Grow Lisianthus In Your Garden Today

 What a strange name for a flower isn’t it? Believe it or not, it is a common flower when you see one. When I said “common” that doesn’t mean that it is easy to get. In one of the cowboy movies, have you seen people put the same flowers either in wedding or funeral? You guessed it right, that is Lisianthus everyone. Beautiful, aren’t they? You can grow Lisianthus that flower on your own.

 There’s a little story about Lisianthus that you might want to know. Knowing its history is part of learning the colours as well as its anatomy. Just by understanding its history, you could know its meaning and its purposes. It will also give you feelings to these flowers as you already know the background. Well, with that excellent background, let us begin the first part, which is history.


 The flower is originally from the wild west, which has a beautiful name lisianthus. Not only the name that is beautiful, but also its shape and colours. Its origins are from North America, grows in dessert riverbed and prairie regions. In some areas such as Texas, Nebraska, Nevada, and Colorado have a different name for Lisianthus. Lisianthus called prairie gentian in these areas. However, even if it is well known as an American beauty, it was japan who started growing it. In the 1930s, Japanese growers crossed Lisianthus that we see today.

 Like other flowers, this kind of species also has its meaning. This flower has powerful implications despite its soft and cute looks. Lisianthus means appreciation and gratefulness. It is always best to give these flowers to other people and suit every occasion. You can provide Lisianthus as a bouquet flower for the bride. It shows appreciation and respect for the bride that got married. You could also set this flower as funeral flowers. When you lost someone important, you could give Lisianthus as respect and gratefulness to the fallen people. Lisianthus will not only make the appearance more beautiful but also make it meaningful.

 From that story, we already learn a lot. We learn that Lisianthus isn’t just another common flowers. This type of flower is indeed very powerful in terms of meaning. Well, it is not a flower without a variation. Lisianthus has many variations, and each variety is different from each other. These are the variations that we can find.

ABC 2 Purple

 This variation has a double petal, which is typical. Just like its name, it has stunning deep purple colors. It could grow up to 45 inches tall and grow Lisianthus best in full sun.

ABC 2 Rose

 Not a big fan of purple? Well, this time we have pink. Ruffle-edged petals with pink colours would look fantastic in vases and containers. The unique part is there is a double bloom that grows best in full sun also.

Balboa white

 Just like the name of it, you guessed it the colour is white. One of the best white flowers with double blooms and 3 feet tall. With white colours, you can do a combination with other flowers that have different colours. Because the white colour matched into any colours.

Black pearl

 Excellent name for a variation. Although this time it is not black, instead its deep purple. The purple is so deep that make the colours almost seem to be black. However, the bright green leaves put up an excellent combination of dark colours.

 There are tons of other variations of course, but those are the best. We conclude that Lisianthus have many colours that you can choose from. Learning the variations aren’t so bad after all right? Now that you know what Lisianthus you wanted to get, time to plant and grow it.

Planting lisianthus

 Planting lisianthus is pretty simple. Even the flower looks beautiful and very soft, Lisianthus love hot weather. So make sure you choose places where there is a lot of full suns. If your area have tropical climate, it is more beneficial for the plant because from the afternoon shade. Just like any other flower, choose the well-drained soil. The soil must be rich in organic matter for lisianthus survival. However be cautious, the bulb can’t tolerate very acidic soil that contained a lot of pHs.

Grow Lisianthus

 After you planted it, you need to take care of it. You need to water it of course but never make it soggy. Overwatering it will cause the Lisianthus to catch fungus diseases. Just like I said before, this flower love heat. So make sure the weather is hot enough for Lisianthus to grow. The best weather to grow Lisianthus is when the day is dry, and the summer night is warm.

If it is suddenly cold, you could use a lamp to make the plant heated. You, of course, need fertilizer to keep your flower healthy. Choose a flower fertilizer with 11/2 times the amount of potassium as nitrogen. Apply the fertilizer based on the instruction as the package and growing weather.

jenis kapal

Types of Ships in the World of Shipping and Its Functions

A vehicle that serves to transport people as well as goods through and across the sea can be referred to as a ship. The ship is a fairly large vehicle, in contrast to the boat. Boats are water transportation with the same function as well, but boats are smaller than other types of vessels.

Ships have become an important part of the development of human history. Since time immemorial, ships have played a role in important events in various fields. Such as exploration, trade, warfare, migration, colonization, science, and others. Based on the line-up, we can draw a conclusion.

That ships not only function in transporting people and goods, but can be used in various other fields depending on their type. Therefore, on this occasion I will explain several types of ships and their functions. Here are the kinds of ships that are often used in the world of shipping.


Starting from the most familiar, the type of ship that will be discussed first is the ferry. Ferries or commonly known as crossing vessels are the type of vessels responsible for short-haul transportation. This ship is usually used to transport passengers and their vehicles to cross the waters at close range.

However, it is not uncommon to find ferries transporting goods such as containers to train cars. This means of transportation is suitable for the geographical state of Indonesia which is an island nation. For this reason, we can find ferries in various territorial waters in Indonesia, such as the crossing of the peacock port, the crossing of Surabaya to Madura, Banyuwangi to Bali, and the like.


The next type of ship to be discussed is the Cruise Ship. Cruise ships, or in the cool language of cruise ships, are the type of ships used to transport passengers. However, although it is used to transport passengers, this ship has the main purpose for recreation and tourism.

Passengers aboard this one aim to enjoy the time spent on board with services and facilities such as a star hotel. Cruise ships usually operate around a designated route and in the end will usually return to the starting point of the journey.

The time spent on a trip is also very varied, some can even reach months. This ship is certainly equipped with adequate ship equipment and also certainly supports for the comfort of its passengers.

Container cargo ship

Switching from the type of ship that transports passengers, the next type of ship to be discussed is the cargo ship. Cargo ships, commonly called freighter ships, are all types of ships that transport goods and cargo from one port to another. This ship is a ship that has a big role in economic activities. Because there are so many kinds of goods that we encounter in life we are transported by this type of ship through the oceans and oceans around the world. This ship is suitable for lifting many goods and has parts of the ship that are not owned at any other time.

Usually, goods transported by this ship are stored in a container making it easier to store and maintain the state of the goods. These vessels are usually also equipped with ship equipment to support their use, such as cranes used for unloading container containers.

