Aromatic Organic Herbs Seeds You Can Grow in Pots

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Aromatic Organic Herbs

If you like to cook, to flavor your food and try different aromas all the time, you can grow your favorite herbs in pots. Thus, you will always have access to fresh and tasty spices. Here are the main aromatic organic herbs that can be grown inside:


One of the most popular herbs in the world, parsley was discovered over 2,000 years ago. If you cultivate it in pots, you can have fresh parsley all year. You need herb seeds, a larger pot and topsoil mixed with sand.

It is very important to cover the seeds with clear plastic foil right after you sow them and make some holes in it. The foil can be removed only when the plant begins to grow. The pot should be kept in a bright place, with a constant temperature. The lack of light slows the leaf growth.


Just like parsley, dill is a light and heat-loving plant. Therefore, the dill pot should be kept in a warm and bright kitchen or balcony. It is recommended to moderately wet because its roots can rot. It is also recommended to constantly break the plant tops, so that they will regenerate more easily.

Unlike parsley which is perennial, dill is an annual plant, so you’ll be forced to replant it in pots each spring. This is truly an aromatic organic herbs you can plant at home.


Rosemary resembles a fir tree, its always green leaves having a needle form. The plant needs plenty of light throughout the year.

Rosemary does not require much water but little moisture. It is advisable to put water in the plate for the plant to be able to take as needed.

It is important that the soil has good drainage so that excess water can drain easily and does not remain at its roots. You can use topsoil purchased from stores, mixed with a little sand.


Basil is very flavored and also has medicinal properties, with antioxidant, anticancer, antiviral and antibacterial effects. The plant needs a well-drained soil and should be maintained in the light. Therefore, it is advisable to place the pot on a window sill facing south.

Basil leaves are often used in salads, pasta, steak, various sauces but also in combination with fruits. It is good to know that it is better to use fresh basil because cooking will destroy the flavor.


Mint is a perennial plant, very aromatic, which is grown quite easy.

Mint prefers shady places and needs a moist soil to grow as many leaves. At the same time, to stimulate the production of leaves, yank existing ones often. It is good to know that mint grows and regenerates very quickly.


You can dig up this plant from the garden and replant it in a pot or you can sow the seeds. Thyme is a light-loving plant but grows well in shady places, too. It is best to pluck the leaves once it has flourished.

Thyme is used to add flavor to meat, salads, soups, sauces, bread, vegetables and meat dishes, desserts. It gives a special flavor to lamb, tomatoes and eggs.


To cultivate sage in pots you can start with a cutting from a plant in the garden or sow the seeds. Sage tolerates the dry air inside the house and needs bright light, so it is good to be placed at a south window.

Sage is being used for centuries by people to protect them from evil and snake bite, but also to increase fertility in women. The plant has a slightly sweet and peppery flavor at the same time. It is used to flavor roasts, cheese or garnish preparation of various sauces.

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