5 Types of Flowers That Attract Bees

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Flowers that attract bees

A garden full of beautiful plants is what many people desire. But what about harvesting your own honey? Well you can do it all in one go. Nowadays, you and I can grow beautiful flowers flowers that attract bees that serve two purposes. The first one which is to bring colour and vibrancy, while the other is to get delicious honey. When it comes to bees making honey, there are a couple of things that needs to be considered.

One of the most important thing they need to grow is food. Bees usually live off of nectar, pollen, and other sweet things from flowers. These also becomes the main ingredient for making honey. All honey are made from pollen that comes from flowers. This is why it is very important to choose the right flowers. The right kind of flowers will produce some of the best tasting honey you will ever taste. So curious about flowers that attract bees? Let’s get to it.

Flowers That Attract Bees


Flowers that attract bees

First up on our list is the gorgeous looking marigold. Marigolds are flowers that have grown for hundreds of years. They can easily be found in gardens throughout America, Mexico, as well as South America. All of the seeds actually originated from the Aztecs in 1500.

Those seeds are brought to Spain to be cultivated. Sooner or later, it was found out that marigolds attract insects due to its distinct taste. Even humans can eat the marigold flower. Besides attracting bees, it would also attract beautiful butterflies. You surely would love to see butterflies in your garden too.

Cow Parsnip

flowers that grow

If you have ever heard of the parsnip plant, well you will know this one too. A cow parsnip comes from the same family as a normal parsnip. Even though they come from the same family, these plants are very different to one another.

Cow parsnip has been a famous plant known for its very sweet nectars. No wonder it is a worthy flower to be called as flowers that attract bees. This plant is quite easy to grow and you can do it in your garden too. So if you are looking for flowers that attract bees, this is one of them.


flowers that attract bees

Lavender has always been an interesting plant with unique characteristics. A lavender could not be categorized as a flower. But if it can, it is one of the best flowers to attract bees out there. Lavenders are probably the bees’ most favorite plants to pollinate.

Besides attracting bees, you could also benefit from growing lavenders. Lavenders can repel any other insects nearby except for a bee. That is why your plants will be very safe in your garden without any pests eating it.

You could even grow some lavender and put it indoors. It would serve as a beautiful indoor landscaping plant. Or you could even make use of the pleasant scent from lavenders. Lavenders can soothe your mind with its scent.


If you want all types of animals to come in and visit your garden, well this is the right plant. Sunflowers are a cheerful looking type of plant. It is huge and it displays a vibrant yellow colour. You will never find such flowers like the sunflower.

Sunflowers attract birds as well as insects to your garden. If you want to increase pollination, you can also use the help of birds to do so. Birds also become a key factor in pollination. While the birds chirp on the sunflower seeds, pollination will also occur at the same time. Bees on the other hand would be safe from the birds because the birds are seed eaters. So make sure you have this vibrant gorgeous looking flower in your garden.


The next flowers that attract bees are called daisies. Daisies are everywhere in the world. Every garden you go to would have this white petaled daisy. Daisies is also known as the aster flower. It originates from Europe, but now can also be found throughout Asia.

If you are looking for a simple flower that attracts bees, then you might want to try this flower out. This flower can also provide the beautiful scenery for your garden while keeping still keeping it simplistic.


Flowers can be an amazing thing if you can choose the right one. Each and every flower would also serve different purposes. One may be for pollination, while the other is used for repelling bees. I hope this article can help you choose the right flowers for your garden. All of the flowers that attract bees mentioned today is guaranteed will attract bees right away. I personally have tested all of the flowers above. So I am sure that they would do the charm to get bees right away.

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