Kapal Bulk Carrier

The next type of ship is the bulk carrier. Not far from container cargo ships, bulk carriers or bulk cargo ships is a ship whose main purpose is also to transport goods. However, the difference is that the goods are transported by this bulk cargo ship. Bulk carriers are merchant vessels designed to transport bulk materials.

Bulk material is a commodity that is transported or distributed in large quantities and is not packaged. It is called a bulk cargo ship, because of the way it is poured or poured. The cargo products transported on board are goods such as coal, cement, grain, metal ore, and so on.


Moving away from the freighter, the next type of ship to be discussed is the warship. Warships are vessels whose purpose is used for military or armed forces purposes. Examples of activities such as conducting regional border security patrols, logsitik, transporting military forces, and others.

Today, especially countries that have territorial waters, the need to build naval and warships is important. These needs are certainly tailored to the capabilities and capabilities of each country. Because, to build a navy would cost a lot of money and resources. Not only to build the number of fleets, but also to maintain that the fleet can operate properly.

Warships are usually built in different ways to ships in general. In addition to being used for weapons with warship equipment, warships are designed to withstand damage away from ships generally. Warships are also usually more agile and fast, not forgetting also equipped with an arsenal of weaponry and ammunition. So, if there is in the situation of getting attacked this ship can do resistance.

Drill Ship

The next type of ship to be discussed is the drill ship. Drill ship or better known as drilling vessel, is a type of ship that has been equipped with ship equipment for drilling. Usually these vessels are often used for exploration or search of new oil drilling sites or gas wells in the territorial waters.

This ship is usually used by companies that run in the field of petroleum, because this ship can be designed or built according to the specifications desired by the company. Such as maintaining its position during drilling, tubing installation, and others. Usually, the maintenance of the ship for this will be more difficult because there are so many parts of this ship.


The last type of ship to be discussed in this article is a submarine. A submarine is a marine vehicle that moves not above sea level, but below it as the name suggests.

Usually this type of ship is used for military purposes, but it is not uncommon to find submarines that are intended for the benefit of science and research. What makes this ship able to dive to the seabed is in the construction of the typical double wall of the ship. The special space between the outer wall and the deep wall that can be filled with seawater makes its weight increase and can dive. With all the ship’s equipment, navigational equipment is also very important to provide direction on submarines.

It’s about the type of ship that exists in the world of shipping. Hopefully it can add to our insights and be useful to all of us.

Tips On Choosing the Best Medical Equipment Supplier

There are so many medical equipment suppliers out there, but which is the best one? Well there are so many answers to your questions today. We are sure that you would want to find the best possible medical equipment supplier. There may be a few challenges when you are trying to find the best of the best. But this is not a problem if you dig enough. Once you have met this article, then we will make sure that you find the best medical equipment supplier there is near you. Of course, everyone has different needs when it comes to purchasing the best medical equipment supplier.

While some of you need things such as surgery equipment, some others are looking for the more high tech stuff. These are things such as x-ray, incinerators, CT scanner, and so much more. These kinds of best medical equipment would be kind of hard to find. Because in doing so, you want to make sure that you really find the best kinds of equipment. If you found a supplier that aims to cheat you, then you would lose a lot of money. These equipment does not cost cheaply too. So choose your priorities and we will help you do that today. Sit tight and have a great read ahead.

Choose Between Local or International Medical Equipment Supplier

There are so many best medical equipment suppliers out there. Some of the most famous and established ones are located in Europe, America and other places. If you do want to find the best of the best, then you can find equipment suppliers that already has a high reputation. These medical equipment suppliers would already have the credibility as well as authority to sell you medical needs. If you are looking to buy bulk, then you might even get these equipment at a cheaper price. But one thing to keep in mind is that shipping costs are always expensive. If you are buying medical equipment overseas, then you have to prepare the delivery fee too.

This of course depends on what kinds of medical supplies you are buying. Things such as hospital beds, and other big sized medical supplies needs special care in delivery. These kinds of delivery needs to be shipped through a cargo ship and more.

In order to prevent these costs, you can instead find the best medical equipment supplier locally. Now with this, we do not guarantee that there will always be a medical equipment supplier in your local area. Not all countries would have their own medical equipment supplier. Some of those countries with a local medical equipment supplier are such as Indonesia, Singapore, America and more. These can be very cost effective and you would not have to go extra to put money out. In the cases where you cannot find an local medical equipment supplier, then you can find the ones from your neighboring country.

Find the Most Reputable Best Medical Equipment Supplier

When it comes to finding the best of the best, reputation is something to consider. It is clear that all of the reputable medical equipment sellers has been approved by many clients. The more the clients, the more reputable a medical supplier becomes. But what really counts as reputation? Just because these medical equipment suppliers show up on your Google search results, this does not mean that they are reputable. Some of the most reputable suppliers already has a lot of clients. These clients would be huge hospitals, clinics, and more. If these hospitals have successfully be satisfied with the products, then you would too.

Find people as well as connections to learn more about medical equipment suppliers. There are way more people out there that understands which product to buy. Looking for people or connections would help you with this. Do not forget that you should keep on looking for the best. Do not only stop after finding one reputable best medical equipment sellers. You must at least find two or three medical equipment suppliers. After doing this, you are free to compare and choose which one suits your needs. Compare prices as well as other factors.

Quality of The Medical Equipment Offered

Some of the best suppliers would offer you a high quality product. When you are trying to run a hospital, you need a top notch quality product. You might want to pay a higher price in order to gain a higher quality product. This is needed so that you can have a long lasting product in your hospital. Think of this as an investment and not a purchase. If you buy an expensive for example hospital bed, then you would not have to keep changing. The low quality products would have to be thrown away and a new one needs to be bought again. Make sure that you examine the quality of the medical equipments first.

Usually, clients would go visit the factory or see the products first. This is very important especially if you are trying to buy medical equipments in bulk. If you are only buying in a few amount, then travelling to the vendor itself is not needed. Another alternative is that you can buy one of each products first to review. If you do like that product, then you can buy more next time in bulk.

This is a smart move if you are trying to save money or just trying to really find the best. Quality can be seen by the product’s material as well as the price. If you see a product that is poorly made, you might see rough edges on it. Medical supplies should have a high quality as well as standards. If these suppliers cannot deliver medical supplies with high quality, then you are going to have a hard time. These will impact you in the future and in the long term.

