Privacy Policy

Since your privacy is important to me, I have come up with this Privacy Policy that states or describes your privacy rights with any confidential information you will provide on this website. Note however that this privacy policy only applies on my website. Please take a moment to fully understand the following privacy policies. If you have questions, let me know.

Information I Collect
Names, addresses and email addresses are collected when visitors submitted them voluntarily. This is to improve the services and content for you. With your permission, you can be added to my mailing list which means you have updates about the latest blogs, announcements and events of the website.

Data Protection
This website takes precautionary measures to be able to protect your personal information from misuse, theft, loss and unauthorized alteration, destruction, access and disclosure. However, when fraud occurs, I might share it with high security agencies that will help in tracking down the person responsible.  When I share it, I never intended to use it for marketing purposes.

Comments and any content submitted in the anti-spam service of the website do not directly go to the servers until proven to be real comments from real people. This is to enhance our service in determining spam from real.

Children’s Policy
The blog can be read by the general audience like children. However, we don’t collect any personal information from children under 13.

Cookies help us determine your behaviors when you visit the website, which parts of the website is mostly visited or have been visited, and also to determine the effectiveness of web searches. The data collected from cookies are not considered as part of your personal information excluding the Internet Protocol (IP) address. It is considered a confidential data so it must be secured. Cookies allow the website to remember your log in and other information which is very convenient for you. You can also disable it whichever suits you best.

Privacy Policy Questions
As mentioned above, if you have questions, suggestions, reactions or criticism about this Private Policy, fill out the contact form in the Contact Me page and let me know what you think and feel.

This Private Policy may have minor changes for the coming months. However, I make sure to let you know. I may post it in the homepage or send you an email indicating the changes of the new set of Private Policy.