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Landscaping Houston Made Modern and Easy

Landscaping Houston and the areas surrounding it (Sugar Land, Galveston, The Woodlands, etc.) is as easy as landscaping in other states in the country. Since it sits atop of the Gulf of Mexico, Houston is one of cities of Texas along the coast with gentle winters and humid, warm summers dominated by the nautical influence. Although it succeeds in the gas and oil industry, this city remains to be a major port of the South with vintage houses and international population that gives this city its universal character.

The climate and modernity of the city makes it ideal for some amazing landscaping ideas for your wide backyard. In fact, there are many landscaping designers in Houston and you can find them all online.

They offer innovative and sophisticated landscaping designs for your home and yard. However if you are in a tight budget but are up for this task, you have the skills and you have the people to help you, then all is settled and you can have the landscape design you want.

The first thing you have to know is how to unite the inorganic and organic elements to create an outdoor space where one can experience balance, harmony and peace. You should create a realm where everyone can enjoy outdoor living. Also it is important you have the knowledge about botanical science in order to bring out the beauty of the place using your plants.

You have to focus on the aesthetic of your home, because outdoor space should reflect the overall style of your home. You have chosen the feel, ambiance and the look of your home and you should do the same with your yard.

There are houses built under historical motifs like Colonial, French and Mediterranean styles while others are built in architectural styles which include contemporary, modern and traditional. So make sure your landscaping idea mirror the style or architecture of your home.

The garden reflecting the architecture of the house is one of the essential key in order to be successful with your landscaping design. Garden designs vary from historical and cultural, to modern and customized designs. It all depends on the yard and the overall aesthetic of the house.

Most of Houston landscaping ideas is historical and cultural motifs including the Mediterranean themes to French landscapes, while others are more artistic and geometric-oriented like those in modern landscape designs. In every recognized landscaping idea, there is a more recognizable garden design or architecture to support it such as Japanese, Contemporary, English, Parterre, French and Modern.

Most of Houston landscaping’s designs are more than 80 percent made up of hand-made structure or hardscapes. Patio, walkways, masonry, driveways and retaining walls are just some of the hardscapes you can incorporate to your landscaping idea.

Low masonry walls or hedges are used for boundaries. However you can make it open for people or neighbors to see your yard and for you to see the breath-taking Houston landscape from your yard.

Outdoor buildings, such as outdoor rooms and outdoor kitchen, are also part of your landscaping idea. They are made up of three walls and ceiling, a comfortable place or guests during outdoor activities.

Swimming pool is an important element in your landscaping design. It should be renovated or remodeled to make it more proportion to your home and yard and also its depth and geometry must reflect the surrounding design of the garden, the hardscapes, hedges and tree growth.

Houston Landscape Design Ideas

Now that you have determined the essential elements to be considered to achieve a beautiful garden design, it is time to adopt a landscaping idea that will perfectly mirror the architecture and design of your home.

Do you want to achieve the vision of French mansion in your property in Houston? Do you want to know if European plants will grow in Texas mild climate? Here are some amazing landscaping ideas for your home:

Tropical LandscapeTropical Landscaping Idea

Tropical landscape in Houston makes sense since Houston sits atop of the Gulf of Mexico. Influence of the subtropics and tropics of Latin America and Spain makes it enough inspiration in creating your tropical landscape design. Architectural styles of Houston including Spanish, New Orleans plantation and Mediterranean works well with tropical landscaping.

Tropical landscapes should have green plantings and have bright, beautiful, refreshing, and private ambiance that makes it look like a vacation spot where you can relax. In fact, tropical landscaping can be adopted by any style of home, just make sure that it mirrors the architecture of the home and include a room or space for entertainment. In order to be successful, you should have knowledge in organizing tropical plants and be creative in using different hardscapes such as water, wood, stone and concrete.

Hill LandscapeHill Landscaping Idea

Most of Houston landscapes are flat but areas in Buffalo Bayou have hilly terrains. So with some basic skills and knowledge about hill landscape, you can transform your yard to one of the most attractive yards that your family, friends and guests will definitely love.

The terrain’s slope will determine the success of the hill landscape idea. Careful measures should be done to prevent soil erosion which will definitely damage your yard.

Gentle slopes will make the work easy for you but if ever you encounter steeper slopes, then you should make developments to make it safe and easy to deal with. For gentle slopes, you need to have ground cover for the ground which will protect the shape of the hill.

Incorporate it with delicate designs that will match the surrounding lawns and garden. These hill landscaping ideas will not only get the interest of your guests but also expand your property that will create freedom and vastness that your family and friends would really adore.

In order to overcome challenges like water runoff and soil retention, you need to use retaining walls, waterfall design and specialized stairways to maintain the beauty of your yard. Create ascending steps and secure those with masonry wall that will maintain its shape and since the solid are kept to create that form, you have a good room for planting for flowers plants and even vegetables. Once the root system is formed, the soil will tighten and the hill will be strong enough against other elements.

Special stairways that are made either from stone, concrete or wood will make your comfortable to walk around and prevent the water from running down the hill along with the soil. Waterfall design uses the path that water normally takes down the hill. Just place the right size and type of rock along the path, and water will follow the course.

home exterior landscapeHome Exterior Landscaping Idea

Home exterior landscaping design offers a wonderful and sophisticated compliment to the aesthetic of the house and unites the natural and made-made structures which expand the significance of the interior without taking over the beauty of the landscape. It is very essential that structures must blend beautifully with vegetation, lawns, decorations and fountains to create a comfortable and suitable outdoor space for entertainment and family time.

It is very essential to consider factors to achieve a satisfying home exterior landscaping design. Factors such as lifestyle of the owner, the overall aesthetic of the house, adjacent landscapes play essential roles in order to accomplish the exterior landscape you want for your home.

Landscaping Maintenance

After you have chosen and implemented the landscape design idea that will perfectly suit your house’s architecture, investing on landscape maintenance for your Houston landscape will maintain the outdoor living space functional and attractive for years.

If you have no time to check every corner of your vast yard then you can hire companies that offer landscaping maintenance services. Maintaining it would offer vibrant and warm ambiance to your guests. So it is very important to take good care of your yard.

It is essential to give special attention to organic elements of your garden. Trees, garden and flower bed are the focus when doing maintenance.

They should be preserved to prolong their life and maintain the beauty of the landscape. Maintenance procedures include insect protection, fertilization, anti-fungal treatments pruning and feeding.

Hardscapes like fireplaces, retaining walls, patios, outdoor courtyards and walkways should be checked for cracks especially after winter and heavy rain. It should immediately go under repair to last long.

Also drains should be cleaned and debris should be removed from pool copings, patio areas and most importantly, from the swimming pool. Pumps, fountains and water jets should also be included in the inspection to be cleaned immediately.

With the right knowledge and procedures, you can help preserving your yard even in small ways. This will greatly affect the overall architecture of your property, so make sure to set schedule for the maintenance of your landscape and coordinate with the company to talk about the right schedule.

With the proximity of the Gulf and breath-taking beaches, Houston has a mild climate where humidity and heat is perfect for any outdoor living spaces. With the right knowledge, you can create landscapes in relevance to the climate and make outdoor space cozy and comfortable every season. During winter, protected spaces and fire pit are popular choices for outdoor features that will improve the look of your garden and blend well with the aesthetic of your home.

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