License and Credibility Of The Medical Equipment

Every credible medical supplier will have a proper license. If you have not known already, license is like a permit that each sellers should hold. If these medical suppliers does not have a license, then they are not able to sell these products properly. It is very important that you find a supplier that can give you a licensed product. A product with license would have a fixed price. Hence, you would not be ripped off or scammed. There are many forms of licenses that are being given out by the government. So make sure you try to find these licenses and do a credibility check first.

Every company will have its own profile. If you can find the companies with their company profile, then you can seek some information that is needed. You can find the necessary information from their website. If these companies does not have a website, then they cannot really be trusted.

Cost Comparison To Product

The prices of medical supplies should be an important factor to consider. Usually, these medical equipment are quite costly. Some companies even bump up the price when the demands to high. It is very important that you find a supplier that does not bump prices up.

Some of the best medical equipment suppliers will give you standard prices. But this also depends on the quality of the product too. A hospital bed made out of iron would be more expensive than the one made out of tin. So in order to spend your money accordingly, make sure that the item is worth your money. If you are only buying, then you should also think on how to invest.

Cost comparison is important and you can do it by comparing with other companies. Each company will have a similar product to the other companies. If you can find the right costs as well as the standard cost, then you might save some money. There will be websites as well as Youtube videos on medical supplies reviews. Make sure that you watch and learn about a certain product before buying it. This is necessary in order to achieve the best possible quality for the product you want to buy.

Shipping and Delivery Efficiency

Not all medical supplies vendor will give you the same efficiency in delivery. Well of course, there are many factors that can affect the efficiency of delivery. One of which is the amount of shipment that needs to be processed. But overall, shipment should take no longer than 10 days after the payment.

You need to remember that when you paid, they should take the necessary steps to process the shipment. Things such as packaging, wrapping and shipping should be done efficiently. In the times of pandemic like these, hospitals would be racing to get the best equipment. But not only that, hospitals as well as other medical facilities needs these equipments as soon as possible. Without these equipments, these hospitals cannot function effectively.

In these cases, suppliers must be able to meet the demands of their client. If they are unable to, then you might as well want to find some other vendors. There will be dozens of medical equipment suppliers out there. So do not be scared that you might not find the right one. Take your time and do your research effectively.

Usually, shippins would be done using trucks or even bigger sized vehicle. This is the case for local transactions as well as delivery. But when it comes to overseas, you have two options to choose from. The first option is using a cargo ship while the other option is using an airplane. Airplane cargo will surely deliver all of your packages and orders on time. The cost itself might be twice as expensive than using a cargo ship. But it will be worth it and you can get your item delivered within 2 to 3 days. You can choose between these two for your future transactions.

Manufacturers as Suppliers

Not all suppliers supply the same kinds of product. One suppliers can also be a manufacturer. These manufacturers are the kinds of suppliers that we do recommend you to find. Because when it comes to manufacturers, you are bound to find consistency in quality. These factories will keep producing the same high quality product. Besides that, manufacturers would also have the efficiency to directly sell things to you. Hence, you do not need a third party to do a transaction. We really recommend you to find manufacturers when doing a transaction. What differentiates a supplier and a manufacturer is the fact that manufacturers have a larger chain of supply. When it comes to suppliers, they are focused on reselling. Hence, you cannot really expect to find the same kinds of product every time you want something.

This is different with manufacturers where they must have a license. Most manufacturers would have the experience to run a factory. Hence, they would also do a well and better job at handling transactions. There are dozens of manufacturers that you can discover out there. So make sure to really look for these manufacturers before doing a purchase.

Variety in Products Being Sold

Everyone loves a one stop shopping solution. This means that you can buy hundreds of different varieties in medical supplies only in one place. By doing this, you can be more fast as well as efficient. There are three things that you would get by finding a one stop shopping supplier. First of all, you can find all of the medical supplies you need from one place. Hence you can buy in bulk or in huge prices. When buying in bulk, you could try to negotiate the prices with the supplier themselves. As a result, you could also get a faster shipping because these items only come from one place.

You could also save a ton of money from shipping costs. All of the items would be a one time payment for the delivery. Here are some of the best ways to find the best medical equipment vendors out there.

How to Grow Holly Easily At Home Today

  Remember the previous flowers where we mainly talk about gardens or wedding? This time is a bit different. Holly is a typical winter flower that you probably ever heard of it. If you never heard of it well, you are in luck. Holly is a winter flower because they grow in the winter. Even if the looks of it don’t convince you that it is a winter flower, believe me, it is. Holly mainly used as a decorative when its Christmas time. The flower looks like a leaf with berries, but it still looks good with the right decoration and combination. Read this article to learn about how to grow holly at home.

 You might be thinking about what kind of flower you wanted to put when it is Christmas. My suggestion, it is best if you put holly as a decorative to support your Christmas tree. Besides being decorative this is also considered as a bouquet flower. You might ask how to grow holly? Well, just like before, it is best we learn about the background first. And here is the history.


 Before these flowers hung as a beautiful friend for the Christmas tree, it was first known as a sacred flower. Holly is uncommon from the start. While other flowers rest or do not grow in winter, holly remains green and robust. It had berries, which is bright red, even in the coldest condition. Hence, the druids believe that holly is a sacred flower and known as eternal life. They also think that cutting down holly will bring you bad luck. Hung them, however, will bring you good luck and protect you and your home from danger.

 Although holly is a winter flower, that doesn’t mean that you can’t grow it outside the winter. Yes, it does need a low temperature to survive, but its adaptability is impressive. As long as it is not hot enough like summer and has a high tendency of rainfall, you all right. The best season might be in either spring or during the fall. With that being set, it is time to learn how to plant and grow this majestic and beautiful thing.

Religious Purposes

 Today, holly, the red berries flowers known as a symbol to Jesus Christ. The Christians believed that holly symbolizes Jesus Christ in two ways. The first one is that the red berries represent the blood of Jesus. It is thought that the blood came from the blood on the day he was crucified. The second state that red berries are white. But it is Jesus’s blood got shed due to the sins of humankind. The pointed leaves of holly symbolized Jesus’s head when he died.

 Yes, it is such a meaningful flower, especially toward Christians. Who would’ve known flowers are so strong that it is affecting religions. Exciting story, aren’t they? You might consider trying this flower on your own. If you are a Christian, you should be proud to have these flowers in one of your homes. Well, right now, we are about to talk about how to grow holly.

