Tree Care and Removal for Landscape Beauty

Trees are essential to enhance the beauty of a landscape. One cannot deny the fact that as a tree ages, it beautifies the overall look of a garden, landscape or property.

However, there are certain trees that do not have the opportunity to reach the mature age. Although trees are sturdy from the outside, they still need the proper nutrients and care in order to grow healthy.

How to check your Tree’s Health?

Make sure to include tree inspection in your landscape maintenance. A homeowner should examine the trees for any abnormality in its appearance to identify the problem immediately. You also need to make sure that your trees are growing normally and continuously.

There are four things you should inspect to determine your trees’ health:

  • growth of the twig
  • the size and appearance of leaves
  • the appearance of the branches
  • the number of new leaves and buds

If you see any obvious changes from last week, then probably your tree’s health is at risk. Trees are also prone to insect infestation and plant diseases, so always make sure to observe for anything that may be a sign of tree disease.

Yellow leaves and stem breakage are also other indications that your trees are unhealthy. For this reason, general care is really essential for the health improvement of your trees.

Pruning your Tree

Pruning is essential to get rid of the damaged or dead branches from your tree or to remove it for aesthetic purposes as well. Remember, pruning of mature trees are way different that trimming your plants or bushes.

You need to have a powerful equipment to be able to do the task. So you must hire a professional to prune your trees in a safe way but if you can manage to do that, then you can do it yourself.

When the branches are removed, make sure it will fall in a safe place to avoid damaging your house or your garden. Since a professional usually has plans on what to do with the removed branches, you also need to have your own if you want to keep the branches. You can try to produce mulch out of your branches to be used for landscaping and gardening.

Care for Your Trees

If your tress are native to your location or if they survive your local climate, then there are several tips how to keep them healthy. It is important that you understand how much fertilizer and mulch you should use to avoid any harmful effect on your trees.

Make sure to place the mulch at the base of your trees. When you are dealing with trees which are not local in the area, you should put mulch so the roots can retain water for a long period of time, especially if you usually experience rough weather conditions. Make sure that the mulch does not cover the trunk of the tree as too much moisture leads to decay.

Additionally, how you apply the fertilizer also have a significant impact on the health of your trees so make sure to use enough fertilizer only at the roots of your trees.

There are several factors that affect the trees not to last for decades. It could be the disease, the strong winds, insects, extreme condition and other essential factors. Therefore it is really important that you know and understand very well how to take care of the trees for the improvement of your landscape.

Trees are both functional and aesthetical so as a homeowner, you should include your trees’ health in your to-do list especially for the maintenance of your landscape and garden. Trees are truly magnificent addition to your landscape.

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