Edible Landscaping

Organic Vegetable GardenWhen planning a landscaping project, most people think about flowers, bushes and trees. However, there are other plant choices to consider. Fruit-bearing plants are excellent choices that will not only add beauty to your landscape but can bear delicious fruits as well. There are many plant varieties to choose from that can be planted in your yard.

Fruit Trees

Families can enjoy eating fruits from a fruit-bearing part. Fruit trees can add beauty to the front yard as well as produce edible fruits. Fruit trees also bloom during spring. These make a stunning attraction and add more color to your home’s facade. Here are a few types of fruit trees to consider:

Apple Trees
This attractive option doesn’t grow too tall so you can plant them in different locations in your yard.  Make sure to choose the right type of apple to enjoy these sweet snacks every year.

Lemon Trees
Although these are not popular choices like other fruit trees, they add a beautiful yellow color to any yard which most people enjoy.  You can pick the lemons and make lemonades, mixed drinks, garnishing agent and it can be an additive to most dishes.

Cherry Trees
Famous for their attractive flowers, cherry trees make a nice addition to any property.  They produce hundreds of cherries which are also a wonderful snack to enjoy.

Pear Trees
Pears are a very popular fruit which most people enjoy.  The trees for this fruit are taller than most fruit-producing trees. You can enjoy a fresh pear in the shade of the tree from which it was picked.

Fruits and Vegetables

Many fruits and vegetables are grown on nice looking bushes or vines which can be used to help improve the look of your yard. It is also a good idea to get the best tasting fresh fruits. Always consider what kind of fruit will work best for your landscape before you decide planting them. Some of them like corn may taste great but most people agree that the corn stalk is not really attractive.  Other fruit-bearing trees however are both great looking and great tasting.

Picking fresh berries can be very enjoyable. It is also a good idea to use it as backdrop to any yard. If you have a fenced home, it would be nice to add grape vines for a mysterious appeal. These vines will spread out across the fence, giving it a nice green look while producing great-tasting grapes.  For vegetables, you can choose plants like tomatoes which can grow to be quite large and add a nice touch of color to any area with its red produce and green leaves.

While most people don’t use edible fruit-bearing plants and trees for their entire property, using them in specific spots can really bring added variety to your landscaping. Although it takes a lot of work and effort on your part, you will be able to reap an attractive looking landscape as well as delicious food.  Take time to pick the perfect plants which will not only beautify your home, but allow you to enjoy delicious fruits all year long.

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