Planting holly

 The best location for planting holly is in well-drained soil but not dry, slightly acidic in full sun. If you wanted to grow for the berries, keep in mind that there are two varieties of hollies which are male and female. The berries only produced by females, so you should go with that one. However, when you are planting the female hollies, make sure that there are nearby male hollies. Its purpose is to reproduce so you can get the berries.

Or, you could also try finding female hollies that don’t need male hollies to produce berries. You will need to consider everything for holly since it is a winter flower. The newly planted holly needs to be watered daily. After that, it will only need twice a week for a month. If you are planted holly in springs, you only need to water it once a month for the remaining summers.

Grow Holly

 After they established, it is easy to grow holly. Fertilize the holly once a year with a balanced fertilizer. They don’t need to be watered like usual but, if your land is drought, you will need to water them at least 2 inches of water every week. If you think the holly might be damaged due to winter or wind, you can cover it with burlaps to protect it from the weather. Growing holly is indeed beneficial because it would help you to retain water in summer.


10 Best Poker Games For Android You Must Try

Online poker games has been a favorite for many people. There are so many best poker games for android out there. Some of which may have been a favorite for you too. But not everyone knows how to find or where to play the best poker games online. This article will surely help you find the right game to play on. To be honest, there are dozens of online poker games for android out there. But in this case, we want to offer you the best poker games for android. Best poker games usually has a higher player count with a lot of unique features. These features are also updated at a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Hence, you would not be easily bored when you are playing these online poker games for android. There are some reputable games out there and has been famous for awhile. So if you are new to the world of poker, this article is perfect for you. We hope you can learn more about online poker as well as try some of these games out. Have a great read ahead!

What to Look For In a Best Poker Games For Android?

When it comes to looking for the best online poker game, there are some things we need to consider. Poker games comes in all sorts of variations to begin with. Not all poker games offer you the same type of gameplay or the same type of games. With this in mind, you need to also consider other factors such as bonuses and free credits.

Some of the best games of online poker would not have required you to keep adding money into the game. Poker games for android are played with a different purpose than your traditional type of poker games. In android poker games, you are not able to place a real amount of money. Hence, you can only use in-game money or the in-game credits.

With that information in mind, you need to find a game where you can always play. These online poker games in android should not charge you ridiculous amount of money. This is because these money cannot be cashed out anyways. Some of the best poker games for android would offer things such as jackpot, free spins, free credits and more. These are the main things that you need to look for when playing a poker game.

Best Poker Games For Android:

Situs Poker Online

Video Poker Classic

Just as the name says, this game is a classic. If you are a lover of video poker, then this is the right game for you. It is a challenge to find a retro casino game in the current era of millenials. But that does not mean that you cannot play video poker anymore. One of the best poker games for android is actually a classic. This game is called as the video poker classic and have millions of downloads. You do not need much space in your phone to download this game. Because it does not take up much space for you to download.

Agen Slot Online

There are more than 40 types of poker variants in this app alone. Besides the classic gameplay, you could even get bonuses such as free credits to play with. Overall, this game is okay to play and can be an alternative if you are bored of the usual poker. But do not expect much animations or features on this game. Because as the name says, its a classic video poker game.

Poker 5 Card Draw App

Agen Casino Online

The next game on our discussion is the poker 5 card draw. We are sure that most of you are well aware of 5 card draw types of poker. This type of poker is a unique one but it definitely brings a twist to the usual poker. So if you have not learned about 5 card draw, you might want to read our other article before playing this game. The 5 card draw is similar to your usual type of poker. The only differences is that this type of gamplay is very simple to play.

If you are a beginner in the world of poker, then this type of poker is the best one to try. The poker 5 card draw app offers you a simple and basic gameplay. A gameplay in which players must form the best 5 card combination in their hand.

While doing so, you can place bets or even fold to surrender. If you are a beginner, then you might want to play with the bots or computer first. There are other options such as multiplayer, so you can definitely play with your friends. This is a must-try on today’s list of best poker games for android.

Mega Hit Poker

Bandar Bola Online

Now, we are stepping up to a more grand version of poker. Many android app developers are always trying to make the poker game more interesting. This poker game is quite interesting because you are able to try new things. The layout and design of the app itself is unlike any other classic poker games you have tried before.

The mega-hit poker game is a fun to play and filled with extensive game plays. But the best part is that this game is equipped is filled with many freebies. You can easily get free spins to earn credits or even more. And to make it even better, you get a system of full fair play. This is because the application uses a random number generator in mega hit poker.

So if you are looking for a high rated online poker game. This is the best solution for all your needs. It will offer you a lot of fun as well as entertainment. The game is also free and you do not need to spend any money.

Offline Poker Android App

Slot Online Terpercaya

The next best poker games for android is called the offline poker. Poker does not have to always involve many or active players. You could even look for offline players or also known as artificial intelligence. The features in this game is easy to understand and can be used by everyone.

Even if you are a newbie, you can learn playing poker from this app. Because there is really nothing to lose when playing these games. The offline poker is free to play and you can download it in Google Play anytime. On top of that, you also play with multiple bots. And you can play up to 6 different opponents at the same time.

So play this game if you want a chill game play. This can be fun and very cheap to play with. You can do a lot of practices in this game.

Poker Heat Online

Situs Togel Online

Not every online poker games are meant to be casually played. Some people love competition as well as a lot of heat. This can be found in the poker heat online game. Poker heat android app allows you to play poker on a more competitive mode. Some of which are such as playing with online strangers as well as other people. You might even be able to debate with your friends. This can be done by adding your friends player ID online.

Hence you can meet your friends online for a poker game. This game is free to play and you can earn free credits or chips. But you can also gain more chips by spending real money on the game. There are so many things to explore in the poker heat online. Make sure you also play the tournaments as well as other game modes. Most game modes in this game will make you totally not bored on playing poker online.

World Series of Poker Online App

Situs Slot Online

Who does not know the most famous and internationally known poker tournament? This tournament is called as the world series of poker. And now, they have created an app for the fans to play on. This game is very exquisite as well as very cool to try. If you are looking for a high quality game, then this is the game that you need to try. World series of poker are also called as WSOP. You can find all sorts of variations in a online poker game. With this game, players can practice different types of game mode and learn to be the best.

