as good as the famous McDonalds, but at least it keeps your stomach happy. Vitamins are also crucial, so try to find good and cheap vitamins to boost your energy.

 And that is how you save your money. Always remember why you are trying to save in the first place. Just a tip, investing it first will be a lot better than spending it on assets. It can be time – consuming, but it will be worth it in the long term. What you need is good patience and outstanding commitment.

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