Keeping Pests from Your Landscape

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There are various options to keep these animals away from your plants. The following are helpful tips that you can follow to have a long-lasting landscape garden:


Adding fences and other barriers to your yard is an excellent way to keep pests out.  It is effective especially against large animals such as deer or even bears.  If you plan to add a fence, try to think about what types of animals may try to get inside your yard.  Deer, for example, can leap over many fences quite easily so you’ll want something that is higher than six or eight feet.  Raccoons and squirrels can come in from tree branches so avoid planting trees near the fence if this is the option you’re going to take.

If you don’t want to put up a full fence, you can try to stop the animals by putting up thick bushes, trees and other plants to keep the large animals out.  You’ll still have small animals like birds and bugs to that can be dealt with in other ways.

Animal Deterrents

Placing some type of scare crow or other animal deterrents is another great option.  Today, you can purchase automated scare crows that can move to scare away many birds and other animals.  Many are equipped with a speaker set to make noise which makes them even more effective.

Natural Deterrents

You can purchase all natural products that will keep different animals away. For example, if you’re trying to get rid of a deer, you can purchase the urine of predator animal deterrents to sprinkle around your property.  The deer will smell this from afar andwill be afraid to come closer.  There are other natural products like this to help keep away just about any type of pest so start looking for your options.

Don’t worry about the smell as well.  These products give off only a faint smell that most humans can’t even detect.  The animals have a much stronger sense of smell so they will pick it up with no problem at all.  Using these natural methods is a great first step and will often keep away most of the pests that are eating your garden and landscaping plants.

Pesticides & Chemicals

Although many people don’t want to use these unnatural pest control agents, they can be effective. You can use these as a last resort when you can’t find any other way to keep animals away. You can alsouse them in small areas where it won’t get onto the soil or near anything you might consume.  Typically, there are other ways to help protect your yard so only use this option if you’ve tried everything else first and didn’t work.

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