Players also does not have to worry about running out of chips. In this game, chips are the least thing you can worry about. Developers had created this game to be very enjoyable by many people. This is why you will receive a sum of chips every hours. This can help you play and strive through the rankings.

You might even become famous and start your own poker career off of a game. Besides playing in android, you can logon to your Facebook and try this game out. This is truly one of the best poker games for android that you need to try. It is free to play and there will be further instructions to help you play too. So do not be scared if you are new to the world of online poker.

Zynga Poker Best Poker Games For Android

Situs Judi Online

One of the best poker games for android is actually a game called Zynga Poker. Over the past couple years, Zynga has gained so much popularity. It has the most players out of all of the others online. Besides that, players also get a lot of freebies as well as spins on this game. So players do not have to worry of running out of credits to play.

You can also join tables that are sufficient with your budget. There will be a few game types such as the classic one and tournaments. In tournaments, you can win a lot of in-game credits. And this can be done with such a minimal expense. So try this out if you are trying to score some fun. You surely will not regret playing this online poker game.

Video Poker Offline

Best Poker Games For Android

The other best video poker game on this list is the video poker offline. People would usually want to play video poker everywhere and anywhere. That is why this app is designed for you video poker lovers out there. With this game, you can surely play a lot of video poker on the go. So make sure that you have to try this game out. Because this game will offer the same variety in games. The differences is that this game will be offline. And there are many bots or AI that you can play against. Make sure that you try all of them. This game is free to play and you can enjoy it now.

Offline Poker Classic Game

Best Poker Games For Android
Source: XPO88

One of the most famous poker game is now available without internet. This game is called as the offline poker classic. This is because it offers you the classic variety of poker games. Some of which are such as omaha, texas hold ‘em poker, and so much more.

Same with the previous game, you can play this game anywhere and at any given time. You can also adjust the difficulty of your opponents. That is why we label this as one of the best poker games for android. Offline games does not take much space on your phone. This is a must-try, especially for beginners. We totally recommend this game to you.

Governor Of Poker


This game is one of the most famous and oldest online poker games on the internet. You can play this game in android or also IOS. That is why we label this game as one of the best poker games from android out there. There are many characteristics that makes this game amazing. The ratings in this game is incredibly high. There are so many users too. That is why this game already has 3 different version and the latest one is Governor Of Poker 3.

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How to Grow Tulips Easily At Home Today

 Do you like flowers? If so, this name isn’t strange for you. Tulips, the colorful flower that brings joy to people and as a warm welcome. Tulips can be found very common in every garden of somebody’s house. Have you ever feel jealous of your neighbor because they have colorful flowers in their garden? Have you considered making your own? Well, we are about to learn how to grow tulips properly.

 Just like usual, before you grow tulips, you may want to learn from the history first. Even if times changed and there are simple ways, but it still can be used as a reference or just a fun fact to make things interesting. Tulips have a long history, and it is very charming. Some people even consider this flower as a flower for bouquet,


 Tulips are originally grown in Central Asia. It was cultivated by the Turks when it still 1000 AD. In the 16th century, it brought out to Turkey when it is at the Ottoman Empire. The sultan demanded a cultivated bloom for his pleasure. However, even if it is originally coming from Central Asia, it is the Turkish people who gave Tulip the name. Tulip came from the Turkish word “Turban”.

 The Tulip became so popular until the 18th centuries, there was called “Age of Tulips” began as it is very popular. There was Tulips festival all around the place, and there is even a law protecting it. It is a crime for those who buy or sell tulips outside the capital. Since then, Tulip starting to be more and more popular as westerners introduce it. Tulips starting to spread more and became popular until the very current the 20th centuries.

 Aren’t those some interesting stories? You know to understand what does tulips meant and what are their purposes. Just like any other kind of flowers, Tulip has different variations. These variations are affecting shape, colour, and even how to take care of it. There are tons of tulip varieties founded by now, so we only give you the best and the most common Tulip that you can find.

Darwin Hybrid Tulip

 When you search Tulip on the internet there must be this name popping outright? The variation that is perfect for you who wanted to have a single flower variation in your garden only. It has a classic tulip shape, showy flower, and produces big. The colors also varied as it is in the range from white, yellow, orange, red and pink.

 In the garden, Darwin Hybrid Tulip is the main presentation of the environment. With 20 to 24″ tall, they are perfect for landscaping and mass planting. Which means that you can plant this over and over until your garden surrounded with tulips. Just trust me with this, the more you plant tulips with mass planting technique, the more beautiful it got. That is why it is perfect for you who only wanted to have one type of flower in your very own garden.

 However, after it blooms, the Tulip will rest and give you a year or two years to get back. You may extend the time so that Tulip will bloom longer. Simply by placing it in a full sun area and make sure the soil was well drained should do. After that, the Tulip will get rest and back to show in a year or two. After it finished blooming, you need to take care of it so it won’t die. Apply all-purpose fertilizer in the soil surfaces. Let the leaves slowly fade from green to yellow. That is why Darwin Hybrid Tulip is a perennial tulip.

Triumph Tulips

 If you have heard of this name before, then you would already know how beautiful Tulip is. This one is the largest group of Tulip that have all medium length stem. Not only the largest, but it also has the widest colour variation out of all Tulip.

Which makes this Tulip deserve a good spot as a highlight for your tulip garden. However, it is best to use it in forcing and short term breeding. They are also recommended to put in a container if it is protected from freezing so it won’t die. Make sure you grow tulips wild and well for the best results.

Double Tulips

 Known as the long-lasting tulips that have a semi-double to actual double flowers. It is good for bedding, and even some of them are excellent in forcing. However, this Tulip is unlikely the other Tulip that looks great with a mass planting. I am not saying that it will look bad if you put a mass planting with this type of Tulip. But it is best to put it in pots and window boxes to make it look more interesting and more secured.

 After you know most about Tulip, it is time to answer the main question, which is how to grow tulips. Remember to do each step correctly for you not to fail. Note-taking is crucial.


  1. Planting tulips
  2. Prepare the garden by using fork or tiller to loosen the depth of soil of 12 to 15 inches then mix 2-4 layers of compost.
  3. Plant bulbs deep at least 8 inches.
  4. Set the bulb in the hole.
  5. Water the bulbs right after you plant it.
  6. If it is perennial tulips, you can give it a balanced fertilizer during the fall.

