Fall Yard Maintenance

3237627762_c6d8f7ecb9A landscape garden takes a lot of work. However, if you are determined to make it look beautiful, this task will be fun and enjoyable. It will keep your house looking fantastic and appealing.

While some of the most enjoyable work is done during spring when you’re planting and getting everything ready, the most important work is typically in the fall. This can be disheartening to some people because it is essentially just cleaning up and getting the yard ready for the long winter months. When done properly, it will not only help your spring planting go much more smoothly but also help improve the look of your yard during the winter.

Depending on the type of landscaping you have in your yard, you may have a wide range of different tasks you need to complete. Some of them are easy and others may take hard work but if you make a good list and get them all done before the temperature gets too cold, you’ll be happy with the results and know that it is well worth the effort.

There are different essentials that you need to take care of prior winter. Take a look at the following plants and decorations that need care and attention upon the approaching season.


The most common task which needs to be done during fall is raking up leaves. You can leave the fallen leaves on the ground or clean them up before the winter season. However, some tree types should be raked as their leaves can be damaging to the lawn. Oak leaves can be quite acidic and will really cause problems with anything they fall on so don’t let them sit in your yard for more than a day.

When cleaning up leaves, you can put them in bags and dispose them. You can also create an organic compost area where you can put all the leaves and other organic items from your yard. Given a period of time, they will decompose and turn into high quality soil fertilizer which can then be used in other parts of your yard.

Water Decorations

Whether you have a full swimming pool or just a small bird bath, you need to prepare water decorations for the winter. This can be done by emptying its water and cleaning them out. There are some ponds which are designed to work all year long and those may just need a heater added to them. This will allow the water not to freeze and kill any fish or plants you have.


While some flowers die over the winter and need to be replanted in the spring, there are also perennial plants which live for two or more seasons. These types of plants often do best if you take some time to get them ready for the winter. Each type of flower is different and will need special care.

There are other things in your yard which might need your attention in the fall. One of the best things you can do is to take a slow walk through your entire property and look for all the different plants and decorations you have. Ask yourself whether or not anything needs to be done before it gets cold. Then, make a detailed list of the things that you need to take care of.

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