Tips On Maintaining Tulips’ Growth

  • Growing tulips
  • Don’t water it when it rains daily.
  • Avoid rain summers, irrigation systems and wet soil from your tulips.
  • Apply compost annually.
  • In the spring, feed it with the same bulb.
  • Deadhead tulips as soon as they go by but remain the leaves.
  • Allow the leaves to remain for like six months.
  • Large varieties may need planting in a few years.
grow roses

How to Easily Grow Roses at Home Today

 Roses, the classic and old fashioned flowers that symbolized romance and many love stories. Many couples always dream about this flower, and they always give it to their partners. Have you ever wonder to have roses in your garden to make your home more beautiful? This article will show you how to grow roses properly. However, for you to grow roses, you will need to understand first about roses. Because you will need money to grow it and it is often cost a lot. So make sure you understand everything about roses before you start to grow it. Without further ado, here is the introduction.


When you want to learn how to grow roses, it is beneficial to learn its history first. You can take that as an example or even just a fun fact to make it more interesting. According to fossil evidence, rose is already 35 million years old by now. First named the “genus rosa” have 150 species spreading trough out the world. The very first garden cultivation began 5000 years ago, in China. People also used it as flowers for a bouquet.

 During Roman times, roses start growing very extensive in the middle east. They were used as many purposes such as confetti for a celebration, medicinal purposes and even a perfume. That time, roses started to become very popular and become one of the largest gardens in the world. After the fall of the roman, roses popularity seems to be unstable due to its rising and falling depending, on the trends after time.

 Aren’t interesting stories they? Roses surprisingly still alive even if it is millions of years old. Even right now in the 20th centuries, we still have roses as one of our favourite flowers. What you need to know next is that flowers have many variations. These variations have different looks, smells, and even how to take care. That is why knowing the variation is a way to learn how to grow roses.

 There are many species in roses, but it has 3 main variations, which is Rose Cultivars, Hybrid Roses and Grafting roses? No matter what variations are, they, roses are always beautiful in their ways. The only thing that matters when you are choosing the flower is your taste.

Rose cultivars

 By its name, we can conclude that in this variation, roses already been cultivated because even roses have their unique characteristics which could be better if we built what’s best of it. Those characteristics can be perfume, colours, length of flowering period and so on. The other common way to say this flower variation is “Wild Roses”.

Wild roses often look more appealing. However, there are some cautions. The cultivated roses are often not to keep on its mark, which can be a problem. Because at the time goes, they will back to their original shape and may become a pest (the worst part). With good care, you can avoid these things to happen. It would help if you always cut the shoots which appear from below the graft.

Roses cultivars are hard to be seen rather than any types of roses. It is not because the wild roses are very rare, but it is because it is not just that much. It is best if you took what goods from each type and mixed them into a flower.

Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid rose means they have been bred by special techniques called hybridizing, which means that their genetics have been crossed with other genetics. One of the best examples of hybrid rose is David Austin Rose. David Austin, which the one who invented the hybrid flowers, spent almost of his life to make the most beautiful hybrid rose. By combining the old garden roses and modern roses makes David Austin Rose one of the most beautiful rose. And that is the history of hybrid tea roses.

Grafting to Grow Roses

 Roses that invented by propagating roses. Simply by using a strong base called the rootstock, and fusing them to another stem of roses. Suppose you wonder what kind of rose that is already grafted, well most of the rose types that you buy online is a grafted rose. You’ll be told to plant them, so the grafted part is above the ground. It is crucial to make sure the position of the grafted part because the old root may stick in it. When it stuck, the rose will back to its original form, which is the wild rose. It will quickly become a pest and ruin your whole garden. So make sure you plant it carefully.

 Now that you understand and already committed to planting rose for your garden, let me show you how. This ways is a secret technique that is fully recommended that makes your how to grow roses part successful.

Steps To Grow Roses:

  1. Site: Give it sunlight, at least six hours a day
  2. Soil: Plant roses where the ground has well-drained roses.
  3. Mulch: Add a 2-3 inch layer of coarse, organic mulch around roses. Splashing water may damage the roses.
  4. Water: Every plant needs water to survive and preventing dehydration.
  5. Inspect: Don’t just leave your roses to grow, you have to check it daily to prevent it from diseases and pest.
  6. Prune: Remember to prune your roses.
tourism trends

Types of Tourism Trends For Your Future Travels

People often travel and goes to a new place to visit. But many of you still does not realize that there are so many more things to do than that. Over the past few decades, we have seen many trends in travelling. Tourism trends can vary from places as well as time. Some of the trends you might know are such as staycation, backpacking, bizcations and so much more. Each trend is fun and enjoyable in its own ways.

Not all of these trends are expensive too. Some trends such as backpacking or solo traveling can be very cheap. Prices become even cheaper if you can utilize technology to do so. Things such as booking flights using promos and other things can be done now. So if you are bored with the conventional way of traveling, check this article out. We will explain to you some of the best and most favorite tourism trends. So sit tight and have an enjoyable read ahead.


The first type of travelling that everyone must know is backpacking. When it comes to travelling, this type of activity is usually associated with money. Travelling to a new place takes a lot of money. Sure it does take money, but there are so many ways to minimize the cost of travel.

Backpacking can be called a way of life or a long term traveling plan. People usually travel to another country and spend from days to weeks in that country. In backpacking, you can spend up to months and months of travel. The cost itself would probably be the same. Of course, the cheaper price tag would also equal a lesser comfort.

In backpack traveling, you must sacrifice a few things in order to maintain the cost. Things such as the hotel are out of the options already. Instead, there are other alternatives such as couch surfing, finding a cheap motel, or sleep at a friend’s place. These options would save you a lot of money and can help you with your consumption costs. Food is also another thing to consider. When you spend money on food, you have to make sure that it is affordable.

The backpacking travel trend focuses more on the lifestyle and way of life. Hence, it would remove a little bit of the comfort part of travel. You can surely adventure through a city and still go to places. But all of this is done by bringing a huge backpack to also avoid suitcases cost.


Staycation is a new trend everywhere in the world. If you have slept in a hotel before, then you must know how comfortable it is. There is just something about a hotel that is different than your own bedroom. The comfort as well as the luxury feeling keeps people coming into hotels. You do not need to spend a lot of money travelling to another city or country. Every place has its own local hotels.

These hotels can be the perfect destination if you love traveling. Staycation is a more chill and indoor style kind of tourism trends. You will not spend much time outside of the hotel. This is because the hotel is everything that you paid for. If you want to get food, you can order it in. Or you could even order food through online delivery.

So if you are looking for a one day vacation, hotels can be the perfect escape. The only expenses you should consider are consumption as well as the hotel itself. You can do a staycation alone or even with a loved one.

Eco Travelling

Another way of travelling in a unique way is called eco travelling. Eco travelling represents the name itself. To keep in simple, eco travelling is a way to travel without having to harm the environment. So things such as public transport, airplane, and other means of transportation are prohibited. Instead, you could walk or use a bicycle.

There are other places that is enriched with eco travelling too. Activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, and camping is a perfect example of eco travelling. If you are an advocate for the environment, then this is the perfect way to enjoy nature as well as travel. Doing eco travelling brings so much benefit for a person. You can enjoy yourself and have a me time while being calm with nature. While doing so, you could even meditate or just gaze at the beautiful trees.

Some eco-tour places even offer you a better experience such as renting tree houses. These places have been approved by the tourism consultant beforehand. So you are safe to try these places. Instead of living in a hotel, you could live in a treehouse. Eco traveling can be an option if you are looking for something unique. This tourism trend is worth the check too.

Cultural Experience Tourism Trends

When travelling, people often try to find comfort and only eat fast food. This must be avoided if you are trying to dive in deeper with the culture. When you are travelling to a new city, you have to try all of the things. Some of these things are cultural experiences such as the culinary as well as the historical value. When you are visiting a country, you should be able to get the most experience out of it. Or else, there would not be a point to waste your money and visit a place. The main goal of visiting a new place is to try new things.

And to truly indulge yourself in the local culture, you must also live like the locals. Things from going to the museums can help you understand a part of the culture. So if you are looking for things to do while travelling. Here are some of the best tourism trends there is. We hope that this article can help you, and have a safe travel ahead.

flowers for bouquet

10 Types of Flowers for Bouquet You Need to Know

Aren’t flowers the most beautiful living things? They are so colourful. Not just that, flowers also smells really good and can improve your mood—flowers usually used as decorative purposes. Not just decorative purposes, it can be symbolized as a gift for your loved ones. Because flowers for bouquet also give you the scent to portray welcome. That’s why on many occasions such as wedding, graduation and many else have flowers.

It is believed as a tradition to give you a welcome present for your eyes. The colours, shape and everything are very charming too look every time.
From that background, it is safe to say that flowers are more crucial than you ever think. That is why you need to learn the types of flowers for the bouquet. Learning it is also one way to satisfy the ones that you aim, such as your love one, visitors, or even costumers. And without further-a-do, here are the types of flowers for bouquet.


Roses, the flower that symbolized Romeo and Juliet. Yes, these flowers symbolized as a beauty just like the flower itself. The flowers usually used by many people at weddings as their decoration. Many people also use this flower as a gift to their partners or the one who they love the most. Roses is never boring as they are many varieties. There are tipped and striped flowers in many different colours. Not only it’s a beaut, but it is also affordable than you could ever imagine.

Though, even if rose symbolized as the beauty of flowers, not all roses could be used. The first common that is used in a wedding is hybrid tea roses. This flower is the classic rose that you generally see at your local florist. The second types of rose that are commonly used are spray roses. This can be a great choice of flowers for bouquet.

It’s the type of rose that have 10 or 5 heads on each stem and give you that natural garden looks. The next commonly used is one of the most beautiful types is the garden rose. A bit expensive, give you the classic and old-fashioned looks with many varieties, giving you that delicious scent.


Fun fact about tulips is that even if it is well known from the Netherlands, it’s true native is actually from Persia. Not just roses, tulips also have a beautiful meaning that give you that pleasure and love feelings. Tulips represent as “consuming love” and “happy years”. That’s why tulips can be a meaningful wedding choice. Tulips also have a lot of varieties.

There are plenty of colours that tulips have. Starting from white, cream, orange, purple, pink, red and many other beautiful colours. Tulips available during much of the year, that is why common tulips are affordable. However, some of the rare tulips may cost a fortune for you to buy. The first common tulips that are used in a wedding is Dutch Tulips.

The most typical flower that is used when you enter a florist shop or in someone’s gardens. The next one is French Tulips. The elegant looks with long stems and large tapered bloom make it expensive. The last one that is commonly used is parrot tulips. Stripped petals in each colour, and noted for their ruffled.


This flower is commonly used when it is Christmas or in the winter. So it is commonly available at the end of the year. The flower will give you that fresh and natural looks that happily say “welcome” to you. The red berries will make a difference from the previous flowers. It is so unique and beautiful that makes your eyes fall for it and amazed by just looking at it. That is why it is suitable for many occasions, like a wedding or the most commonly Christmas. However, it is best used in winter since it is a winter flower even if it doesn’t look like it.

Holly has a good and beautiful meaning just like the previous flowers. This flowers symbolized as deference from the owner and also domestic happiness. It means that your presence is welcomed, and all of them are honoured to see you. It is also a wish for you to achieve happiness in your life. From that meaning, it is already proven that holly is a powerful flower


Lisianthus is a strange name for flowers. But that doesn’t mean that the flowers are not pretty. This flower is very beautiful once you see it. The bloom features give you the scent of soft and romantic. If you are going on a date and wanted to do something soft for your partner, you can start by giving this flower. The combination of this flower is very different than the previous flowers, which make it interesting.

However, even so, it still looks pretty and eye-catchy. The colours varied like purple, green, pink that make it look luxury. This flower has a meaning. Lisianthus is represented as being outgoing.


This time is very different from the others. Previously we are talking about the main flowers. Snapdragon, however, is a filler flower. It is good for adding height and colour arrangement. The colour also varied between purple, yellow, orange and many eye catchy colours. This flower aimed to make the bouquet more colourful and eye-catchy. That is why this flower deserves a spot in types of flowers for the bouquet.

Calla Lillies

The elegant, trumpet-shaped blossom make this flower is very beautiful no matter you put it in a bouquet or just a piece. This flower came from Africa that has a beautiful meaning “magnificent beauty”. Just from the meaning, we can already confirm how beautiful calla lilies are. With its unique looks and aesthetic shape, will put a different sensation than any flowers. Anyone will feel enjoyment when they see this flower.

It is suitable for a large arrangement bouquet and even a miniature bouquet. The varieties make it interesting and colourful. The colour such as purple, orange, red is the most common colours that you can find from these flowers. If you have a wedding that themed this colour, you should put these flowers in one of your bouquets.


Are you bored with roses? Wanted to try something more cost-efficient? Then this flower for you. The beautiful flowers that are relative to a buttercup. The history starts when a westerner saw this flower in the far east back in 13 centuries. What special is just by carrying it, it has a meaning. For example, when you gave it to your partner, it simply says in a flower language “I am stunned by your charms”—the natural and classic for the bride. Hence making it one of the great flowers for bouquet.

Ranunculus is available in many colours. Such as white, yellow, pink and red. The flower itself is indeed very beautiful and have catchy eye colours. It will look simple but still makes your wedding looks like a high class. And of course, this flower is cheaper than roses. Perfect for those who bored with roses.


Do you like green? If so, I presented you gardenia the green flower, just like its name, the flower surrounded by dark green and waxy leaves just like a garden. However, gardenia is not just like an ordinary plant in the garden. It has its unique look that makes green suddenly your favourite colour. Founded when English sea captain began his journey to South Africa in 1754.

He then found this flower and bring this native flower as a souvenir.
Gardenias are very good when they put in a bouquet or floating in a bowl as a centrepiece. Not only for the bouquet, but you can also use it as a hair accessory. However, unlike the previous flower, this flower needs the fortune to buy. It is also sometimes very fragile and needs good care. You have to handle it with care in order not too damaged i

Sweet Peas

Have you ever heard elder called someone a sweet pea? Or have you get called by those words? That word is a beautiful flower name. Sweet pea, which means “lasting pleasure” Was first brought to England from Sicily back in 1699. Many English people loved the flower and fell in love until the very current.

It had a candy scent and ruffled blossom, make this classic flower become the favourite choices for bouquets. Sweet peas are available in many colour range. It starts from pure white to intense pink and purple. However, this flower has either sweet or strong scent that makes this flower powerful.


The bright-coloured flower and strong, stunning smells make it impossible to miss. It is gifted by its beauty and very eye catchy colours. However, even if the flowers are a beauty, it has a meaning “bashfulness” that shows humbleness. It is already cultivated in Asia thousands of years ago and developed further in French. Just like gardenia, this flower can be set as a bouquet or floating in a bowl as a centrepiece. It can even put as another arrangement that made this flower looks beautiful.

This flower is a top tier flower but very expensive due to its rareness. They are grown in 2 ways which are single and doubled flower styles. It is available in only some of the year. From late spring to early summer but might still available for import in the fall season.

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Flowers that attract bees

5 Types of Flowers That Attract Bees

A garden full of beautiful plants is what many people desire. But what about harvesting your own honey? Well you can do it all in one go. Nowadays, you and I can grow beautiful flowers flowers that attract bees that serve two purposes. The first one which is to bring colour and vibrancy, while the other is to get delicious honey. When it comes to bees making honey, there are a couple of things that needs to be considered.

One of the most important thing they need to grow is food. Bees usually live off of nectar, pollen, and other sweet things from flowers. These also becomes the main ingredient for making honey. All honey are made from pollen that comes from flowers. This is why it is very important to choose the right flowers. The right kind of flowers will produce some of the best tasting honey you will ever taste. So curious about flowers that attract bees? Let’s get to it.

Flowers That Attract Bees


Flowers that attract bees

First up on our list is the gorgeous looking marigold. Marigolds are flowers that have grown for hundreds of years. They can easily be found in gardens throughout America, Mexico, as well as South America. All of the seeds actually originated from the Aztecs in 1500.

Those seeds are brought to Spain to be cultivated. Sooner or later, it was found out that marigolds attract insects due to its distinct taste. Even humans can eat the marigold flower. Besides attracting bees, it would also attract beautiful butterflies. You surely would love to see butterflies in your garden too.

Cow Parsnip

flowers that grow

If you have ever heard of the parsnip plant, well you will know this one too. A cow parsnip comes from the same family as a normal parsnip. Even though they come from the same family, these plants are very different to one another.

Cow parsnip has been a famous plant known for its very sweet nectars. No wonder it is a worthy flower to be called as flowers that attract bees. This plant is quite easy to grow and you can do it in your garden too. So if you are looking for flowers that attract bees, this is one of them.


flowers that attract bees

Lavender has always been an interesting plant with unique characteristics. A lavender could not be categorized as a flower. But if it can, it is one of the best flowers to attract bees out there. Lavenders are probably the bees’ most favorite plants to pollinate.

Besides attracting bees, you could also benefit from growing lavenders. Lavenders can repel any other insects nearby except for a bee. That is why your plants will be very safe in your garden without any pests eating it.

You could even grow some lavender and put it indoors. It would serve as a beautiful indoor landscaping plant. Or you could even make use of the pleasant scent from lavenders. Lavenders can soothe your mind with its scent.


If you want all types of animals to come in and visit your garden, well this is the right plant. Sunflowers are a cheerful looking type of plant. It is huge and it displays a vibrant yellow colour. You will never find such flowers like the sunflower.

Sunflowers attract birds as well as insects to your garden. If you want to increase pollination, you can also use the help of birds to do so. Birds also become a key factor in pollination. While the birds chirp on the sunflower seeds, pollination will also occur at the same time. Bees on the other hand would be safe from the birds because the birds are seed eaters. So make sure you have this vibrant gorgeous looking flower in your garden.


The next flowers that attract bees are called daisies. Daisies are everywhere in the world. Every garden you go to would have this white petaled daisy. Daisies is also known as the aster flower. It originates from Europe, but now can also be found throughout Asia.

If you are looking for a simple flower that attracts bees, then you might want to try this flower out. This flower can also provide the beautiful scenery for your garden while keeping still keeping it simplistic.


Flowers can be an amazing thing if you can choose the right one. Each and every flower would also serve different purposes. One may be for pollination, while the other is used for repelling bees. I hope this article can help you choose the right flowers for your garden. All of the flowers that attract bees mentioned today is guaranteed will attract bees right away. I personally have tested all of the flowers above. So I am sure that they would do the charm to get bees right away.

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